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The em michelle phan Arched Defining Brow Liner is available in five shades, but for review purposes I tested the shade that matched me the best, Medium Brown. Therea€™s no doubt about it a€“ brows are having a serious a€?momenta€? right now.A  Unfortunately, not all of us are born with Cara Delevingnea€™s bold browsa€¦but that doesna€™t mean we cana€™t fake it! And finally, if none of these methods work or you, perhaps you just need to combine them.A  A lot of girls use a brow gel after applying brow powder for a more defined look, or brow powder after brow liner to soften out the lines.A  Experiment and find the best method for you! Stay tuned throughout the series as we cover how to deal with rejection, turning your passion into a full time profession and so much more.
We often focus on the makeup we put on our face and not what we use to correct errors or remove it at daya€™s end. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your makeup almost complete and then smearing your liner or applying an unflattering shade of lipstick. If the edge of your lip isn’t the only problem and you need a product that can clear away color with one swoop, then Bite Lush Lip Wipes delivers. Wipes like Neutrogenas Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes are always a fan favorite and a good way to to bid adeiu to makeup. Ia€™m a huge fan of cleansing oils, particularly Tatcha Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil.
If youa€™re in love with your current face wash and just want something to take away stubborn makeup, then a product like Cleansing Spa Water from Koh Gen Do will give you results without the dryness, redness, or filmy feeling some removers leave behind.
As of this week we’re going to start posting carefully selected tutorials for the DIY section.

Make sure you check out Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel for other interesting tutorials on make-up.
Cosplay Gen is an independent magazine distributed worldwide, entirely dedicated to the extensive phenomenon represented by cosplay, intending to promote cosplayers from around the world, cosplay events and Japan fashion as a whole. Most of my eye pencils, even though they’re light they still come out heavy and just don’t work out for me haha, great review! Today, I wanted to share a guide to all the different ways to fill in your brows so you can find the best one for your unique set. Brow pencils come in varying shades of light brown to black and have a waxier formula than eyeliner pencils. Like lip pens, brow pens usually have a felt tip that distributes pigmented color on your brows.A  Some people are afraid to use them (after all, it can kind of feel like youa€™re drawing on your brows with a marker!), but the tint isna€™t as opaque as you might think. In this episode of Career Talk, Intern Queen Lauren Berger and I talk about the different ways that you can stand out during your internship. You can use cleaners and serums and other products to wash away dirt and debris, but what about when you want to only cleanse the eyes (bye bye smokey eye) or swap lip colors? These handy little wipes will nourish and mattify, leaving your pout ready for its next hue.
The Makeup EraserA is chemical-free,easy to carry and clean, and you only need to wash it once a week.
A The great part about brow pens is their staying power a€“ usually only makeup remover or oil will make them budge!

From how to network to what to wear - we answer your questions on how to make the most out of your internship experience. Truth is, what we use to wipe away makeup is just as important as how we applied it in the first place. As you apply, massaging in the botanical oils, your makeup vanishes, your pores get a little love and your skin takes in the moisture it needs to stay supple.
Scrubbing and excessive pressing can affect the long-term appearance of our skin, so finding gentler solutions just makes sense. With the help of a corrective marker like Givenchy Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser or NudeStix Clean-up Pencil you can clean up a poorly executed cat eye or feathered lipstick with no additional mess. But theya€™re not the only product that can do the tricka€“and take the process a step further. Whether banishing your base, so you can get started on your nighttime routine or looking for a quick fix, these products do the trick every time.

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