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Right now I have August - November, 2005 biorhythms printed out, front and back with a 23 results forecast of my critical days. Both are in a single sheet protector with the biorhythms on the one side and the forecast on the other. For "Informational Use Only".For more detailed information, contact your health care provider about options that may be available for your specific situation. A cycle governing the intellect was first tracked in the 1920s, when an Austrian mathematician, Professor Alfred Teltscher, noted that the academic performance of his students fell into a pattern of highs and lows.
The use of biorhythm charts has become popular around the world, from the US to Russia and Japan, and mail-order charts are available through newspapers and magazines. Chronobiology (the study of daily rhythms in physiological processes such as hormone production, temperature, and blood pressure) arose from the discovery that these daily rhythms could influence the body's reactions to drugs and the timing of asthma and heart attacks. Professor Harold Willis, a psychologist at Southern State College in Missouri found that over half the patients who died at a local hospital in 1973 did so on their critical days, and a study in the early 1960s by the Tokyo Institute of Public Health showed that bus and taxi accidents in Japan increased on drivers' critical days. The theory of biorhythms is appealing, but the evidence to back it up is very thin, and most conventional health care providers dismiss it.
The 23-day physical cycle, said to influence strength, immunity, stamina, sex drive, and coordination. When charted in monthly patterns, each cycle forms a wave across a central horizontal line.

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Yet at other times, for no obvious reason, we seem lethargic, irritable, or unable to concentrate. Fleiss's work was support by his contemporary, the Austrian psychologist, Hermann Swoboda, who noted that asthma attacks seemed to recur on a cyclical basis. However, research published in 1979 by the British Transport and Road Research Laboratory found no significant correlation between biorhythms and accidents. Alternatively, you can work out your own chart by using biorhythm calculators or computer programs (usually obtained by mail order). These states have been attributed to internal cycles, or "biorhythms," identified early in the 20th century, which are said to regulate physical, emotional, and intellectual functioning.
Wilhelm Fleiss, an eminent ear, nose, throat specialist and associate of Sigmund Freud, analyzed medical records and concluded that a male "solar" cycle (governing physical health) and a female "lunar" cycle (controlling emotions) coexisted in everyone and accounted for most life experiences. For example, peaks in the intellectual cycle are said to be marked by increased rationality and problem-solving ability, while troughs are characterized by an increase in intuition.
Individual charts of the cycles are used to help people pinpoint days of optimum performance and take precautions at times of physical or emotional crisis.

When two or three cycles intersect at this point on a given day you are said to be especially vulnerable. Although biorhythms cannot predict accidents or crises, practitioners claim they may help you avoid potentially difficult situations. Es liegen uber 2000 Interpretationen der Karten und ihrer Bedeutungen vor, die der Spieler abrufen kann. Put biorhythms to practice easily: always be prepared for your bad days and take advantage of your good days with an all-in-one Threats and Opportunities View, unique activities feature, and Microsoft Outlook integration. See how compatible you are in various areas with your loved ones, relatives, and friends in detailed, sortable Compatibility View and by being able to view biorhythms of multiple people side-by-side.Make personalized reports in a few clicks with charts, tips, and visuals - ready for printing and e-mail!Integrated but optional Astrology, Numerology, and Celebrity Database modules further enhance the already impressive product`s feature set! There is zero-learning curve as product`s intuitive Office 2007-like Ribbon User Interface, built-in interactive tutorial, and detailed tips make it a breeze to access the desired functionality.

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