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Love By Birthday Compatibility: May your Birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of Sunshine, the Happiness of Smiles, the Sounds of Laughter, the Feeling of Love and the sharing of good Cheer. But how can you reconcile your belief in astrology and also subscribe to the scientific tenants of Psychology at the same time?
This blog post will explore the relationship between astrology and psychology and offer 5 reasons that you can feel good about believing in both.  Through the lens of history, specific information will be offered to help support the marriage of these two areas. Believe it or not, astrology has been used for research purposes in the behavioral sciences. Did you know there is an entire field of psychology that is focused on horoscopes, astrology and psychology?
In fact, a book was published in 1936 by a big mover and shaker in the area of transpersonal psychology named Dane Rudhyar.
Many are unaware there is a sub-field within the behavioral sciences known as Transpersonal Psychology (TP).
This particular area human behavior is all about things not of this world, such as the psyche of the cosmos. A poll recent conducted by the National Science Foundation indicated that astrology was a scientific or “very scientific” area of science. The causal reasons behind Americans believing in astrology are multi-factorial in nature, including various cultural and societal influences. It is important to point out here that some still believe large swaths of psychology to be a pseudoscience, including psychoanalysis and hypnosis. Below you will find a horoscope compatibility chart that may suggest which zodiac (astrological) sign is best for your particular birth sign. What is important to recognize is this – you can believe in astrology, including what you read in your horoscope today, and still believe in the tenants of human psychology.

On the flip-side,if you feel strongly that your dreams are a conduit to another realm of existence, such as a fourth dimension or spiritual world, you will likely act as a magnet to others who subscribe to those same thoughts.
In the case of your horoscope and compatibility, there is a high likelihood that what you believe is what you will attract. Below we have included a fun poll for you to vote in on this topic. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
Romantic Compatibility By Birthday PicturePin Romantic Compatibility By Birthday cake picture for pinterest and other social networks. On this Special day, I wish you all the very Best, all the Joy you can ever have and May you be Blessed Abundantly today, tomorrow and the Days to Come.
In a study conducted at the University of Cincinnati and appearing in the Journal of Teaching Psychology, scientists examined students’ astrological beliefs as a way of teaching basic principles of research design and data interpretation. The Astrology of Personality  was one of the first publications to lend credence to the potential link between an individual’s personality, horoscopes and human psychology. Born in Switzerland, Jung was a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and considered to be the father of analytical psychology. In a nutshell, TP integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience within the framework of current day psychology.
Compare this with our Chinese counterparts who by 92% believe that astrology and horoscopes are essentially pseudoscience. Think of what appears below an information source or a way of confirming things about horoscopes and compatibility that you already knew.
And there is a place for psychotherapy and astrology, as demonstrated by some of the founders of modern day psychology.
If we believe in something strongly enough, there is a high likelihood that we will attract (or be attracted) to those with a similar belief or mindset.

The same hold true if you believe in things like animal guides or the existence of prince charming.
For interest, you can’t just look at the birth charts, you have to look at the progressed charts as well.
Enjoy the day and send the Love By Birthday Compatibility HD images to your friend on Whatsupp and Facebook Page. Jung deeply influenced the most widely used personality assessment tool in the world – the Myers Brigg Type Inventory (MBTI). Even the former First Lady of the United States, Nancy Reagan, contracted the services of an astrologer back in the 1980’s. For example, if you believe that your dreams are a gateway to the subconscious, you will likely be attracted to those who feel the same. They explain why you might be very compatible with someone at one stage of your life, and later be very incompatible with them. Currently, astrology is still considered a pseudo-science, which is a 25-cent term for saying it is not real. You can still be a fan of modern day psychology while strongly believing in your zodiac sign. Google Starlove for a free program that calculates both basic as well as current compatibility.

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