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The Uttarakhand Techncical Universiy, Dehradun was established on 27th January 2005 by Govt.
ICRI is the Country's premier Clinical Research Institute which is exclusively focused on specialized Clinical Research Programmes.
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I mentioned the sweet photo book deal running at CVS right now, but Marianne found a way to make it even sweeter! Subscribe for free email updates from Money Saving Mom® and get my Guide to Freezer Cooking for free!
Anyone know if you cannot use a flash drive for the books, or if it was just the machine at this particular store? Does anyone happen to know approximately how many pictures a 6 x 8 photo book as well as the smaller size that is $3.99 holds?? I couldn’t find the $3 one, but I did get a coupon off of the envelopes that they put your pictures in (there around the photo lab) for $1 off a Kodak picture order.
I did two separate days for these…one day, I did the small and a large, which the ECBs printed out separately for me.

My photo lady also said some people were getting free photobook CRTs so be on the look out. Yes, I also got two 6X8 photo books and one 4×6 and I did them all in one transaction. I got 3 photobooks, two boxes of cereal, and three candy bars (2 Resees and 1 KitKat)for $.33! If you got the $5 off photobook email a few weeks ago AND your store takes expired CVS coupons, then you can really make this a moneymaker! I know you can combine the manufacturers coupons, but I thought CVS coupons were 1 per order????
I was just about to head over to CVS tonight after dinner with my husband, with my digital pics in hand…. It beeped when I did but the cashier said that you should be able to use both and she pushed it thru. Please do not download anything which is illegal by the territory, country or domain you live in. As I was making my books the cashier informed me that they were out of the binding for the books and she would have to make a trip to the warehouse to pick more up.

I did 25 on mine and there was at least one full size pic and then 1 – 2 smaller ones. She said you would get the same amount of ECBs back as you would if you made it in the store!
I thought the kiosk stored the info so they could reprint the pages, but they said it didn’t.
Having not done this before, I did not realize you could do less-wish I had done that as some photos were a little smallish. They do let you edit out background colors you might not like, but I did not try to make any other changes. When I looked at the reciept I noticed that the cashier took $1.79 off for the free sanitizer but, he did not ring it up.
I felt I should be honest and speak up but, I was told the sanitizer was free don’t worry about it.

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