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Devoted readers are aware of the fact that the cost of a new hardback bestseller could be as high as $35 for each brand new book.
Book websites are almost the same except that the buyer is purchasing directly from an independent bookseller. Trellis Plans-How to Build a Free Standing Corner Trellis Is a pictorial guide to building my free standing corner trellis. Subscribe to my occasional News Letter for organic rose gardening tips,rose crafts and recipes! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
So the question the becomes: where are the good online communities where people are talking about books (and eBooks specifically)?
Most editors from my old NY-pubbed days told me nothing was a better sales tool than word of mouth, which is what we're talking about here. A lot of the sites mentioned have opportunities to get to potential readers but self pubbers have to be careful not to shamelessly self promote. I was not surprised by the second most common answer of readers finding their favourite authors first at 18 percent. I have to agree with Bob - I think bestseller list placement (and also boughts, especially on Amazon) is huge. Bob has some good points on this and I also have to wonder, since this sample was taken online, if the results are reflecting that.
More evidence that family and friends tell you what you want to hear and are not the best salespeople. I think, at one time or another, I have used every one of those methods to find something to read.

The sale site performs as an intermediary between buyers and sellers and connects them to complete the transaction.
Purchasers looking for out of stock books, special edition or collectible books have a lot of choice using online bookstores.
Well known booksellers like Amazon, All bookstores and Half provide books for a number of titles and even the very recent bestsellers. Remember to see various customer reviews along with ratings for the vendor you will be buying from.
It's like getting two trellises in one!Step by step guide to building it, with suggestions on finishing it!I have two (one on each side) to the entrance of my rose garden.Next year my heirloom roses will be flowering on them! Check out these "Building A Green House Plans" Gardening E-Book, and get started on building yours today!
I am surprised though that so many readers cited getting recs from on-line sources rather than personal ones.
The truth looks like if you work hard in a few areas, you get a good chunk of the readers' attentions. The lists are just a side issue, if a book is selling well it will get good word of mouth (or keyboard) publicity. One rec that you missed is by publisher--I think lots of epub romance readers buy first from their favorite online publisher, because they know they'll get a certain tone, and level of quality. You should know that the research makes all the difference in your online shopping experience as does in any other online transaction.
Readers are no longer restricted to buy books from local stores or ordering from large bookstores in their neighbourhood. I rely on friends recs - whether in person or over Facebook - first and then turn to tools like GoodReads.
What did surprise me was the measly 3 percent that checked out the best seller list for books.

Fans of any given author are always offering up recommendations on the fan pages and there are many pages dedicated to various genres. Reading is inherently an individual pursuit but the world of literature is and always will be a social community.
Mildly used books are available at reduced prices by small businesses and independent sellers. Some sites list their books by conditions like brand new, very good, good, like new and acceptable. I find that hard to believe, since I had experience with a free book going to number 3 and downloading as much as 1000 downloads a day. Of course this was free and probably not a true picture of what a best seller book that was not free might download in a day.I also came away with the same belief I have always had that readers like a well known name and are comfortable with the tried and true. Also you need to be ready to pay for shipping charges as the price of the book is not inclusive of shipping costs.
The percentage of adventurous readers who try new stuff are less of course, and that is to be expected since buying books cost money and they want some kind of insurance that they are going to be satisfied. I'm begining to beliee that readers look to Twitter (#amwriting, #publish) etc for recomendations. As to the question what good online communities are available, I would like to suggest the Smashwords Forum.

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