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With the spirits whispering in my ear I’ll cut my pack of old Swamp Voodoo cards for you and reveal to you the truth about the past, help you understand the present and tell you the future that is likely to be in store for you. Bad luck – does life seem to be against you at every turn, with nothing EVER seeming to go right? Then my traditional voodoo card readings will help put you on the right road to remove obstacles and gain the happiness that so rightfully should be yours. PRIORITY READINGS: If you need a reading urgently, go to my Priority Readings page where a reading can be done within 24-hours.
Payments are made to Doktor Snake’s company MOJORAIN LTD (and this will show up on your credit card or bank statement).
Welcome to Ask Up Stairs, your personal stairway to direct communication with your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. As a member, You receive a FREE Angel Oracle Card Pocket Book download plus unlimited access all year round to your Angel readings online.
This is an invitation from Sophlili for a FREE 1 card tarot reading OR a Single stave Ogham stick reading. I used to have this tarot card reading program where you could drag the cards into a certain reading or cross you were doing, but it got deleted and I can’t find it anymore. The angels and spirits are here, so check your intentions at the door before entering my free chat room.
When attempting to include the angels and your deity in every aspect of life, you will begin to replace old thought patterns of judgment, criticism, and despair with the Ascension Attitudes of love, surrender, and gratitude. Fortune-telling - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting information about a person's life. Today the deck we are using is Ascended Masters, which in addition to the suggestion, have Ascended Masters who are best suited for the particular situation you may be in. Today our reading is from the Angel Therapy Deck which is an amazing action deck, and gives gentle and loving information as to how to take the best action toward a situation. Today the Indigo Card Deck was calling me to come out and play, so this is our reading source for today. Today we are using the Romance Angels Deck and opening up to what romance is in store for us.

Whether on a film set or in the pulpit, her charge is to assist others in honoring the best in themselves no matter what situation or circumstance they are in and realizing that they have within them all they need. She has been an actress for 25 years, and although left the acting world to pursue her ministerial license, is now back, full throttle in 2014 to bring the Love to the entertainment industry, one production, one film, one commercial, one scene at a time.
The process of bringing the Ministry of Loving Relationships to the Entertainment business may seem daunting for some, for Dame Rev Rio it is a Joy beyond measure to serve Love Out Loud wherever she is. After you’ve sent back your completed questionnaire, allow up to three working days for a reading to be performed. And after you’ve paid, you will receive an email from Doktor Snake inviting you to submit your reading question and to provide the details surrounding the issue that concerns you.
It has been my Joy and honor to read for you every day this month, and I will continue to post a weekly Angel Card Reading and Love Prayer through the month of April.
We start off seeing the other person’s point of view, we embrace the healing, we accept our knowledge in the accuracy of our own thoughts, and we listen.
We begin with Archangel Michael, followed by our own specialness, sharing wisdom, and prayer.
We will embrace our healing heart and self-forgiveness, have an afternoon of rest, and continue with a night of watching our thoughts. In so doing we are guided to look at the harvest of our lives, celebrate a birthday, get messages from our daughter (or someone who is like a daughter to us, including our own inner child), and ask for what we truly want.
We have the opportunity today to embrace our ‘Yes’, Meditate, trust the sacred masculine, and cultivate our Joy! Rio Rose Kelley is a spiritual mentor who talks with Angels to assist her clients in achieving their highest dreams and visions now! Angel Reading cards are popular and people enjoy readings and often pay hundreds of dollars per Angel Reading.
All Angels and spirit guides offer us heartfelt guidance and never in a derogatory manor, always gently guiding what is best for us toward our highest good.
This reading is from the Archangel Oracle Cards deck and reminds you that you know what to do, to embrace your spiritual understanding, nurture yourself and allow comfort in your life. We begin with our dream guide, walk through the fire, embrace the lucid dreaming, and allow the silver of the Goddess moon to nurture us and give us insight.

So today allow your deepest desires to flow, from finances and career, to reconciling the past, always staying optimistic about your love life, and definitely FLIRT!
She is a Dame of Honor, an ordained minister, actress, writer, Angel communicator, and ultimately committed to helping others see their own Divinity.
For the average person looking for guidance or wanting to know what Angels and guardian angels are all about this can be a lot of money. You may think it silly to Ask Up Stairs and expect an answer through a tiny piece of digital cardboard with a beautiful image on the Angel-Readings? Askupstairs was divinely inspired to allow anyone with a curiosity toward getting to know their Angels, the opportunity to try Angel card readings and become familiar with their Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit guides, Ascended masters without the huge burden of cost. Well the universe works in magic ways, the same can be said for going to church Sunday and symbolically eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a religious figure that lived over two thousand years ago. For less than seventeen cents per day members can enjoy unlimited access to unlimited Angel readings with more readings, Angel Oracle Cards and content added regularly.
People with psychic gifts, vibrate at a higher energy level, which you should have already known !
Because, everything just is, with no judgment or perception, it is our lower self that adds these conditions and not our friends upstairs. Angels and Spirit Guides are always by our side guiding and nurturing our souls here on Earth. So there is no right or wrong when it comes to desiring a closer relationship with your Angels, Spirit guides, God or Mother God, there are no hard and fast rules. Trust your instincts, let down your defenses & listen to your heart, your Angels are waiting.

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