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Discover what kind of personality the zodiac sign of the dragon is considered to have when it is combined with the element of fire to become the Chinese fire dragon.When it comes to the Chinese zodiac the famous Yin Yang symbol is broken up into five different elements.
The element of fire has its own associations whether it is linked with the dragon or any other zodiac sign. The Chinese dragon known as Long in local lingo is the only mythical character in the zodiac calendar. Although the dragon is considered as a symbol of might and glory, people born under the sign of the fire dragon are believed to have a great humanitarian spirit. This accusation is more so labeled at the fire dragon that has a hot temper which can easily flare if the dragon is provoked. Like metals, Metal Dragons are very strong, determined and would fight hard for their beliefs. Water Dragons are calm and have the ability to perceive things from the point of view of others. Earth Dragons are rooted in the ground and are capable of taking better decisions since they act and think rationally.
Generally the Dragons are healthy, though at times they suffer from stress, headaches and periodic tensions since they are always taking up risks. There is a very strong sexual chemistry between those under the Chinese Zodiac Dragon and Horse. If the Dragons together learn on how to share the spotlight, they can achieve almost anything together. Though the Dragon and Sheep enjoys a sexual attraction towards each other, yet there are several differences that need to be overcome.

The Chinese Astrological Cycle maintains that those born under the Dragon, when goes for a relationship with a Dog, it is a very tumultuous affair with no peace of mind. With similar goals and opinions, the Dragon and the Monkey together are headed for happiness. As per the Chinese Astrology, the Dragon and a Pig are destined towards an affectionate and caring relationship. Those under the Dragon, make a wonderful couple with Rooster but only when they learn to work on their strong sense of egotism u. As it is dragons are considered to be the mightiest of all the zodiac signs but the fire dragon’s personality takes dynamism to a whole new level. As it is dragons are known to be brave and self confident hence you will not find the fire dragon backing away from any challenge that comes its way. As per the Chinese zodiac associated to the Chinese calendar, the Chinese Horoscope Dragon holds the fifth position.
They enjoy being in the company of those who are strong enough to challenge the metal dragons.
The decisions they take are generally better if well-researched since they involve others as well into this. These are then associated with the twelve zodiac signs to modify the characteristics that each of the animal signs is believed to have.
Spring and April are the principle months and season of the dragon whereas wood is its fixed element. The fire dragon has the enterprising traits that are characteristic of the dragon but it seems to be far more enhanced when the dragon is coupled with this hot element.

This is perhaps one of the reasons it is often considered to be a very restless creature which is always looking for some sort of activity to engage in. In spite of sometimes being perceived as big mouthed individuals, those falling under the Dragon are popular, intelligent and perfectionists. Careers in which those under the Dragons are likely to flourish include manager, computer analyst, inventor, engineer, architect, lawyer, broker, and sales person.
This means that each animal has five variations to its personality which makes the total number of personalities in the Chinese zodiac a staggering sixty. In terms of the human body it seeks to symbolize the heart as well as the circulatory system. Although they are strong they are some times accused of having a narrow vision and a one track mind. With all these characteristics the fire dragon surely seems like one of the most dynamic personalities drawn up by Chinese astrologists.
The element of fire most strongly governs the horse whereas it is at its weakest in the goat. However, this enthusiasm and passion can at some times unfortunately make them exhausted and unfulfilled. Owing to the colorful personality of the dragons, others are easily attracted towards them; the dragons however prefer to spend time alone.

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