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Many stories and legends tell the origin of the Chinese zodiac or Chinese horoscope (shengxiào - ??), but the most well-known (and also most fun) one states that the Jade Emperor invited the entire animal kingdom to partake in a tremendous race! Well, Rat, although very small and not a good swimmer at all, used his brain and played a little trick! Cat and Rat were the best of friends, the kind of friends that spends almost every waking hour together. Don't miss out on more articles and news about Hutong School, the Chinese language, life in China and much more. Chinese astrology is based upon the yin yang five-element theory of Feng Shui, just like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM.) Consequently both TCM and Chinese astrology often speak in terms of organ meridians, which when interpreted correctly, produce startlingly accurate results.
Our Feng Shui master Wilson Sun has developed this new special horoscope column specifically tailored for martial artists. As they are sensitive to adulation and praise, go ahead and slather it on. OXThis Fire Monkey year bodes plenty of activity and a speeding up of pace for you Oxen.
Monkeys see a problem and get right to the core of it, solve it and get on to the next one.
The first 12 animals able to cross the river, would be assigned to a year of the Chinese zodiac system in order of appearance. Both were very excited about the news of the great race and immediately started to make plans to cross the river.
Master Sun is a world-renowned Feng Shui expert from Shanghai, who was trained in his family's esoteric art since childhood.
So you will have to drop the spreadsheets, abandon your precious red tape and learn to hurry. Very satisfied by this teamwork, the Jade Emperor assigned Goat as the 8th animal of the cycle, Monkey as the 9th and Rooster as the 10th. On the day of the race, Cat wanted to take a little nap before partaking in the race, since it would ask a lot of effort and would therefore be very exhausting.
After ten years, when all five elements have passed twice, it repeats from the beginning again.
It would seem rather unlikely that such a small animal would win this race, don’t you think?
Dog became the 11th animal, since he couldn’t resist to play a little bit longer in the river before crossing it.
With translation from our publisher Gigi Oh, and interpretation from our assistant publisher Gene Ching, Kung Fu Qigong is pleased to present you with a glimpse into your own future, Kung Fu style!

When they neared the other side of the river however, Rat quickly jumped ahead and was named first animal of the Chinese zodiac, followed by Ox, who came in second. So, instead of waking up Cat, Rat silently sneaked out and spurred to the shore of the river. However, instead of having a different sign every month, Chinese astrology has 12 animal zodiacs for 12 years, multiplied by five elements, for a total cycle of sixty signs. Be sure, during this Monkey year, to get regular checkups and tests for everything that can go wrong with Oxen (especially digestion-related ills). He got hungry during the race and stopped to grab a quick bite, but fell asleep afterwards.
After enjoying his splendid nap in the sun, Cat woke up to discover the race was already over and Rat had finished first.
Chinese astrology, like many forms of Kung Fu, is based upon the yin yang five-element theory of Feng Shui. Monkeys have no time to waste standing around tapping their feet whilst you ponder an  plod through mountains of what Monkeys consider useless details, paperwork and administrative BS. Beyond the twelve zodiac animals, the five elements of Earth, Metal (or Gold), Water, Wood, and Fire play an important role. You will thrive in a Monkey year because the  Monkey is cleverer than all of us and knows when he has  found a sane, safe ally.
Following closely was Rabbit, who had crossed the river by jumping from one stone to the other.
Dragon, who was expected to finish first, had to stop to make rain to help all the creatures on earth and came in fifth place. They are willing backseat drivers who prefer to lurk in the wings solving problems and serving as the “brains” behind an operation.So in Monkey years, you are free to take charge again. You will, however, have to pick up those clodhoppers of yours and get a move on. TIGERThe Fire Monkey year will both delight you and try your limited patience.
Snake, hidden in the hoof of Horse, suddenly appeared, scared Horse and was named 6th animal. These next 12 months will offer you a spree of activity just the way you like it: multitasking, multi meetings and multi-proposals for work and cultural events. One quick cautionary note: prepare to flatter a family member who is most decidedly not on your team. You, more than any other sign, can surely multi-manage such a variety of goings-on.Where other people might feel they have been bushwhacked by such a plethora of fresh things to learn and do, you revel in the newness of it all.

The person in question may only be a distant cousin or a nephew by marriage (could be Horse or Snake), but they are of a jealous nature and will do whatever they can to bend your spokes. I say that because the love situation you have been in for so long is well done by this time. You wish people would DO something about the chaos, shore up the bridges, repair the roads, improve the schools and create some sort of public transport system that functions properly.
As you are a bit of a fusspot when things don’t work as they should, you are a sitting duck for living this Fire Monkey year in a state of agitation.This will be a year of social disruption for a medley of different reasons. One of those is the fact that Monkeys can solve most problems for others, but rarely for themselves. They just want to be free to be entertaining and clever and solve lots of problems for others incognito.
The Monkey wants no part of the notoriety and authority that come with reigning over millions of people.Needless to say, the Monkey’s jaunty laissez-faire attitude toward governance irks you orderly Rabbits. To palliate this general feeling of irritation, might I suggest 12 months of a duvet gentle life—hot water bottles, silken sheets and a soft, loving companion will get you through admirably DRAGONIt’s a well-known fact: Monkeys are some of the most unpredictable characters in the Chinese Zodiac. If something goes wrong,Dragons sincerely think you know how to finesse it.But in Monkey years, you cannot be so sure of yourselves. You may be inclined in these testy times to embark on one or two big, chancy ventures and then watch them slowly but surely disintegrate before your big, green eyeballs.So the message for Dragons in Monkey years is to hold off from embarking on gigantic, revolutionary projects.
Put some money into further schooling or travel to places where you can learn something gnew that you will be able to use next year when the more predictable Rooster comes along and tries to hamper everybody’s progress—except his own. SNAKEYou will need all your indomitable strength this year to withstand the onslaught of the Monkey’s outlandish antics. You provide an excellent audience because you simply love spectacle.You are in no little danger in Monkey years because you find entertainment so attractive. If someone amuses yo sufficiently, you can be duped and even diverted from your chosen path. Monkeys are tricksters who don’t much care what audience they are playing to as long as the public applauds and throws coins their way.So in this year of the Monkey, Snakes must watch their wallets, tie their purse strings tightly and stay out of the way of temptation. Remain above it all by undertaking a major creative project that keeps you grounded and in one place. Your love life may also supply a safe haven—provided, of course, that you aren’t married to a Monkey.

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