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Before purchasing battery and inverter, you should know about your future electricity power requirement. The meaning is, you can run 1800 watt power for one hour, or 900 watt  for two hour etc from this battery before discharge.
Inverter is the device which convert the DC current of the battery to AC current and it supply AC power to different electrical devises.
The batteries with ordinary plates were not durable but the only option available for the customer. Please let me know current price of Microtek Inverter 800 VA and Exide tubular battery (12V, 150 AH).
Please suggest me a inverter with battery for running a 2 tube light and a 2 fan for a minimum of 10 hours.
Hello, please suggest me solar inverter for my tubulor battery with cost of the solar inverter . Dear Sir, i would like to buy your product(Inverter+Battery) Which product Shuit Me If can i use Computer & Laser Jet Priter in my Office?

Dea Sir, I would like to buy Microtek Inverter 800 VA + Battery for home use, please tell me the price of both.
I have built this design and using it as a backup to power up all my house when outages occur. Note that the fan must suck air out from the inverter case and NOT blow inside, so install it the correct way or it will be useless. For every 1amp of 220vAC you will be draining like 8 to 10 Amps from the 12v battery, make your calculations ! Sir oscillator to inverter works together with low battery warning schematic, now sir i need a breakdown of over load schematic as it was on website.how to configure it.
With the rising inflation the products were going costlier and it was becoming difficult for everybody to include cost of battery replacement into the budget, every year.
At such time ‘Husky’ inverter batteries were launched with tube based plates with different concept and latest technology and high quality material like super tough pp containers, low antimony selenium, 99.99% pure grey oxide etc.
Connect voltmeter to the output of your inverter and vary VR1 till the voltage reads 220V.
This is useful for persons wanting to add some cosmetic makeup to their inverters like overload cutoff, low battery cutoff or overheating cutoff.

I marked them with dark black on the schema also I included a pic so you see how thick those wires must be. I have included a small relay that is powered by the last LED to auto shutoff the inverter once last LED is off. Thank you sir with best regard. You should use square wave inverter for general purpose use like for TV, PC, fan, light etc. But anyway this is not advisable because it will shorten the life of the transformer itself since using it as a charger will toast the enamel coating layer of the copper wires over time.
With longer plates and enough dip in area, making the recharging time ‘fast’, keeping rest of the features of ‘tubular’ as it is.

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