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Published : 25.05.2016 | Author : admin | Categories : Astrology Cancer
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I was looking through some posts of one of my favorite bloggers and she cited the product she used for her eyebrows – it’s the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel. I don’t usually like eyebrow pencils because in my opinion, they tend to look too drawn on, making my eyebrows look unnatural.
Going back to the Rimmel eyebrow pencil, I was lucky I was in the US back then so it was always available at the nearest grocery stores and drugstores. Since this has good pigmentation, you have to apply it with light strokes so as not to make it look too drawn on. The shade hazel, which is a light brown, doesn’t exactly match my eyebrow color but I like that this shade blends with my eyebrow’s natural color and doesn’t look harsh.

The brush that comes with it is useful for blending the color to my eyebrows and to tidy up the messiness of my brows. It lasts for almost 24 hours on me; tried and tested during an occasion when I had to be out from morning up to early next day.
I don’t bleach or tweak the color of my brows, so my eyebrow makeup needs to be of a decent shade that can match well with the natural color of my brows. To add to my dislike of eyebrow pencils is the fact that I need to sharpen them every now and then. The pencil’s texture is smooth and the consistency is not dry so it’s easy to swipe on eyebrows and the color transfers evenly.
For the price, I didn’t expect it to show a good outcome but now I know why my favorite beauty blogger is a fan of this product.

Yes, I would since it’s what I frequently use for my brows now that my hair is in a lighter shade. But ever since I had my hair colored in a lighter shade, the In2it brow makeup looks a bit dark for me now and that’s the reason for my constant search of eyebrow makeup that could match with the color of my hair. It’s a really promising product and at the fact that it doesn’t make a dent in your wallet is a bonus.

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