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Eric Escobar, Tech Talker October 24, 2012 Episode #050Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? Why You Should NOT Get Rid of Your LandlineThe first things to consider are how the members of your household would get along without a landline. First, before we set about finding cheap landline service, find out if you still need it! Disconnecting your landline altogether is becoming extremely popular these days. So if you don’t need landline service and a cell phone will work well for you in all situations then my work here is done. My wife has a pacemaker and transmits data as required to the company, which can only be sent using a landline.
I have been considering going without our landline but I keep hearing that in an emergency, help can not find your address thru a cell. As far as I know because of rules created in the mid 2000’s your phone should be able to reflect a fairly accurate position on a 911 call. Anyone have ideas for someone who wants to have multiple phone in their house (Basement, bedroom, office, kitchen) I hate the idea of having to pack my cell phone around the house and so far it seems to be the only option if I want to CALL OUT. I have a landline because I live in rural PA and, although I have a cell phone, the mountains and trees make reception all but nil, and there is only dialup internet (so no VOIP or whatever other internet-powered phone services people keep suggesting to me).
This is done differently from each country, as each country has its own IDD (International Direct Dial) code. If you are in the USA and are dialing numbers in Canada or the Caribbean, you do not need to dial a country code as many of these countries belong to the "North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This is not necessary for all countries, and you may only need to do this if standard dialing is not giving you the desired results. This is the number for the British Museum in London, which we will use for our demonstration.
Find the country code for the country you would like to call, find your IDD (International Direct Dial) code, and that is all you need. Instead, press the "call" button (green button) before you dial and wait for the dial tone, then dial the international number! It would actually be tough to find someone who doesn’t have some sort of mobile device.

While you might have your fancy new smartphone, there may be others in your family who do not have a cell phone (such as young children, or the elderly) and who use the landline as their primary telephone.
It is a pretty sweet deal, the only thing is that I don’t have a number for people to call me, I can only call them. Then we were offered a package deal for internet+cable+landline for less than we were paying just for the internet, so now we have a landline too. Even though I’m on the do not call list, the phone rings all day long from unsolicited calls. For some countries, you need to pause after dialing the first zero and wait for another dial tone.
They all share the same country code of +1; so when you call from say the USA or Canada to Bermude, you simply dial 1, the area code and then the local number. This will slow down the dialing enough so that the international switch can make the connection. In the case of an elderly person, they may only know how to use a landline and may not want to learn how to use a cell phone.Next, think of how convenient it is to have multiple phones throughout the house.
Most folks just don’t need one – especially at the higher and higher rates being charged for them. But the cell service is not good enough in the house for us to be able to rely on cell alone. I hate paying $35 a month for a phone I use 20 times a year for calls that last less than a minute. If your home phone rings in the kitchen, odds are you also have one in the bedroom, the living room, the office, etc. It isn’t uncommon for the monopoly home phone companies to charge $35-40 or even more for that landline phone. But my favorite home security system, SimpliSafe, works on cellular monitoring for $15 a month. It isn’t unusual for a phone line to cost over $40 a month and in the course of a year, that comes to almost $500.
If you can cut that cord and become cell phone only you’ll save a lot of money every month (assuming you already use a cell phone).

And that $160 is all you’ll ever spend besides the monthly taxes due on the service (and a $40 porting fee if you need it). It runs on Verizon’s nationwide cellular service which means that the service is pretty reliable. If you are able to do this, scan and fax multiple pages through a known service, please advise. If your family is anything like mine, then I bet you’ve had the same home phone number for quite some time. This means that even though the people you contact most often will have your mobile number, what about those distant relatives or long lost friends who only have your home phone? If it’s that expensive and unnecessary, I should just ditch it, right?”Not so fast!
If you were to call from you cell phone, a dispatcher may not be able to tell where you are calling from. But with a landline, a 911 dispatcher can pinpoint exactly where the call is coming from because it is static and does not move around like your cell phone might. During that awful time, cell towers were jammed with traffic, making it next to impossible for people to get a call through and make sure that loved ones were safe and sound.So how does an older, land-based telephone network still have an edge on the cellular network? On September 11th, many people tried their preferred method of communication, which was generally a cell phone. Sure, some landlines were also bogged down from sheer volume, but there was a far greater chance that landline calls would get through.How to Decide the Fate of Your LandlineLandlines are generally better during emergencies, when you may need them the most. Although she has a smartphone, she still likes having the insurance policy of the landline in case of emergencies!Want to test your tech smarts?

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