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Thanks to its compatibility with a variety of video editing software, you can use the webcam as a second camera to produce a multi-angle video.
More and more people are getting in front of the camera to make YouTube videos, online tutorials and marketing videos. The original PadFone has already turned heads, and combines the best features of the two devices. The new PadFone 2 comes with higher specs and added features, as well as a completely redesigned tablet.
The device’s 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor and its 2GB of RAM promise users top quality speed and performance in both smartphone and tablet modes. The PadFone 2 comes with all the features you’d expect from a combined smartphone and tablet, including a 13-megapixel high-performance camera with no shutter lag. Business users will love the new version of SuperNote, which allows you to convert hand-written notes in multiple languages into editable text.
As a gaming keyboard, there are 18 separate individual programmable functions you can utilise that will save you precious time, offering complex combinations of keys at a touch of a button. Using sensors and digital relays, your night-time movements on the bed’s mattress are digitally transmitted to a robot located in Paris which then deciphers your nocturnal movements into a work of art. For more information on Cameramator’s technology, check out their website, or view details of their Kickstarter campaign. SQL developers are asked to use SQL to find missing numbers in a sequence column or find gaps in numbers like the gaps in an identity column of a SQL Server database table. Although it is easy to list missing numbers within a given number sequence using a numbers table with Left Join, to identify number gaps by identifying the lower bound and upper bound of the gaps may be difficult for many SQL developers. In fact, finding gaps in a number sequence is one of the most popular SQL programming problem for SQL developers.
The first solution to define gaps in numbers can be used for SQL Server 2008 R2 and previous versions including (SQL Server 2005) where Row_Number() and aggregate functions with Partition By clause are used.
And the second method which is more simple to find gaps in number sequence is using SQL LEAD() function which is introduced with SQL Server 2012 for Transact-SQL developers. In this SQL tutorial I want to share SQL source codes for a generic solution that can be applied to many cases to find missing numbers and identify number gaps in sequence as well as continuous number ranges and numeric islands in a sequence with both upper and lower bounds.
Let's start our SQL tutorial for finding number gaps with a SQL script to create a sample database table and populate it with sample data.

After table is created in the SQL Server database, we are now ready to pupulate it with test data. I'll use a loop using SQL WHILE command and a counter to insert 10000 rows into the test table.
After sql database table is populated with sample data, we can now simulate a real life case where some of the inserted rows are deleted with time. SQL programmers should be able to identify the single IDs as well as ID gaps missing in the Identity column of the sample database table.
First of all, I use a numbers table to identify missing numbers in the series which create the number gaps. I used the dbo.NumbersTable SQL numbers table function using SQL recursive CTE (Common Table Expression) query. The numbers table should be able to return values starting from 1 up to the maximum ID number in the target database table.
Of course, some Transact-SQL developers can think that this SQL Select statement is good enough to get the missing values in the numeric column. And some developers will not be happy with the 1115 rows just giving the integer numbers of deleted rows' identity values but not the gaps identified with their lower and upper bounds. I'm one of the SQL developers that are not happy with a list without a shorter gap describing outcome. So I worked on the below sql script which can return the list of numeric value gaps in the sample data. Since this number gap detect SQL script uses ROW_NUMBER() function and MIN() and MAX() functions with PARTITION BY clause, SQL developers and database administrators can apply the below solution on SQL Server 2005 and later versions. As I mentioned before if you are using SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 (Hekaton), then SQL developers can use new SQL Lead function as demonstrated in the next solution. When above SQL CTE expression and Select statement is executed to find missing numbers and to find gaps in the sequence of identity column values, below result set is returned by the SQL Server engine. Each row (representing a gap or a sequence of missing values) is represented with lower bound and upper bound values as well as the count of missing integers in the sequence gap. Above SQL solution can be applied as a generic solution to find gaps in number columns which is one of the most common problems for database developers.
At the end of the stored procedure, developers will see that "EXEC sp_ExecuteSQL" command line is used to run the dynamic SQL statement and return the identified gaps as a list with min and max values of the gaps.

Here is a sample case where I used this new SQL stored procedure to demonstrate how can developers use it to list number gaps in identity column of a database table using SQL.
I hope above SQL codes to find gaps in numbers within a SQL Server database will be helpful for database application developers and DBAs which are working on versions prior SQL Server 2012.
If SQL programmers consider the database performance, then they can apply SQL Lead() function solution since following SQL script is the fastest code to detect and list gaps in a numbers sequence.
Unfortunately since SQL Lead() analytic function is an enhancement introduced first with SQL Server 2012, database developers can apply Lead function for developments on SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 (Hekaton) at the moment. Below SQL code is easy to read for database programmers which are familiar with Lead() analytic function. Lead() function column returns the next id in a sorted sequence as defined with Order By clause. So in the CTE (Common Table Expression), we have selected id and next id in the number sequence. If there is difference more than 1 between these two columns, this means that a gap exists between id and next id fetched with SQL Lead() function. As database administrators and programmers will realize, this script is easier to read and understand and this gap detect code performs better than the first solution introduced in this SQL tutorial. Minimum Order: 10 pcs, mixed with any design and any color for all items, guarantee high quality.
The mechanical keys are built to last too, and come with a life cycle of 50 million keystrokes. There are eighty sensors working over-time in the bed whilst you drift away, recording not only your bodily movement, but also your temperature and even the sounds you make to translate into a work of art. The phone’s apps support both tablet and phone modes, and can instantly transition between the two. Every signal the bed sends to the robotic artist in Paris is transferred into a brush stroke on a piece of canvas, with the final result promising to be a sight to behold.

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