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The dynamics of our lives can be better understood by studying and understanding the astrological patterns and positions in our astrological charts or birth charts.
The natal chart, is an astrological map that depicts the positions of the planets at your time and place of birth.
The astrology birth chart of an individual gives a clear picture of the person - his personality and characteristic traits, his inclinations, his strengths and weaknesses and shows other things about him or her. It is the birth chart which gives us a clear view of our zodiac signs and also the different houses in which the planets were positioned when we were born. Be it the professional astrologers or the birth chart calculating softwares, accurate birth time is the key ingredient for the calculation of your birth chart.

A person's horoscope or character description or the astrological birth chart, are calculated on the basis of the exact date of birth, time and place of birth of the person. Use our free birth chart online to generate your personal natal chart and get a prediction for the future.
The natal chart also shows the relationship between planets that influence you, and the malefic and benefic effects of the same that will leave an impact on your life. It involves numerous complex calculations and most importantly you need to understand the planetary positions, their movements, the conjunctions and the underlying meaning of all these celestial transitions. The accuracy of forecasts and future predictions completely depend upon the accuracy of the time of birth of a person.

A birth chart can be considered to be a blueprint of your future which needs to be studied in detail for a happy life.
It is the advent of the computers and the development of the Internet that has made life easier and complex astrological calculations simpler. This technological advancement paved the path for many astrological websites to develop astrological birth chart software.

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