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That fear is the main reason why so many hold out forever for a traditional contract, then accept lousy ones. Well, let me share a dirty little secret that publishers don’t want newbie authors to know. That’s right: They save their promotional budgets for King, Evanovich, and Grisham—not for struggling beginners or “mid-listers.” So, if you’ll have to promote your book all by yourself anyway, then why surrender most of your royalties and rights to a publisher? I spent a long time studying the promotional methods of successful self-published authors before I released my debut thriller, HUNTER. In addition to writing a good book, the next best marketing tactic is to write more good books. Still, stories of books—especially self-published books—succeeding without any marketing, are rare. 2.  Identify your target reader, find out where he is, and think like that reader in every aspect of your marketing. Face it: Your book is competing with millions of other titles—many by Big Name authors from major publishers—for the attention, consideration, and purchasing dollars of your target reader.
Test your final manuscript on “beta readers”: people with writing and editing skills, but especiallymembers of your audience of target readers. After their input, carefully edit, proofread, format, lay out, and design your book—and preferably, have those tasks done by hired, objective pros. Since my novel is about a mysterious vigilante hero, I decided that my brand would be “The Vigilante Author.”  I use the vigilante concept to distinguish my book from other types of thrillers. Second, use your “brand” in everything you do to promote your work: book covers, author photos, blog designs, promotional copy, business cards, etc.
But obviously, it’s not a great tactic to give away your work permanently, not if your long-term goal is to make writing books a paying proposition. For print editions, I think you should try to price your book just a bit lower than comparable hardcovers or paperbacks issued by major publishers—again, until you acquire a good fan base. You must craft compelling product descriptions, with endorsement blurbs (if you have them), for your product pages on Amazon and elsewhere. Study the dust-jacket copy of books issued by major publishers in your genre, just to get a feel for the style, cadence, and layout of riveting promotional copy. Then test some drafts of your blurbs on members of your target audience and see what language grabs them.
And remember: Promotional copy is supposed to be only a teaser—not an exhaustive presentation of the story.
7.  Make it easy for your target readers to find your book by categorizing it strategically on Amazon. This will help your target reader find your title—but only if you’ve categorized it in the places where he most likely will be searching for your kind of book. You want to choose subcategories that, first of all, are most likely to be searched by your target reader. There are also some things that you should (and shouldn’t) do in order to build a loyal readership. Many successful self-publishing authors are convinced that paid ads are usually a waste of money. I also think that many self-publishing authors are inept when it comes to using social media.
A trader knows that if you want to get something from someone, you have to give back something in return. The most cost-effective promotion and marketing strategy is to befriend your readers via online social networking. Answer all email and blog comments from your readers, and compile an email contact list of fans. For the foreseeable future, Amazon remains your best bet for attaining self-publishing success. These tips barely scratch the surface of the many methods you can employ to market your books effectively. Meanwhile, as you wait for that to happen, let me repeat that the smartest marketing move you can make, bar none, is to start writing your next book. And if you’re still not convinced that self-publishing is the right route for you, read or reread my earlier post on that topic. Thus when faced with determining just who my potential readers might be, I look for folks that share my background, interests, and outlook.
You are the umpteenth author who has told me they’ve gotten great results with BookBub. What I really need to do is follow examples of guys like you, Bob, and get some more books out — and much more regularly. Megan, it warms my heart to hear you say that you’ll spread the info around to other writers.
As for Positioning, while the business examples are dated, it remains a classic in terms of the principles it offers.
This is a great article and I am tempted to purchase this book should I get past the 1 boundary that has completely stopped me from writing a book I had planned and began outlining!! At that point, I should have immediately written my next book, BAD DEEDS, and published it later in 2012.
If your fans are indeed clamoring for the second, then that is where to put your time and energy: writing the next books. All I know is that THE best thing you can do to publicize your work is to put more of it out there. The Internet is an amazing source of information including eBooks so it’s no wonder that so many people want to download free eBooks. So, with all of that being said, we decided to put together a list of the 45 Top Websites To Download Free eBooks. Project Gutenberg is the place where you can download over 33,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Android or other portable device and too in different formats. You can browse through the most popular titles, recommendations, or recent reviews from the site visitors. Browse through the extensive list of free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills and on various topics. Its a Free Downloadable eBooks Website Online where you can find books ranging from the tpics like Computer IT, Programming Language, Software Development, Tutorial & Database Design in PDF-CHM file format. Here you will find a huge collection of Ebooks on various topics like Abap, Adobe, Ajax,Java, Asp, Calculus, C++, Cisco, Dream Weaver, HTML, J2ME, MBA, Networking, Oracle, PHP, Microsoft Windows, VBA, XP etc.
This site has a wide variety of e-books wherein you will definately get the information you are looking for. It contains details about free computer books, free ebooks, free programming books, free online books and sample chapters related to Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science, Internet, Engineering, Business, Marketing, Maths, Electronics, Physics and Science which are provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally and free of charge. Globusz provides a platform to new authors to get their writing skills test by the actual readers. You can do Free downloads from their current collection feature many popular titles that may be free due to a publisher promotion or possibly early titles from a current author.
You can search among the title, author and description, Contributor Name, date Added, Average Rating, Category, Document Format, PDA Platform & Language options.
This Comprehensive free ebooks Library is the premier online source for a wide range of useful e-books that are completely free with no need to sign-up or buy anything.
E-Books Directory is a daily growing list of freely downloadable ebooks, documents and lecture notes found all over the internet. This site has 14571 books.You can try the search box for specific book or can also browse by author or title.
You will need to install Martview reader to view the e-books, but this site has a good collection of ebooks. You can get your choosen Minutes a day of great reading in your inbox as you receive short book installments by email or RSS feed. Mega-PDF is a search engine where you can enter the ebook you are searching for and get immediate downloadabe links.

This site has many categories and numerous ebooks where you can find the one you are looking for. Unfortunately, our list has come to an end but hopefully by the time you are reading this, you have discovered some great sites that you can download free eBooks from. If so, let us know which one it was in the comments below and make sure you share any good reads that you find on that specific site. Before you go though, check out some of our other great lists on the main SloDive page here.
Excelente post que nos deja todo servido para ir a bajar a nuestro real gusto cualquier libro que necesitemos…muy bueno de verdad. Why is it that so many of these sites make you jump through hoops to download a darn ebook.
Thanks for this gr8 collection, Is there any site specific for java ebooks, I tried ebookee they are good but dont have my book. You can find anything and everything on internet.To keep our self up to date and to fed intellectual vitamins to our brain we require books and magazines to read. I need to find a website which gives free addresses but also shows other occupunts if possible? Scribd is my favorite and E-book Junkie is another service where I find the ebooks of my choice. Really a good collection of sites i found the ebook for which i was looking for and absoluteley free. Despite all their advance promises to give you lots of promotional support, they mostly will leave the marketing of your book up to you.
And, as I have described here, their tips helped HUNTER to become a big bestseller in December 2011.
Each new title will broaden your name recognition and generate more sales for all your previous ones.
Most books, even good ones, will languish, invisible among millions of available titles, unless you do something to make them stand out and become visible—discoverable—to some target audience.
So, don’t even try to market broadly and generically; that’s a waste of your time and money. Carve out a narrow, distinctive “niche” in the book marketplace based on some catchy concept, theme, or image that will appeal to your target readers, but simultaneously distinguish your work from all others in your genre.
But my hero is also distinctive from other fictional vigilante characters, because he’s unusually self-reflective and philosophical about what he’s doing. That kind of focus and integration will guarantee that your “brand” will become uniquely identified with you, making you and your work memorable for your target readers.
But I wouldn’t try doing that until I had an established following and multiple titles. Carefully craft compelling promotional copy on your Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online product pages. They knock themselves out parsing every sentence inside their book—yet they treat what they say about their book, in its product descriptions and marketing materials, as an afterthought. Because most prospective buyers eventually will wind up on online product sales pages, your product description will be your book’s final sales pitch. If your description arouses just enough interest and intrigue to prompt a purchase, that’s good enough. To help readers find the books they like, Amazon provides a host of book categories and subcategories, distinguished by genres and subgenres, each with its own bestseller list.
In addition, if you can get your book to show up prominently on some Amazon subcategory bestseller list, it will further boost its visibility to readers.
When you first publish your book, Amazon allows you to list it in two separate categories or subcategories.
But then, to make it easier for your book to get onto some subcategory bestseller lists, pick appropriate subgenres with the fewest competing titles.
Write about interesting stuff related to your book’s subject matter—but not about the book itself all the time.
This is very important: You can use that list to announce and promote your subsequent books to them, and that will give your next title a good crack at the bestseller lists on its publication date. If you’ve hit some subcategory bestseller list, use that fact in your marketing blurbs and product descriptions. Except for that big November-December 2011 promotion, I’ve never been informed in advance that any promotion is afoot before it happens. I’ve found business cards tend to work quite well for sales, but I was wondering how to make them for more than one work.
I got my first batch of 1,000 business cards — full-color, double-sided, coated, thick, and truly handsome — for under $20! The copy writer was absolutely ingenious in making every single word count and filled with ominous implications.
I particularly liked what you had to say about marketing, starting with mentioning a truly great book, Positioning: The Battle for the Mind.
If you look around on this site, and also on the sites I link to in the right-hand margin, you’ll find a mother lode of valuable information on all aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing your work. As an aspiring author, I’ve been caught in the push-and-pull of selecting what type of publishing I will seek out. If your long-term hope is to find a traditional publisher, success as an indie is one way to get their attention. I’m delighted that this blog has encouraged you to pursue a dream, and perhaps has given you some ideas about how to do it.
I hope this isn’t a repeat of a question, but at what point did Amazon approach you about special marketing? I finished my first book a year ago and have since published, assuming I would develop a marketing plan to gain necessary visibility. As a happy serendipity for me, many have been exposed to my name and name of my debut novel for the first time, too. In my case, I knew I would have hated myself if I went to my grave without at least trying to chase my dream. In my case, right after first publishing my debut thriller in 2011, I was trying hard to exploit the unusually strong early sales of HUNTER in order to create a good core base of fans for the subsequent novels in the series. Not only are eBooks far more convenient than your standard, paper book but they are also cheaper, easier to transport, and can literally be read anywhere especially if you have a laptop, tablet, or eReader such as the Amazon Kindle. Not only are these sites 100% free but you’ll find a great selection of eBooks to choose from regardless of what genre you prefer. The ebooks which you find within this site are collected from all over the net or either personally compiled by founder.
To access thousands of ebooks simply browse the various categories on the left or simply use the search box.
Which Include core computer science, networking, programming languages, Systems Programming books, Linux books and many more. This site use page flipping software along with other features to make your online reading a lovely experience.
This site provides a great platform for new and evolving authors to reach a wide audience and for readers to give them direct feedback. You can submit and promote your own ebooks, add comments on already posted books or just browse through the directory below and download anything you need. Discover great fiction, from romance to mystery, or non-fiction, from business information to self-improvement.
We love to read just as much as you do and we’ve found some great eBooks on these sites.
Apart from having wonderful books, it contains a clean, practical and organized design which motivated me to browse through it.
But in this fast paced world reading paper books is becoming difficult due to lack of time and the problem of carrying so much literature along with you.
Better yet, each new book released will attract new fans, prompting them to go back and buy all the prior books in the series.

Second, it must consist of simple, bold images, and use big, colorful, contemporary fonts for the title and author name.
My talented young cover designer, Allen Chiu, understood exactly what I was looking for and simply knocked it out of the park. In fact, you might describe him as a kind of “philosophical Zorro.” So that even more tightly defines my market “niche,” setting my work apart. Applied to one book in an ongoing series, low or free pricing also can attract many readers who’ll then go and buy all the others. Its only purpose is to “close the sale.” So, make sure it is as colorful and persuasive as possible. I recommend that you pick a single online networking or discussion site, either Facebook, Google +, Goodreads, or Twitter. As for how to design and use them effectively, check out publisher Robin Sullivan’s excellent advice. Based on my book’s good reviews and steady sales, Amazon invited me to participate in one such week-long promotion late last November.
But if it makes you feel better, my ebook sales have completely fallen off the cliff over the past week.
It’s dated in terms of examples used, but I still recommend the book to people for its fundamental insights. A few years ago, Jack Trout issued an updated book, The New Positioning, also extremely valuable. Nothing would make me happier than to see you and the other fine folks commenting here become wildly successful doing something that I know we all love to do: writing. Some terrific self-published authors have been generous with their advice to me, and I’m just passing it along. Let me emphasize that the best marketing plan is to write more books, ones that some target audience finds appealing. Success in writing shouldn’t be measured in the numbers of eyeballs reading your work, but in the depth of connection you make with any given reader. I think it was the combination of those two factors that brought the book to their attention. I do think that developing a focused but distinctive online platform that offers something of value to your target readers is the way to go. If you do that, you’ll find that readers will be attracted to you and intrigued by your work. In one part of the post, I even used my book as an example of an eye-catching, genre-distinctive cover.
Readers have been clamoring for the HUNTER sequel, and the best thing I could have done for promotion is to write the next book for them. So everyone else that reads this list can discover the same books that you did without having to dig through all the bad ones because lets face it, there are some bad books out there but it’s better to read a bad book than no book at all, right? Thankfully we have option of reading books online and even download them in our devices like laptops and handsets which we always carry. Please anyone can help me about how can i get the list of dofollow free directory,article,bookmarking submission please provide the active resource and also dofollow. But in every marketing decision and action, ask yourself: How would this be perceived by my target reader? All of this should be visible and legible when reduced to thumbnail size, which is how customers will probably first see it online. And if you have trouble listing your book in the subcategories you want, just email Amazon.
He never had to spell out the central conflict or “story question”: It’s all there, between the lines.
I appreciate the example you’ve set in applying it to your books and yourself as author.
Those books, plus Focus by Al Ries, and Marketing Warfare by Trout and Ries, are marketing classics.
The book is roughly an autobiographical compilation of ten years of my life–fictionalized to protect the guilty.
Simply calling attention to your book doesn’t work well, because these days, everyone is doing that. The mentions of my own personal story and book link were natural and not intrusive; they illustrated valuable points I was making. On top of all this, Karen Steelchild, the ogre that runs the house, makes life miserable for him.
And third, test potential cover designs on some members of your target audience before you decide which to use.
Also, you might occasionally join in on blogs and discussion forums in your book’s genre or topical area(s) of interest. Short, fast, easy reads, too, but crammed with insights useful to anyone who must compete in an overcrowded marketplace against formidable, entrenched competitors. Right now, the easy and lazy way for writers to promote is to send out constant Tweets about their books. Also come back here and regularly check the page for new Ebooks – you could also subscribe to my blog as I inform my subscribers about the latest Ebooks through the newsletters I send out. If you find a site that you like, make sure you share it with your friends and feel free to forward this list to all of your friends.
On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet, I was searching for a good spell caster that can solve my problems. And about a million writers seem to be doing this, producing billions of Tweets…mostly aimed at each other, rather than at their target audiences. I tried to call it a romantic adventure, which it wasn’t, and one of my Amazon reviewers called it a sexy military thriller.
If you notice at the top of the article, it’s been shared repeatedly, all over social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Of those people, some may have liked it enough to recommend it to friends, or even post customer reviews on Amazon.
There’s nothing better than spreading the word about good books especially when it involves sites that allow you to download free eBooks. Don’t just grab some images off the Internet, use PhotoShop on them, then select Times Roman fonts for the title and your name.
Hang out in those places mainly to make friends and learn, and you’ll occasionally find natural, unobtrusive ways to mention your book(s) and generate curiosity.
Even if they focused on the latter, it wouldn’t take more than a week for their target readers to become annoyed and tune out. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb, some testified that he can cast a spell to stop divorce and so on.
It’s really about a 60s boy who by chance and fate managed to avoid Vietnam, serve his country well, and encounter the most amazing love affair imaginable. There was one particular testimony I saw, it was about a woman called grace,she testified about how Dr John brought back her Ex lover in less than 72 hours and at the end of her testimony she gave Dr John e-mail address. I have already written two subsequent novels in the series, but the first book requires the proper branding to get to that target audience you so aptly described.
I am making structural changes now to make it a silver linings happenstance into the military and the sexual revolution.
You also have the option of variuos categories to choose from.You can try the search box for specific book or can also browse by author or title. Dr John is really a talented and gifted man and i will not to stop publishing him because he is a wonderful Dr…If you have a problem and you are looking for a real and genuine spell caster to solve that problem for you.

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