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When a bright lamp is lit upon in a room enveloped in darkness, all the secrets in the room become distinctly visible.
The Nadi Astrology is a branch of Astrology that offers explanations and advice regarding the influence of the planets or the results the planets bring about to souls who seek the aid of this branch of Astrology.
With sulimunai Nadi as the basis, its seven other sub-divisions (sub-divisions of sulimunai) can be practiced separately at different percentage levels. The Astrologer whose soul bears only the good deeds of his past births (has followed the path of righteousness) and possesses a charitable and compassionate disposition will be capable of offering complete genuine predictions. When a man and a woman unite equally and completely, a live offspring is being created .In the same manner, the masculine and feminine letters are united in their proper proportions in the form of a poem, the predictions are arranged in an orderly way and the predictions are finally presented in the form of poetry.
Many years ago when 'The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe' - "Sre Kagabujandar (Sre Kakabusundi)"was teaching his disciple Sage Sre Gorakkar the various secrets of the world, Sage Sre Gorakkar said " I beseech your grace to provide me with information about minute details regarding the state of life of the human beings". Therefore, a man is unable to find out the reason for the miseries and happiness he experiences in life. According to the first path we should find out from treatise (Nadi Astrology) the miseries in our life, and as a re-compensation for our evil deeds, we should do a direct opposite act of kindness in the place of miseries, which are present in our life. According to the second path, if a person constructs a temple, establishes a Deity and thus feeds men with thoughts of righteousness, he can remove the evil effects of his sins committed in his past births.
For example, if a person remains unmarried due to Sarbathosha (snake thosha), which presents hurdles for attaining a marital status, he can construct a temple for "Sathya Harishchandra", performing a purifying ceremony (for the temple) to remove the impact of the evil deeds of his past life on him.
The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar", in his text named 'shanthi ghandham' instructs a person to atone for the sins committed in his past births and reveals through it's Divine secret paths, ways to increase the number of good deeds in order to experience great changes in his life.
According to the third path the evil effects of sins (of the past births) can be reduced by degrees through sincere utterance of the sacred original mantrasto God and by allowing thoughts of righteousness to grow in us people with false faith who pretend to have devotion to God will derive bad results instead of good results if they follow this path. By adopting the remedial measures certain soul get the desired effect within a few days, whereas it takes months or even years for other souls to get the desired effect. The first kind of advice speaks about the evil effects of sins of the past births on aman, attainment of complete wisdom and the path to be followed for attaining salvation by which one can free him from rebirths. The second stage of spiritual advice helps a man to overcome the troubles caused by his enemies with the help of it's powerful mantras and gives an account of the magic mantras which enable a man to lead a life of happiness and prosperity. The second stage speaks about the methods, which help to lessen the impact (effect) of the cosmic rays of the planets on Man's life through divine power. The letters in the Tamil language begin with the letter A ('A' in English language) as the basis and function.
Since the world has passed through many ages, we find changes in the life style of man in the present day.
The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar"(Sre Kakabusundi)along with his consort "Sre Baguladevi" stand as the supreme Preceptor (supreme divine teacher) of the Preceptor's (divine teachers) who govern the universe. In accordance with the blessings and the command of 'The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe' - "Sre Kagabujandar", service rendered in the form of spiritual advice or guidance is said to be highest order. In accordance with the blessings and command of 'The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe' and also with a view to explain the happenings of the past, present and future paid predictions are made available to men. General predictions regarding various aspects in a man's life like fame, honor, comforts, kinds of fortunes bestowed on him and his devotion to God.Inorder to know the predictions of the other ghandhams one should certainly look into this ghandham and understand the predictions. Predictions about a person's education, the state or position of his family, richness, sources of income, promises, alms, the state of his organs like eye, ear and teeth and other predictions like the possession of ornaments etc. Predictions about a man's success, neighbors, brothers, sisters and the troubles and happiness the person who wants to achieve something experiences on account of them (brothers, sisters and neighbors). Predictions about various aspects like one's mother, house, assets (agricultural land, plots and flats), wealth, pleasure, and possession of vehicles, machinery, ornaments and divine pleasures. Predictions about children, good deeds of the past birth, complete salvation, royal status, maternal uncle, thoughts of virtue and voice etc. Predictions about the state of one's married life, future spouse's life history predictions of certain aspects of the future spouse and friendly relations with others. Predictions about accidents, nature of occurrence of death to a particular individual, and the life span of a particular individual. Predictions about father, wealth, accumulation of wealth in the form of money, prize, adoration for a Deity or God, construction of temples, divine advice, path to salvation, holy mantras, rendering holy service through temples or giving alms holy articles, service rendered to temples, yaga (sacrifice), rituals (Oomam), maternal ancestors wealth and unexpected or sudden income in the form of articles. Predictions about jobs, job opportunities, employment, business, promotion to a higher grade in job, long term income in the form of goods, karma, social service and public life are clearly explained in this ghandham. Predictions about losses, next birth, travel to foreign lands, pleasures at bed and impotency.
Predictions about one's birth place in his previous birth, sins committed in the previous birth, good deeds done in the previous births, miseries one experiences in the present birth as a result of the evil deeds that he had done in the past birth, holy remedial measures prescribed for atonement of sin in order to remove the miseries in one's life are found in this ghandham. Predictions about methods or modes prescribed for chant the mantra (Sacred formula for the invocation of the Deity) in order to attain spiritual power, the amulets to be worn for the purpose of protection from enemies and jealousy sources. Predictions about diseases, herbal medicines for curing diseases, the prescribed methods for the intake of medicines to bring about the desired effect, and prescribed methods for the preparation of medicines. Predictions about attainment of spiritual wisdom through yoga, path to attain salvation, divine advice, appearance of the Deity to one's spiritual eye and divine help. One can find a solution to solve problems in his life by asking questions and getting the required answers.

In this ghandham (chapter) only three questions asked by a person will be answered at a time. The amount will be transferred through "WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER" in favour of " Bhaaskhara Maharishi ", 77-Arignar anna street, Sre Kachchabeswarar Nagar, Kanchipuram, Pin 631501.Tamil nadu, India. Complete guide information library to Vedic Indian Astrology Prediction, Horoscopes, Hindu Astrology, Kundli Match Making, Matrimonial, Jyotish, Love Scientific Astrology, Gem Stones, Birth Stones, Zodiac Signs, Compatibility, Rashi, Dasha, Planetary Transit Influence, Dreams, God, Deity, Panchang, Aarti, Herbal Cure Research. Panchanga online, Events and Festivals, Questions and Answers, Lost and Found, Herbal (ayurvedic) Cure, Mantra Cure, Herbal Tips. Basic Registration is Completely FREE.Get your Free Horoscope, Dasha Predictions and Daily Astrology Predictions Registered Users, Click Here to Enter Inside and Login. In the same way, if the lamp of wisdom is lit up in the room of life the light will give a clear and complete picture of the secrets hidden (from human beings) in life. This Astrology also prescribes modes for atonement of sin, such as establishing a Deity, and the manner in which the Deity is to be worshipped.
The sulimunaikalai and its sub-divisions enable Sages to understand through their spiritual power, the results the good and bad deeds yield (of the past lives) to the souls who come in search of them (Sages). Since such Astrologers are very few in number in the present world, there are difficulties in producing genuine and complete predictions through Vedic Astrology. The predictions are being linked together by a secret rope called 'Arampaadal' and then published.
Thus, his soul is loaded with different kinds of deeds at the time of his birth on the earth.
The soul, which understands the true secrets of his birth and leads a virtuous life, following the path of righteousness in his lifetime, will certainly derive all the benefits. If we think of doing good deeds and put them into practice in our daily lives we can derive all the benefits out of life. Supposing, a person remains unmarried for a long period of time, even after attaining a marriageable age, he would certainly get married very soon and experience happiness in life, if he conducts a free marriage for a poor couple and worships the Holy feet of God.
By adopting the remedial measures stated above he will certainly get married, and experience pleasure.
Therefore, if a person pays heed to the golden words of the Guru and abides by the ways prescribed by the Shanthi ghandham, he is sure to experience great changes in his life and he will possess thoughts of righteousness which in turn would prevent him from doing evil deeds in future. Therefore, The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe - "Sre Kagabujandar"(Sre Kakabusundi)in his advice to Sre Gorakkar instructs Sre Gorakkar that if the three paths are followed in the prescribed manner, souls will derive benefits in life.
The power of the evil deed done in the past the sense of adoration for the remedy, and the kind of life one leads after the performance of the remedy (parikara) are the factors that determine the span of time taken for the desired effect to come to them. This second stage, which has been prescribed by the preceptor, (Guru) contains remedies called 'deetchai remedies'.
The second path says that the souls, which adopt Theetchai remedies, should get the blessings of the Preceptor (Guru) and God to bring desired effect on them (souls). Similarly the world functions with the help of Lord Aathisiva, who is considered as the Almighty. So changes are brought about in the methods concerning Aagamasastra (Science of temple architecture).
Keeping this point in view, and with an intention to satisfy the basic needs of man and to solve the problems faced by man the Nadi Astrology gives free predictions through the prasanna pirachchanai ghandham.
A man's secret of life has been divided or split up into eighteen parts and complete, explanatory meaningful predictions are given. In addition to the eighteen ghandhams there is a special ghandham known as prasanna pirachchanai ghandham. The person (who wants to get the predictions through this ghandham) gives his thumb impression (right thumb for male and left thumb for female) or details regarding his birth. The Application Form Must Be Filled In Block Letters And It Is To Be Sent Through Online Only. The Original Nadi Verses Found From Nadi Leaves will be written in a note book and the same will be read in Tamil by first and the same will be translated into English Text format and then it will be despatched as an attached Word Document file through E-Mail. The distorted symbols cannot be read by computer programs which are used for mass-collect email addresses and any customer information. Based on the good and evil deeds done in the past births, the treatise namely Astrology explains and reveals the past, present and future divine secrets of life experienced by living creatures, offers explanations regarding the divine secrets of life and guides men in their path through life. Therefore, Vedic Astrology is a treatise that explains the influence of the planets with regard to the happenings of the past, present and future and is termed as a Divine science.
The Hindu Astrology is therefore a form of Vedic Astrology that gives clear and complete explanations about the Deity to be worshipped and the manner in which the Deity is to be worshipped.
Then, with the aid of the man kalai (Sulimunai) and other sub-divisions of the same kalai, which go a long way in making the Sages, attain spiritual knowledge and enable them to offer splendid explanations to the world. Therefore, there are vowels, (vowels in the Tamil language) called Uyir eluththukkal-letters representing life, Mey eluththukkal-letters representing body and Uyirmey eluththukkal-letters representing life and body. Thus, nadi astrology science (sastra) occupies a supreme place among other astrology sciences (sastra's), that exist in the world and is therefore said to be the mother of all other sciences (sastra's). He then chanted through his sacred lips a divine song, which gave a detailed account of the people who would approach him, the age (age of the person) at which they would approach him, the persons with the specified birth details who would approach him, to get the predictions as prescribed in the treatise and also the necessary predictions he should offer to them at that time.
If a soul has done only good and kind deeds in it's past births, then the soul will derive benefits or good results out of life on this earth. The second path, which induces others to follow the path of righteousness and thereby helps them to remove the effects of their evil deeds of their past birth is said to be a very great one.
Only those who are destined to follow and perform the prescribed remedial measures with the guidance of the Guru can derive benefits. The method mentioned above pave the way to lessen the miseries in life through the guidance and blessings offered and the Guru are called Theetchai remedies (parikara's). Very few religious sastra's (Sciences) or principles regarding the construction of statues, rules laid down for the construction of idols in a temple, forms of worship and their results and their results are kept alive in the present world. A complete Nadi Astrology contains not only the eighteen ghandhams but also an additional ghandham or a special ghandham known as 'prasanna pirachchanai ghandham'.
In other words, the Hindu Astrology is the Mother of all the Astrological sastras (Sciences) that exist in the world.

The results are accurately explained to the minutest detail to souls who seek the help of the Sages. Apart from these letters there is a letter known as Aayutha eluththu, which makes the other, letters function. Sage Sree Gorakkar wrote down all the the Divine secrets chanted through the sacred lips of his Preceptor (Sre Kagabujandar) on palm leaves, preserved them in his secret cupboard (earthen pot) placed in his secret abode-"Gorakkar gundam" in Kollimalai (Kolli hills).
On the other hand, if the soul has done evil deeds in the past births, the soul will derive bad results (miseries) out of life.
Others, who do not have the determination to do them, will neither come to understand the sins of the past births nor will they be able to remove the impact of by adapting remedial measures.
Under the Trimurthi's, come the large family of the Celestials (Deva's), who in turn exercise their control over the earth. Therefore he has given instructions on one thousand and eight types of architecture involved in the construction of Siva, Brahma and Vishnu temples.
As a result of sins committed in the past births, man experiences miseries in man's life can be removed by the remedial measures prescribed in the prasanna pirachchanai ghandham. One can come to know about the predictions regarding the problems a man faces in life, from the prasanna pirachchanai ghandham given in the treatise 'Nadi Astrology'. Just as a Mother frankly and affectionately advises her child on certain details known to her about the secrets regarding the world, the Hindu Astrology offers complete advice. The breath through the left nostril is termed as 'Yidakalai' and the breath through the right nostril is termed as 'Pinkalai'. The sabtha (Seven) Nadi kalai (sub-divisions of Sulimunaikalai) are Aththi, Alambudai, Gaandhari, Sangini, Singuvai, Purudan and Guru. Apart from these four classes of letters there is a fifth class, which comprises of masculine and feminine letters. With the blessings of their Holinesses Sre Kagabujandar (Sre Kakabusundi) and Sree Gorakkar the hidden treasure (Divine secrets written on palm leaves) came to the hand of the Kaliyuga hair namely Bhaaskharamaharishi obeying the holy command of his spiritual Preceptor (Guru), the divine secrets are being explained in detail by him.
Therefore the soul is responsible for the miseries and happiness it experiences in this birth. Remedial measures adopted with the guidance of the Preceptor (Guru) through Preceptor (Guru) himself in the prescribed manner will certainly bring about benefits in life. The Almighty God who is called the 'Paramathmaa' (originate great soul) has created many 'Jeevathmaa's' as various forms of Himself.
Going by the general law of nature, different kinds of religious sastras (Sciences), live ever today only in the form of spiritual education and remain in the minds of great souls and do not vanish. That wish to construct temples should approach the Maharishi and receive explanations on the science of Divine Architecture (for construction of temples) to construct temples and worship God.
Information contained in thousands of palm leaves is found manually so much so that the result of the efforts taken by Sages ages ago is being brought directly rendered by the media namely internet (computer).
There is a rule that only who have gained knowledge of the predictions put forth by the eighteen ghandhams, beginning from the general ghandham are allowed to look into the prasanna pirachchanai ghandham for predictions.
As a result of the deeds of the past life, (bad deeds) weeds grow amid'st the crop of life .The sastra namely-Vedic Astrology removes the weeds that hinder the proper growth of the crop (crop of life) and helps the crop of life to thrive well by its remarkable guidance.
In addition to the two ways by which breath passes, there is a third way termed as 'Sulimunaikalai'. With the secret images of the sabtha Nadigal as the basis of support, the spiritual knowledge of the good and bad deeds (of the past births) are compared with the minute secrets of the nine planets and finally clear explanations are offered to the world. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Nadi Astrology, which has been directly handed down by the Sages, is the head of all Astrological sciences.
Therefore the motive of an ideal soul should be to avoid doing bad deeds and do good deeds. According to the law of nature, with the deeds of our past births as the basis the Almighty God rules the world. He created many differences among them and at the same time, he created a sense of unity among them and keeps governing the world since ages. Though different kinds of spiritual knowledge is imparted to the human souls or human-beings by way of dreams, spiritual books (treatises) and experiences in life the evils of the past births prevent the sources of spiritual wisdom from reaching man kind.
Therefore if a person gets the required explanations (on the science of architecture) through the treatise (Nadi readings) and constructs a temple based on the prescribed principles mentioned in the text, and worship God, pleasures will grow in the form of a Karpagavirutcha tree. This refers to the art of breathing by which breath through the right and left nostrils pass simultaneously. It is said that the material world is merely an illusion, so much so that the secrets of the previous births are hidden away from him. In the same manner, the Almighty God created Celestials (Deva's) with differences and similarities among them brought them together with a spirit of unity among them, makes them participate in the act of governing the world, which has crossed many Yuga's and Karpa periods. A person should ask only three questions, receive the required remedies and predictions with the help of the guidance and blessings of 'The Supreme Preceptor of the Universe' - "Sre Kagabujandar"and find happiness in life.
Sages, Siththa's (persons who have acquired the eight great mystic powers) Sages, Yogi's (Devotees of Yoga) survive by practicing this art (Sulimunaikalai) acquire special power through spiritual knowledge about the past, present and future periods.
The birth of the world, which dates back to so many millions of years, has obtained the principles of religious sciences (sastra's). One can get the desired effects con condition that if the deeds of the past perve way for it. Thus by sincere penance and by following the path of righteousness in one's life and with the blessings of the Guru mentioned in the religious scriptures.
The principles regarding religious sciences (Sastra's) are the principles governing the construction of temples, rules regarding the establishment of Deities in the form of statues, the manner in which the Deity is to be worshipped, the results produced through worship.

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