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Libra people tend to need balance in their lives like no other sign of the zodiac, which makes the symbol of the scales particularly appropriate for this sign.
Upside: Libra all have a sense of fair play about them and become completely upset if they perceive that something is unfair or unjust. Downside: Because Libra take so long to make decisions it can be perceived as laziness, or absent- mindedness. The fish is the symbol given to this sign, primarily because fish live in a secretive and mysterious place. They are tremendously dedicated individuals, staying with companies for decades where others move from one job to the next. Upside: Pisces are empathetic people, often feeling badly for someone whose life is not going well. Downside: Because they feel everything so intensely, this sign can often become a clinical worrier. Libra, because of their sense of justice and fair play, will often become argumentative to the exclusion of decorum or appropriateness.

Pisces tend to be daydreamers, often dreaming up brilliant ideas and plans which they are unable to facilitate themselves. They feel the need to reach out to those who are less fortunate and will often find themselves involved in drama that they hadna€™t intended.
There are total 12 zodiac signs, three fire signs, three earth signs, three air signs and three water signs. Because of this need Libra signs can sometimes seem wishy-washy when they are asked to make a decision. This sign is often charming and people like to be around them and the only time that they will become unhappy is when they perceive that they have been treated unfairly. Others may find Pisces difficult to get to know because they dona€™t often readily share their underlying passion and compassion. They are kind, caring individuals who feel everything deeply, even though you would not know it on the surface.
This tendency to worry also leads to indecision on their part, fearing that if they make a decision that others disagree with that they will have upset someone.

This sign does really well to embrace some form of meditation as it allows them to find that internal balance that will allow the outer balance to manifest itself. Pisces signs tend to be highly and deeply religious, and sometimes will go overboard with their devotion to their particular faith.
They can be creative and imaginative when they believe that they have support to make those leaps. Pisces dona€™t like to hurt peoplea€™s feelings and as such become conflicted when they have to make decisions.
Most Libra enjoy physical exercise that involves some mental component, such as long distance running, or yoga. Sometimes the have a lack of follow through due to this indecisiveness and require a gentle nudge from other signs to complete tasks on time.

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