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A scale symbolizes the Libra zodiac sign, a crab for Cancer, and so forth, but ever wondered what signs would look like as emoji? Each face was chosen based on the traits associated with each sign — for example, a blushing smiley fits the gentle, compassionate characteristics of Pisces and the agonized face suits the emotional nature of Cancers. More great news: Mercury, your ruling planet, will finally get it together and turn direct on October 9, offering an empowering sense of clarity, particularly with your finances.

A tarot guide named Nupur Bhardwaj created a chart titled "Zodiac Signs as Emojis" that's totally appropriate for the way emoji have become representative of how we now communicate. She’ll hang out in Virgo until November 8, giving you a powerful and much-needed boost in sex appeal and overall allure. Mars will back any plan you put into place with conviction and integrity, especially on October 15 and 17 when the Red Planet connects with dark lord Pluto and lucky Jupiter.

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