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Vous pouvez aussi cliquer sur mes albums plus spécifiques dans le bas de la colonne de droite. In early issues of the Aztec Press, readers were more likely to see an illustration of a topless woman than an article about contraception.
In a 1975 article, a county health educator said venereal diseases do not always have noticeable symptoms, allowing them to spread from one unsuspecting host to the next. Much like today, one of the most frightening exams for a student to face took place at a doctor’s office. National Condom Week, which originated at the University of California- Berkeley in 1978, gained popularity at college campuses across the nation. At Tulane University in Louisiana, “safe sex kits” were distributed in lunch bags with “condom sense” printed on the outside.

As part of the awareness effort, Pima Community College permitted the distribution of 6,000 condoms in 1988. El Rio Health Center and Planned Parenthood sponsored the 1992 National Condom Week, which began on Valentine’s Day. Planned Parenthood representative Claudia Vanatta Skocpol said a frequently asked question dealt with lubricants. Magdalena Velasco, an El Rio volunteer, stressed the importance of knowing how to properly use protection. Fred Tondalo, head of a Florida AIDS center, asked hotels to provide condoms to students checking in for spring break. The condoms were provided by the Pima County Health Department and distributed by the Aztec Press.

Although some recipients were offended, many students and faculty expressed appreciation and support. Students were encouraged to create flowers and other arrangements from condoms provided by the Tucson AIDS Project and the Pima County Health Department. She encouraged the use of water-based lubricants rather than oil-based ones such as Vaseline, which can cause a condom to break.

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