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ADVERTISEMENTMusic fans were whisked back in time to the 1920s with Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society last Wednesday.
Getting "Hot, Sassy and Sweet" with Drew NugentDrew Nugent is a Philly musician who is throwin’ back — way back — to the earliest days of jazz with his band Drew Nugent and The Midnight Society. Vintage plane crashes in New York's Hudson River, body recoveredA World War Two-era plane crashed on Friday in New York City's Hudson River off Manhattan and a body was recovered from inside the aircraft, authorities said. Homeless man charged in brutal beating death, robbery at bus stopA homeless man is facing life behind bars after he allegedly beat a 57-year-old bus rider in Far Rockaway Thursday morning before robbing him and leaving him to die, prosecutors said.
Gonzalo Veron might be waking up for New York Red BullsThere are many different personalities in the New York Red Bulls locker room and one of the most low-key is Argentine forward Gonzalo Veron.
Medical experts urge delay or relocation of Olympics due to ZikaMore than 100 health experts have called for the Rio Olympic Games to be postponed or moved because of the threat to public health from Brazil's Zika virus outbreak, according to a public letter published online.
Vintage plane crashes in New York's Hudson River, body recoveredToday 4:12 am A World War Two-era plane crashed on Friday in New York City's Hudson River off Manhattan and a body was recovered from inside the aircraft, authorities said. Delays are due to kochara defects or Doshas such as Kuja (Chevvai) dosha, Sarpa dosha, Pithru dosha, Kalathra doshas. In our Hindu custom, Devatas are sought through prayer to Agni pooja called "Yagna or Homam".
Dreams are the waves in your mind sending a signal to be happy on a positive note or caution you to be on your guard.
Here is a language which never discriminates the learned from the unlettered, the champion from the loser. With agile, swift move the ballerinas play a magic on stage gradually catching the eyeballs of the viewers to feel the oneness with the dance. Sanders may debate Trump, not Clinton, before California contestAn unconventional debate between a billionaire Republican and a democratic socialist is shaping up in California after presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders expressed an interest in squaring off against each other. Amber Heard accuses estranged husband Johnny Depp of domestic violence: reportsActress Amber Heard sought a temporary restraining order against husband Johnny Depp on Friday, citing domestic violence, media outlets reported, days after she filed for divorce to end their 15-month marriage. Massachusetts State Trooper found guilty of sexual assaultA Massachusetts State Trooper accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her Worthington home in 2014 was found guilty by a Hampshire Superior Court jury Friday. Nostalgia filled the air at Vesper as attendees enjoyed lavish dinners, expertly crafted cocktails and of course, the timeless music from Nugent and his band.

Known for his high energy performances, where he doubles on trumpet and keys, his virtuosity and charisma is transfixing. New York apartmentOver 80 cats and a ten dogs were recovered from inside stacked cages, hidden inside a room in a West New York apartment, police there said. But last Saturday in a 7-0 win over New York City FC, Veron showed plenty of emotion in scoring against his team’s rival.
Though the boy's and girl's stars are compared at first, horoscope analysis will be beneficial and spookily accurate. The word ‘gold’ has a charm riveting all around the globe - be it women or men and the poor or the rich. Our intention to be happier is intervened by various factors such as theft, murder, marital discord, cheating, eve-teasing, defamation and …..
On its journey to transform the angry, proud and arrogant side of human, it takes a rainbow hue. The dancers exude a kind of charisma with which they leave a pleasant trail having a lasting impact on our minds. Eyes, lips, face, hands and body play a vital role in expressing the thoughts in the mind despite the verbal gushing. People magazine posted a photo of Heard, 30, with a bruised right eye and said she had submitted the picture as evidence to back up her claim. Jazz it up Philly and their newly founded label, JIUP International Records, deserve so much credit for matching talent like Nugent with local jazz enthusiasts. This Wednesday, Nugent celebrates the release of his latest album, “Hot, Sassy and Sweet” at Vesper in Center City. Horton, 34, is currently awaiting arraignment on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree robbery. On his pursuit, he rejects the warning signals sent as a caution to take care of health, which is a primary source of happiness. It crosses the boundary in unifying the souls of all under one umbrella term ‘music’ – be it Pop, Bhangra, Carnatic, Hindustani or Ghazal. Have your eye-candy watching Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s creation of Adam, Triumph of Galatea by Raphael or Don Quixote by Pablo Picasso.

The colours increase a man’s productivity, concentration and motivation, says Alison Goldman.
How could they get such a power to make us forget the reality to indulge in their artificial world? They send us to a stressful condition in which we feel “life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing”. The planets play a crucial role in the physical, mental make-up of the dancers, say the astrologers. The great paintings challenge us to penetrate their mysteries and to appreciate their riches.
Our personality finds its expression through fashion and we can express others that how we feel about ourselves. Team spirit, health, confidence, decision making and mental strength are built up if you are inclined to. Here is a place where you seek a solace and get a new lease of life… a Lord Justice is waiting to have his say in a just way. Though they defy the cosmos let us read which astrological nuances help them in their pursuit for touching the space.
The rise and fall of waves are Nature’s music and a sight to behold when they touch our feet. Bush's 2000 election and 2004 re-election -- other moments when liberal Americans pledged to move to Canada in protest -– suggests few followed up on their promises. While immigration to Canada increased during the years of Bush's elections, the rise was not more than increases in other years, data from the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies show.

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