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Whether you are in a Job or Business this 'destiny document' (horoscope reading) is meant for you. Everything in the astrological scheme of things has a purpose, and in events and feelings which seem to be 'bad' could be just what you need! It's a time for positive change, and people who accuse you of being rigid and unfeeling will finally be proved wrong. Family intrigues dominate your life until early March but, once uncertainty is over, you will be in a much better position to set the agenda. Friends and relations will be making offers by April, but it's possible that you might not notice some of them, or that others may be to come later in the year. An astrological decision regarding anyone's profession and wealth status is a very complex affair because these attributes of one's life are so extensive. Although you'll have your say, you can stand back and accept that other people should take the lead.
Venus, lady of love lines up with optimistic Jupiter and radical Uranus - and anything could happen. All are challenges which prod you into changing your attitudes and setting off on a new and positive path.
But if you always shy away from difficult choices you can become chronically incapable of ever making a decision, and when there's nobody to rely on, you are completely lost.
May is a month to get out and about and exercise your flagging energy, so forget your normal serious domestic duties and have a little fun for a change. Still, by July most of you will be coping with a new proposal which could turn out to be highly advantageous.
Apart from the disposition of planets Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, the 2nd, 10th, 6th & 11th houses of a birth chart determine the status, income and profession of a person. This is without question, potentially a perfect period for domestic changes, from minor decorations to major property investments.
In January a dose of Neptunian confusion or uncertainty will compel you to consider your options. Perhaps they'll see the emotional knots in which you tie yourself as you agonise over what is the best thing to do in February. You may also become much too dependent on other people, suppressing your own interests, concealing your true feelings, playing down your ideas and generally failing to make the most of your potential.
That irresistible combo, Mercury and Mars, make June an ideal time for travel, catching up with family members who are far away. The ordering process on this website is simple and short and does not require any registration. However a destiny is essentially powered by the central impulse generated by the '10th cardinal house' of a horoscope which indicates the true source of livelihood which may be commerce' (vyapar - business) or job (naukri).
Similar trends extend into July, an indication that partners will still be making the running.
A burst of Uranian disruption in February forces you to face up to the future and let go of the past. They don't see how upset you become when you are badly treated, perhaps because you're so good at keeping it to yourself.

That is why, in April and October, you will be standing up for yourself acquiring new authority and respect. July is a month of remarkable romantic opportunity and there are bound to be ripples at home; great tact and diplomacy will be necessary if you are to achieve your aims.
August’s Full Moon stimulates your sign, an indication that you must literally expect some opposition to your plans. Relationships with older family members might require attention if you are to salvage a tricky situation in September. Your planetary patterns enable you to project yourself at your best, exploiting your sense of animal magnetism and irresistible attraction.
A barrage of Jupiterian offers after June leaves you with no alternative but to redouble your efforts and begin to create your dream home.
Even if other people don't see it, it's essential that you understand what children and younger relations are up to over the summer.
Actually, there's little chance of any serious friction and every hope that agreement will be reached quickly. Our readings are in English and are sent via e mail within 3 -10 days of ordering, so please double check your e mail address in the data form. It will be unwise to count on agreement unless you've earned it by your past actions, but by December you'll be able to put your foot down. But you must be prepared to deal with whatever comes your way, including awkward family members! Aquarius (January 21 - February 20) — LOVE KEY DATE: A romantic liaison in April boosts your morale.
The only fly in the ointment comes from our old friend Mars, a planet not noted for its commitment to universal peace and harmony.
Astrology is a universal guiding force meant to heal mankind through predictions, counselling and remedies and is not restricted to any particular faith, religion or ethnicity. Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) — LOVE KEY DATE: Enjoy a secret dalliance in July - and a public one in August.
Pisces (February 21 - March 20) — LOVE KEY DATE: Don't challenge authority when there's no good reason. Taurus (April 21 - May 21) — LOVE KEY DATE: Let your hair down as soon as you can - in late January and early February. Libra (September 24 - October 23) — LOVE KEY DATE: Late May and early June find you in the romantic driving seat. HOME AND FAMILY: You are noted by astrologers for your reluctance to tie yourself down, and more than any other sign you demand the freedom to take off at a moment's notice in pursuit of strange dreams, or perhaps an unlikely adventure. HOME AND FAMILY: All family members must have their say if you're planning changes in your living conditions. The result is often a life that is far richer and more varied than those of your friends who are stuck in a nine-to-five grind. In passionate affairs, dramatic career changes, global travel, life in foreign climes and other activities that the rest of us regard as highly exotic, are the basic necessities of life for the true Scorpio.
As the month progresses, you'll have more time for relaxing and there's a joyful celebration in the pipeline.

Yet there'll times at the end of the year when the party has to stop and when reality reasserts itself. However, people around you seem determined to create disturbances, and your financial situation could be under threat.
News which arrives during November may not be welcome to start off with, but if you sit down and think carefully about what a friend is really trying to say, a different picture could emerge. If a short trip seems necessary then don't delay, and be sure to take whatever steps are needed. Gemini (May 22 - June 21) — LOVE KEY DATE: Set early June aside for special romantic trysts.
HOME AND FAMILY: Pressures at home will ease during January and February and the demands of domestic and routine chores will be diminishing. However, don't become too complacent, as if you slip into a comfortable rut early in the year, you'll be rudely awakened before too long. The New Moon on 25th June crystallises your emotional hopes, bringing you into a new social sphere. This means that there's definite scope for you to take the initiative and embark on one or two remarkable escapades.
In September the only drawback will be a sense of the serious side of life which will emerge just as you're about to have some fun. Appease this side of your nature by deciding to learn a new skill or taking up a fresh study. This applies as much to those of you who are on the move as to those who are stuck in a rut. But as soon as you feel safe and secure then you'll be looking for other involvements, and it might be charitable activities that attract you, or it may be that a favourite leisure activity suddenly propels you into a new social scene. In October and November you may have to retake decisions that you thought had been firmly reached last year, perhaps in the light of fresh information. HOME AND FAMILY: You will be affected by a series of intense planetary aspects acting in a suitably harmonious fashion.
Those four great planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be prodding you in a firm but friendly fashion into discovering your sense of purpose.
From August onwards various planets will be picking up speed, encouraging mysterious developments and quietly creating exactly the conditions you require for domestic success.
Now is the time to leave insecurity, uncertainty and lack of self-confidence behind, replacing these negative aspects of your nature with belief in your own destiny and pride in your achievements. Virgo (August 24 - September 23) — LOVE KEY DATE: Enjoy a romantic reunion in late May or early June.

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