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You can also use Google Voice to make free calls from PC or Mac to phone by installing Video and voice plug-in and make free calls from PC to PC using Google Talk software.
Please take note that the free calls you make with Google Voice must be to the numbers in the US or Canada.
Tuitalk, an advertisement based internet voip calls company, is offering free calls to its registred users as long as they have sponsors for paying your call charges. 4) As Tuitalk is not an phone to phone or web based free internet phone service, you have to download there free Tuitalk softphone on your PC. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Libon is a very nice mobile app for iOS and Android users that can do more than just make free Internet calls. This telecommunication service provided by Google is commonly used to connect to your phone and make calls for free.
Beside that, Google Voice is also available as a web app for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone users.

This advertisements are shows on Tuitalk softphone while you make a free voip call from there softphone.
Plus, users can text each other using the Whistle Phone mobile app.To make calls outside the application and to regular phone numbers is limited to 20 minutes. The good news is Google is planning to expand this service to additional countries in the future. There is no need for any credit card or online payments as this free talk softphone is absolutely free. As you are calling directly from your PC and Tuitalk Internet telephony softphone to his mobile or landline number. Please write your experience with this service in comments section about voice quality, your country response etc.
With Google Voice, you can also send free SMS to email, send voicemail messages, make a conference call, block any unwanted calls and more. The first thing you will see while you start your call will be an ad which is sponsoring your call.

Both restrictions take effect after the first month of signing up with Whistle Phone, and they don't ever renew. You can also add contacts directly if you know their username.Skype supports not only Internet calling but also video calls and text messages to any other Skype users. So be sure to select the Libon to Libon option for unlimited free calling to your Libon contacts, else you'll be told you have to buy calling credits. If you enter your extended information in the extended profile you will get increased talking minutes in your daily free calls time.

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