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This particular article and author is not making any recommendations and is not giving any personal medical advice in the following material.In a recent interview, Dr.
Coldwell names several cancer-curing treatments that are being suppressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industry, including sodium bicarbonate, apricot kernels, rife machines, and colloidal silver.WHY there is no official cure for cancerIf you are wondering why there is no a€?officiala€? cure for cancer, then try tracing the revenue cancer takes in each year.
Cancer is a $60 billion a year industry, while cancer protection and the early intervention of cancer brings in an additional $162 billion each year.When you investigate the roots of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, you will find the name of John D. Rockefeller over 100 years ago when he produced chemicals and didna€™t know how to sell those chemicals. A medical doctor has about 1 hour of education in diet and nutritional health and no knowledge on healing. They study the chemical intervention with symptoms; they dona€™t study healing, curing or looking for the root cause of disease.
The only cause for any kind of disease is the lack of energy and thata€™s mainly caused by physical or emotional stress.a€?Dr. If your pH is lower than 7, it means that there are too many toxins in your body, which does not allow your body to be in an optimal alkaline state. Coldwell stated a case where an oncologist physician in Italy, Dr Tullio Simoncini (pictured left) has cured all types of cancer with pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Dr Simoncinia€™s is the author of a€?Cancer is a Fungusa€? and his research concluded that abnormal cells are held together by a fungus, and the fungus cana€™t exist in an alkaline environment. Through his sodium bicarbonate treatment, the fungi is attacked and cancer is eliminated.Dr. Coldwella€™s research include, living in constant worries, doubts and fears, lack of self-love, Lack of self-respect, lack of hope, lack of hope for the future and the biggest reason, making a constant compromise against yourself.a€?That is why when you live in a relationship that you know is toxic and ita€™s killing you, you need to get out of it or it will literally kill you,a€? stated Dr.

Thata€™s why most deadly heart attacks on Monday morning between 8 and 9 oa€™clock AM.a€? The message, according to Dr. Coldwell, is that they would rather die than going to work one more time.SHOCKING Cancer StatisticsThe following are some cancer statistics and trivia provided by Dr. This is part of the scam that has been pulled upon us by the pharmaceutical and medical industries.Dr. Coldwell suggested talking to a naturopathic physician before going to a medical doctor for any medical issue.Holistic SuggestionsOne of Dr. Coldwella€™s suggestions was to combine 5 spoons of organic maple syrup with 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonateAnother healthful recommendation by Dr. Jim Humble, founder of the MMS treatment stated a€?If you take S drops of activated MMS, every hour for 8 hours for 3 days, your HIV or AIDS will be gone.a€? Humble added, a€?Everybody that had cancer, it was gone within three weeks. Hypochlorus acid is antacid that the immune system has been using for hundreds of thousands of years to kill all of the things that the immune system needs to be killed. Hypochlorus acid is naturally produced in your body and a lot of people are deficient in hypochlorus acid. Nobody, even though this has been known for years, nobody has ever thought about giving a person hypochlorus acid.
Ia€™m the first person to do it.a€?Cancer survival rates have been manipulated to the point where the medical industry has redefined the word a€?survivea€? to be only 5 years after the initial treatment. So hypothetically, you could a€?survive cancer for 5 years, and die the next month and you would be considered a€?cureda€? but dead.Juicing and other considerationsDr. Coldwell is a big fan of juicing and recommends an equal mixture of apple, celery and carrot juice, adding that it may initially give diarrhea.

While I cannot make any personal recommendations, I hope this article helps in leading in your path of research.
Leonard ColdwellBiography:Leonard Coldwell is considered one of the leading authorities of self-help education for cancer patients and is called by many authorities a leading expert on cancer. Coldwell was the author of eight bestselling books, countless articles, and hundreds of self-help audio programs. He remains a syndicated columnist with more than seven million readers and continues to author one of the most successful and widely distributed self-help newsletters in Europe. He is also a transformational speaker and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year.
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