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You might be wondering as to why the first place was given to Astrology in the removal of care or worry?
When a person does not make deeds there will not remain the existence of fate, that is, as long as a person continues to make deeds, fate will also remain with him.
Its answer is that the learning revealing your fate is called Astrology of all the learning of Astrology prevolent all the present time, except the Krishnamurti Paddhati, have no scientific basis of their own. In answer to this question it will be said that first of all we must have the knowledge of what the fate of a man has in its store for him. Its a obvious from the fact that the prediction about a horoscope of the many practioners of Astrology living in the same city is always different; while the prediction of a given horoscope given by the different practioners of Krishnamurti System living in different places is always the same.
According to Krishnamurti Paddhati every incident, big or small, occuring in man’s life at every moment is predetermined in the form of fate and it cannot be changed in any way by any means of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra or by any ritual.

This makes it clear that the basis of other systems than that of Krishnamutri System is hardly scientific because science is the same at all places.
If fate were to be changed then there would be no problem of any kind in society everything good would occur according to one’s wishes, that is to say man might be come as he would wish. Thus, the principle of Archimedes, of Newton or of Eeinstein will give the same result at all places in the world. The way to change fate is the way of Gyan Marg or Study of self and not the way of Bhakti or Karma. In the same way the prediction as per Krishnamurti Astrology will be the same at any place in the world. Changing of fate will be to become free, that is, freedom from the bondages of birth and death again & again and how much time it will take to be free from these bondages, this depends upon and its scale will be your faith and reverence in gyan marg.

Worship, adoration and recitation and performance of rituals, these are not called Gyan Marg or spiritualism.
In this way the mystery of this game will be understood by you only when you conbine the strange play of Karma with your own life.

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