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Now days many people who love someone also take interest in match making if they want to marry with each other.
Kundali specialist astrologer makes kundali according to many criteria like position of stars and sun with solar system at the time of birth of a person. This entry was posted in Astrology, Horoscope and tagged Free online horoscope match making, Free online indian astrology services, Free online kundli match making, Free online love horoscopes, Kundali matching specialist astrologer, kundli matching, kundli specialist astrologer, marriage astrology, specialist in kundli, world famous astrologer on June 28, 2014 by admin.
India is a country where traditions are followed from the ancient time under the guidance of astrologers. If bride or groom has mangal dosh and also shani dosh then the effect of manglik dosh becomes null because mangal and shani are reciprocals to each other. A experienced and professional astrologers are highly educated and perfect in the Vedic and outside country astrology.
This entry was posted in Astrology, Horoscope, Mantra, pooja vidhi and tagged astrolgy, Astrological Facts, Free online kundli match making, kundli matching, kundli specialist astrologer, love specialist in mantra, Manglik Dosh, Manglik dosh shanti pooja, pooja vidhi, vedic astrology on June 24, 2014 by admin. Horoscope can be described in many ways like kundali matching, love horoscope, predictions about future.
Horoscope defines on the basis of position of sun related with planets in the solar system.
In India when any marriage occasion is decided then before that sun sign is matched of boy and girl.
This entry was posted in Astrology, Horoscope, News and tagged free horoscope online, free horoscope reading, free personal horoscope, horoscope free, Horoscope matching, horoscope today, kundli matching, kundli specialist astrologer, online free horoscope, online horoscope, personal horoscope free, today horoscope on June 13, 2014 by admin. In this procedure eight kind of gun, collectively known as ashtakoot of bride and the groom are matched before marriage.
Nadis are categorized in the Kundalis of the bride and the groom on the basis of birth Nakshatras. Gun Milan Or Kundali match 2016-2017, will not only help you analyze the profiles of your proposed bride or groom but also help the two families interact with each other in a more informed manner. You can get your 2016 and 2017 kundali match calculator (vedic marriage compatibility test) here by just typing your name and other data as required.
Year 2014 at a glance You may be prone to losing your temper in the first half of the year.
You may expect some very positive developments on the professional front this year, predicts Ganesha. Ganesha predicts that you may have to keep a very tight fist this year as far as your finances are concerned. You will have to be very active on the social front, interacting with as many people as possible in order to promote your business in 2014, foretells Ganesha. Always remember that Sun Sign based predictions, though quite accurate and relevant, are largely generic in nature and apply to a large population.
Motion of planets and sun and stars has a great effect on our lives it has proven many times. They want to live happily with their partner without any trouble that is why they consult specialist in kundali.
If count of gunas that matched of both of you then it said good match and both will be able to face life difficulties and hardship with the help of each other. If kundali do not match then they advice people to back out from marriage decision with that person.

These zodiac signs play a vital role in knowing the person’s nature, how will be their day today and what color will be lucky for them. Horoscope is defined in different terms according to the astrologers of different countries like Indian horoscope, Chinese horoscope. In newspapers every day a horoscope column is published and everyone is eager in knowing, how will be  their today’s day, what should he do and do not, what’s the lucky color, lucky number etc. If both the bride and the groom are manglik, then the negative effect of manglik dosha gets cancelled and ensures smooth married life.
Each guna in ashtakoot milan has been assigned specific points on the basis of its significance. In Hindu Mythology, it is believed that marriage is a holy bond between two people who take their vows calling upon the gods of heaven. If you and your would be spouse go for marriage match only after a kundli compatibility matching of groom and bride, you will benefit from each other’s lives and ensure lifelong harmony in the marital front because kundali horoscope match ensures compatibility.
In vedic horoscope, the Moon is the determinant for a lot of things such as, maternal emotions. The transits of Mars and Rahu shall test your patience, so be very careful of your words and deeds, says Ganesha.
So don’t go for frills when buying something, but buy the simple, sturdy and cheapest of the lot so that you can get the maximum bang for your buck. At the same time you need to be careful that your relationships with old contacts don’t get spoiled. For 100% unique and personalised predictions, that would be applicable entirely to your life, even on a micro-level, you will always need to get a Premium, Horoscope-based, Astrologer generated Report. Kundali matching includes the birth date, time of birth, sex of individual and position of sun stars related to solar system at the time of person’s birth. If count of match gunas is less then it is advised that this match is not good and in future this marriage will not successful.
In this condition never take manglik dosh in an easy way because this is effect of graha and Nakshatra. According to northern method of astrology, presence of Mars in 1,4,7,8 or 12th house make the person manglik. These eight gun are : varna milan, vashya milan, yoni milan, grah maitri, gana milan, bhakoot milan and nadi milan. For example : If the bride and the groom are born in Gemini sign, where one belongs to Ardra Nakshatra and the other belongs to Punarvasu Nakshatra, then the Nadi Dosh will get cancelled. A single sentence taken out of context can hurt people, so you shall have to be very alert and politically correct while speaking.
Hence, the developments may cause some stress initially, but you shall be able to cope up quite well.
Specialist in kundali matches you and your partner’s kundali and predicts how much gun match of both of you. Kundali specialist astrologer is the important person in people’s life to take marriage decision.
So people take help astrologers to remove this effect or with the guidance of astrologers they organize a pooja that is called manglik dosh shanti pooja. On the other hand, according to the principles of southern method of astrology, a person having Mars in 1,2,4,7,8 and 12th house will be Manglik.
Many different views explaining the importance of this Milan have been given in the Shastras.

Some also believe that nadi dosha rectifies, if the stages in a Nakshatra are different even if the Nakshatra is same for both bride and the groom.
Throughout the year you shall remain busy both as a professional and as a member of your household. Your equation with your co-workers shall be cordial, and they shall always be ready to help you.
Those of you who are in a committed relationship, shall learn that love is the greatest teacher. If you are thinking of selling property, Ganesha advises you to stick on to it for some more time, at least till its value increases appreciably.
Non believers of astrology who never take interest in astrology gat concern with astrologers for marriage or kundali matching. On the other hand, if the nakshatra of the groom is different from that of a bride under Nadi dosha, then it is known as Nridoor Dosha.
There is a vague possibility that you may have to relocate, but the choice shall be left to you. If the plan is to get married, the stars are fully in your favour so you may go ahead without any hesitation.
Taking the business dynamics and ground realities into consideration, you must not take big risks.
Kundali matching specialist astrologer is able to describe the predictions for both of partners about their compatibility with the partner and will they live happily in their later on life.
It is known that when mangal graha is in their first home, fourth home, 12th home then mangal dosh comes into the existence.
According to others, it is believed that if the bride and the groom belong to the same Nadi, the child may also suffer from health problems of parents.
You might want to undertake further studies to acquire additional skills; if so, go ahead as the stars are in your favour.
However, don’t rush things as the wedding is not likely to take place until towards the end of the year.
Ganesha predicts that with Saturn transiting through the second House from your Sign, you may have to inculcate the habit of savings. However, if you do have some plans in pipeline, we suggest that you do not just rely on Sun Sign predictions, for they may be generic.
In the second half of the year, you may find it difficult to meet the expectations of your superiors.
The best way to do it is by opening a recurring deposit account, which will ensure that at the end of the year you have a decent bank balance. In fact, you should rather invest in a personalised Report for any major business decisions that you have in mind. Turnover will increase, and so will margins, and besides, there may be new opportunities to convert small projects into big businesses. If expansion plans are on your mind, grab every such opportunity when you get one for the same. Note that these are Sun Sign based predictions, and hence may be somewhat general, as they apply to a large population.

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