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If life has been up and down of late, this month should see you more able to settle into cruise mode. Do be aware that Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, ends his retrograde cycle this month.
Even if you don’t currently think of yourself as ‘the Spiritual type’, Jupiter’s year-long visit to your 12th House could see that changing, dramatically even. Mr Hand and I (aka The Fangirl) were talking at one point during a break, and we got to discussing Jupiter and Saturn. Building on Mr Hand’s comments, it would be fair to say that when Jupiter touches Saturn, he somehow makes Saturn a bit nicer and a little bit less of a drag. SAGITTARIUS – this is actually the lucky break you have been waiting for – you could find some of your hard work is now paying off! AQUARIUS – it’s time to lighten up when it comes to dealing with your friends – being too serious will take its toll, otherwise! PISCES – The hard work you have been putting into your career should start to pay dividends now – or at least show some promise of a pay-off!
One thing which stands out looking at the stars for the month ahead is that Venus is in really good shape.
You have the New Moon in your 8th House this month which is the part of your chart which deals with sex and money – sometimes separately and sometimes at the same time! It doesn’t matter which Star Sign you are, this New Moon also looks very promising for love and abundance, thanks to the romantic Venus links taking place shortly after the New Moon.
The Archangel guiding this New Moon is Chamuel, who can help you find whatever you’re looking for.
Taurus – the New Moon this month is in your sign bringing you your annual chance to ditch any bad habits and start all over again! Cancer – make up to 10 wishes around 8.30pm on May 6 – the New Moon is in your Wishing Zone and super-charging your dreams!
Virgo – you need to find a balance between the work you’re obliged to do and your own need for some inner peace and family time. Sagittarius – the Full Moon in your sign this month means it’s time to turn the corner. Aquarius – if you wish things could go back more to the way they used to be at home or with family, you could get your wish this month. Pisces – it’s time for you to start expressing how you really feel, the way you used to before you got so worried about what others think. Over the past few weeks, you’ve hopefully allowed yourself the luxury of caring less about the details and more about seeing The Big Picture.

The chakra to focus on this month at the time of the Full Moon is the Crown, which is violet and located at the top of your head.
Libra the 7th sign is represented by the symbolic balancing scales that emphasises balance, fairness and justice. The natives are renowned team players and are able to greatly increase their effectiveness both personally and professionally by undertaking to do the astrological weekly tasks and chanting of the special mantras.
They are able to increase their luck and decrease their misfortune to a considerable extent therewith.
The natives of the moon sign Libra do not generally like to be loners and feel much more at ease in the company of others be it one special person or even a circle of close friends. The retrograde shouldn’t have been an issue, per se, however to have Jupiter moving forward is preferable.
Under this once-every-12-years transit, people who’ve never so much as said “Ohm” have found themselves taking up meditation and – hey presto!
It boasts the best astrology teachers in the world, and pretty much the best of the best, a gentleman called Robert Hand was on the speakers list. This is a man who allegedly taught himself Latin and ancient Greek so he could decode centuries old astrology documents. Venus is the planet that covers issues (and non-issues) related to love and abundance so when she is doing well, most of us are doing relatively well too. Reason being, it takes place very handily on a Friday night, all the better for getting together with a couple of friends to set your intentions for the month ahead ( but you can also do it just as well alone). Venus is the planet of love and abundance and after the New Moon will link first to soulmates planet Neptune and then to lucky Jupiter. It’s time for you to rate yourself more highly – that will also boost your bank balance.
With any luck, you now have a much clearer sense or either where you are going (in a metaphorical sense) or where you want to go (in a literal sense). They generally are quite quick to find faults but also manage to put their point across as natural diplomats.
Essentially what it means is that the good luck planet is going to be triggering new and lucky developments for us all, new opportunities will be opening up and there will be chances to make easy improvements in all parts of our life.
That means wherever Sagittarius is for you is where you have a lot of hard work to do and a lot of lessons to learn. This is the part of your chart where you keep your feelings re jealousy and possessiveness, so be careful if you have a tendency in one of those directions. If you’re seeking more love or abundance in your life, take time out on the New Moon night to let the Universe know your desires.

There has been mind-expanding going on – via travel, dreams of travel, talk with someone with connections far away or study. The weekly tasks, remedies and chanting serves to greatly increase their positivity and luck while cutting down on the adverse effects of any impending misfortune. Also, if your sex life isn’t all that amazing right now, have a word to your partner about what you do want.
If you’ve already been struggling with one or both of those issues recently, matters can be expected to come to a head at some point over the next month. It might feel a big childish but drawing a picture of what you want with coloured pens and really envisaging it working out in your mind’s eye is a super powerful exercise.
That is the part of us that knows we are actually part of God, that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, that we are all connected to all life everywhere. If you’ve read enough about Angels to start to get curious about what it all means, Jupiter will bring singing choirs of them into your life, if you but seek a little bit.
Subconscious psychological patterns which influence you when you’re in a relationship are likely to become more obvious – analyse yourself and see what you see.
There are little tasks and chores which need to be attended to before you head off for the wild blue yonder. Your 12th House is the deepest, darkest part of your chart, and Jupiter is one of the most ebullient, noisy planets.
You might think that the two don’t go well together but in fact having Jupiter arrive in your 12th House is a bit like having happy, screaming kids running through a cellar, throwing open doors that have been locked for years. But remember the secret to manifesting is believing what you’re aiming for can happen – feel it already real in your body. Sexually, this could be a super-charged month – make sure you don’t go getting in over your head, if you decide to Do Your Eighth House Thing and smash down taboos. The 12th House is where you contemplate your fears – Jupiter laughs in the face of fears and if nothing else, will help you confront those scary ideas that have been plaguing on and off for years.
Just finally, remember that this part of your chart is where you keep the Things You Don’t Like To Talk About. Financially, this part of your chart is about shared cash – the coming four weeks is a particularly good time to either ask for a raise or a loan. It may not stay hidden forever… and the guilt that often goes with secrets ruins what can otherwise be a positive time for you.

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