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I googled Wyoming Plates or something & it said that the number on the left of the cowboy told you the county. My site offers a huge variety of premade images to choose from, if I feel I cant do your paid request, I will issue a refund. Made of durable .030 gauge aluminum, brightly colored with highly detailed photographic quality imagery.

Think they finally stopped doing that once they figured out that everyone knew a pickup was a truck.I used to have Radio Operator (Ham) plates. Stopped using them because I didn't really want to advertise that there was expensive radio gear inside.
Now you can't tell what county a car is from by its plates (which I find silly at best).

Miz Diane and I used to laugh about the cars from 52 (Morgan county) as you could almost be sure any car causing problems on the road in Huntsville (47) would be a 52.

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