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After ordering the wrong item, Auto Accessories Garage worked with me to get what I actually wanted.
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Moisture, UV rays, and grime can cause serious damage to your license plate, but with the WeatherTech ClearCover License Plate Cover you can get complete coverage and rest easy knowing that your plate is safe.

The plate cover itself is made of a single component and gasket that can be assembled hassle-free with just a screwdriver. In addition to protecting your plate from Mother Nature, the Plate Cover from WeatherTech is made from an impenetrable acrylic that will ward off any potential scratches and dings your plate may encounter.
Plus, every WeatherTech ClearCover License Plate Cover comes with a set of 18-8 stainless steel screws and Click and Stay screw caps so there is no need to buy any extra parts.

Cover arrived with scratches near the middle of the cover from shipping vibrations and rubbing.

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