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Cruiser Accessories is a family owned business that has been selling license plate frames for over 25 years. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This single Scopione carbon fiber license plate frame is designed to enhance your vehicle's and your current license plate appearance.
Having said that, we are highly confident that our products that we sell are among the best in terms of fitting in the aero-styling market and our warranty extends only to vehicles that have not had any previous bodywork.
Generally speaking, for all items that are in-stock it takes two to three business days to ship it. The carrier of your order will depend on which of the warehouses your item(s) will ship from. We understand that due to the size of many of the items that we sell, handling them can be somewhat awkward and there are times when the trucking staff does not handle them carefully enough. If you notated all damages on the delivery receipt, then you can file a claim with the trucking company. Carbon fiber is a material that is created from thousands of individual fibers of carbon that are bundled together and woven into a cloth. Although there is no official standard that grades carbon fiber products, there are still significant differences in overall quality depending on the manufacturer.
The carbon fiber is a material that is an innovative piece of cloth that is assisted by other elements in order to help keep its shape. All Scopione products are made using the one-piece carbon sheet that has no broken lines or patterns. In addition to these advantages, carbon fiber parts offer a pleasing, eye-catching aesthetic quality that enhances the appearance of vehicles.

Wet carbon items are hand-laid or vacuum infused which means they are more prone to small defects such as wavy weaves and tiny bubbles which compromise the material.
The company was established by Paul Spencer in Torrance, California in 1985 by introducing the innovative Chain and Twist frames to the market.Cruiser has evolved into the largest supplier of license plate frames, novelty plate shields, and mounting hardware in the automotive aftermarket.
Our central warehouse is located in New York City, so if you are in the area, we would love to see you! Once the order ships, it generally takes three to five business days for you to receive the shipment if you live in the contiguous 48 states of the US. While we do not cover or reimburse the shipping costs, we will ship the replacement item to you at our expense.
We record all information before shipping and do not send out any item that has been damaged. You can also contact your dealer to obtain supporting documents from us, if required by the trucking company. When this cloth is combined with a resin epoxy, it becomes a very strong, yet lightweight material that is ten times stronger than steel. Dry carbon fiber is crafted with pre-preg or impregnated resin fibers that are already in the carbon itself. There are extensive articles that detail these differences that you can find when doing a general search. There are many different kinds of carbon fiber available and they are usually identified by the size. Cruiser's product line has expanded to include motorcycle frames, designer novelty plates, and 3-D decals. Gave my license frame the carbon fiber finish, a must have especially if you have any carbon fiber parts on your car now.

If you are interested in having customized carbon fiber parts, please contact us directly. International shipments take from three to fifteen business days after the initial processing time to arrive.
Therefore, any item that arrives to your residence in a damaged state means that it was damaged in shipping. In the automotive world, carbon fiber is used to enhance the performance and cosmetic appearance of vehicles. Finally, all of the carbon sheets are built into the mold itself so that they do not break or split apart like the ones that only wrap around the skeleton.
As for the pros and cons, here is a basic breakdown of what each type of product is best at. The downside is that dry carbon fiber parts are usually three to four times more expensive than their wet counterparts.
However, they have a very pleasing aesthetic quality, they do reduce the weight of the vehicle and they are significantly less expensive than dry carbon fiber. Cruiser continues to develop by selling internationally in Canada, Mexico, and South America, making Cruiser's market share larger than that of all competitor's shares combined. Toray is one of the leading suppliers for all car manufacturer composite materials and has a sterling record for quality.

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