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Numbers released by Lotto ahead of its 2,000th spin might give some clues on how to pick the winning ticket. According to Lotto, 38 is the most drawn number ever, with it being pulled out of the pit 318 times so far. Of all the winning numbers, only 5% have apparently been chosen as a mix of dates and ages. Birthdays are just as unlucky as dates and ages, with just 6% of winning numbers actually being birthdays the winner picked. Even if you don’t let a machine choose random numbers for you, randomly plucking figures out of the air has apparently proved the best formula for 15% of winning numbers. Obviously, there is no winning formula to win the lottery really, but good luck if you’re taking part in the 2,000th draw. Tootella bring you a new series of mission contests for the New Year, called Ready Steady Mission! He also dreams of driving a Ferrari and plans to buy more shares in Royal Mail - so he can ultimately become his own boss.Mr Evans had spent years living with his parents trying to save for a place of his own but now plans to buy his own house. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Amber Heard pictured smiling hours after Depp's 'iPhone attack': Actress claims 'cocaine and booze turned Johnny into abusive monster - but why was image deleted?
A grandmother beat odds of 45 million-to-1 after getting the exact same Lucky Dip numbers on two separate Lotto tickets in the same day.

Doreen Wallace, 83, purchased her first ticket for the March 30 draw from the Lucky Dip stand atA Rafferty Village Store in Eynsford, Kent. When she checked the ticket, she realised that she had matching numbers on both tickets:A 2, 3, 5, 15, 19 and 54. Ms Wallace, who used to be a cleaner at the Old Bailey in London, has been playing the lottery for 21 years and has never won more than A?5.
If she won, she said she would give the money to her four children, eight grandchildren, five great grandchildren and a great great grandchild. Caroline Flanagan, 45, manager at Rafferty Village Store, where Doreen bought her tickets, said it was the first time she had come across anyone being given the same numbers on two tickets.
Dr John Haigh, emeritus reader in mathematics at the University of Sussex, said Ms Wallace's case was 'very rare' and had odds of 45million-to-1.
They are also the same as living to 145, having 145 grandchildren or author David Walliams winning the 100 metres race at the 2016 Olympics.
A rather chilly relationship: It's a picture that spoke volumes about the frostiness between Kate and Fergie's girls.
A weekly report of strategies and tips for winning the lottery, plus an analysis of what numbers are overdue and best combinations you should pick. It seriously is about five minutes of video of seals so only watch if you’re in the mood for exactly that. But to back that up, 13 has been the least drawn number as a main and a bonus ball, appearing just 234 times.

Also, because so many people choose their numbers based on dates and ages, if the lower numbers are drawn, you’ll end up having to share your winnings with more people. Also if you go for lucky dip every time, you don’t need to worry about missing a week and your favourite numbers coming up. Some 27,681 people have matched five main Lotto numbers plus the bonus ball (the second best result). When I do it again I won't be asking for lucky dip numbers - I will be doing my own lucky numbers. He’s decided to retire from the oil company he works for as a geophysicist and has already given notice. Instead, rely on car registrations, door numbers and phone numbers as 21% of winning numbers have been picked this way.
If no-one matches all six main numbers in the Quadruple Rollover draw, the prize money drops into the next winning prize level (five plus the bonus ball). The lucky couple plan to use the prize money to build a new house, travel the world and enjoy retirement worry-free.
He thought it might be a hoax or a dream, so he didn’t tell anyone, including his wife of 28 years, until a week later after he had confirmed the win with Lottery officials.

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