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If you fancy hitting the Lotto jackpot tonight, your best best is to put rubber on road - and quickly. Understanding a bit about the different Washington Lottery games can help you choose which game to play. My random 'lucky dip' Lotto tickets gave me two rows with three of the same numbers - coincidence or something else?
What are the chances?: Our experts help explain the coincidence of our reader's lotto ticket.
I play the Lotto from time to time and use the 'lucky dip' function to pick my numbers when I buy tickets online.I noticed that my last set of tickets included two tickets that had three numbers in common.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Let's just say it takes some people a long, long time to select their lucky Chinese lottery numbers. The fourth number was only one digit out too.I've cut and pasted the ticket for you to see.I'm now wondering if I have I been a victim of a glitch in system - or perhaps the 'lucky dip' is not as random as I imagined? As this is the case, sometimes two, or even three numbers may be repeated in different lines on the same ticket.'As with all things related to the lottery, there are rules to ensure games are operated fairly. The randomness of Lucky Dip tickets is assessed independently by the Gambling Commission using the Centre for the Study of Gambling at the University of Salford.

You have the option of picking your own numbers from the outset, but the lucky dip function does not allow you to reject randomly selected numbers until you get some you like.

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