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I would say for me the Mac Eyebrow Pencil is the best which is cheap too compared to Anastasia one which is like 21$ I believe and the MAC one 15-16$. When I tried ABH’s pencil, I went for the chocolate colour and the problem for me was, like you said, the softness ( MAC is much softer) and… the spoolie!
And I solved the spoolie problem by buying a MUFE spoolie, it’s great because it has a angled brush on the other side so I use it to do my eyeliner!

It really works for me and you will need a brow brush to fill it in, but its much better than using a pencil, I believe. Yes, the spoolie became a problem because if a pencil has a spoolie on one side, then the colour on the other side is going to be smaller, so my ABH’s pencil lasted half of the time than my MAC’s!

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