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Get an Instant Coupon TODAY by email and you willalso receive news, deals, and exclusive offers. Seek the strength and wisdom, through your ability to love, to bring this transformation into action and into the words you speak.
The pond represents the serenity of your unconscious mind and the rebirth of awareness in the west.
The steps in the north of the painting lead to a sacred place of prayer and worship of the Great Spirit. The lotus blossoms represent your transformation beginning to bloom, and the doves of peace take the messages in your heart to the Great Spirit. Shamanism is a spirit-based way of knowing the Great Spirit and knowing life that has been followed by people across the world and throughout time.This year, I am proud to present a series of four-week on-line courses that will begin to help you shape-shift your world from one of stress and chaos as you re-create yourselves through awareness and balance. As we each face the situations that life presents us with intention and power, rather than reacting from a place of fear or confusion, we begin to choose our own happiness, able to manifest the life we truly deserve. My role in life and my purpose in bringing you this ONLINE ACADEMY FOR SHAMANIC LEARNING is to provide a bridge between the ancient shamanic teachings of my teachers, the Sisterhood of the Shields, and those of you who are seeking higher knowledge along the shaman’s path, walking with one foot in the world of the physical and one foot in the world of spirit.The Sisterhood of the Shields and I know that we are all “Standing at the Crossroads to Power” meaning that we are crossing from one level of human consciousness into a new age of wisdom where the possibilities of all things are within our grasp. Wherever I travel, as I meet folks from all walks of life all around the world, I find a commonality in that they are all exploring their reasons for living. They all want to find a better way of living each day, of finding balance between the demands of their jobs and family life and their need for more profound spirituality. I recognize that what so many people crave right now is a way to live their daily lives with intention and awareness, allowing their own spiritual power to ignite their passion for living.As I look out across the landscape of life, I see so much opportunity just waiting for us to tap into it.

We live in a time when the creative brilliance of the human spirit, combined with the technology we have, puts all of possibility at our fingertips. Just look at the incredible opportunities that are there for us today.At the same time, we are at a very momentous juncture in human history, unlike anything we have ever faced before. We are literally standing at a crossroads where the decisions we make now have the potential to affect the course of human history forever, perhaps even the course of life on earth as we know it. My teachers in the Sisterhood of the Shields say that modern societies are living in greater chaos and confusion now than at any other time in history. Yet here we are, and it is a chaos and confusion that we, ourselves have created for we are the ones who have poisoned the air that we breathe, the soils in which we grow our food, and the waters that are the very source of life itself.
We are the ones who have created and bought into the paradigm of perpetual warfare instead of harmony, creating weapons of mass destruction so powerful they are capable of wiping out entire cities in the blink of an eye. That is a choice we will have to make.This shift that we are living through does mark an ending, of sorts. It is the end of the old consciousness of victimization and blame that says, “Take care of me, regardless of the cost to everyone around me.” This is the old consciousness of the patriarchy, which had us believing for over 5,000 years that we can’t take care of ourselves. It had us believing that we must give all of our power and our beliefs over to someone who claims to know more than we do about what is best for us and for our world.To the Sisterhood of the Shields, this is just utter nonsense.
The shift that is occurring at this time in human history, what the great energy and dynamics of 2016 are all about is waking up from the old paradigm and realizing: “This is not what life is about, at all.
And I am taking the responsibility back for holding up my own dream for a better future, no longer waiting for everybody else to do it for me.”We are not alone as we go through this great shift.

Precisely because of all of the chaos and confusion that is gripping our entire world, shamans, mystics, and medicine people from across the globe are coming down from the mountains, walking out of the deserts and the villages and the cities where they have been forced to remain hidden and anonymous, or place themselves in grave peril. And they are bringing with them a knowledge and a wisdom that has been born of thousands upon thousands of years of the study and observation of energy as it courses throughout the entire universe. These are great shamans who have lived a long, long time and dedicated their lives to understanding what the harmonies and the energies of this earth really are, in the way of their ancestors.My teachers in the Sisterhood of the Shields are among these great shaman teachers and healers. These women are so powerful and so able, so full of wisdom and music and humor, and I have been privileged to work with them, study and learn from them, and write about some of them for the last three decades. They are truly “women who know how.”They have always know of things that can help us find the gifts of life within ourselves to realize that magic happens every day of our lives, but we refuse to see it. We refuse to acknowledge the beauty and the power that we really are.What we must learn how to do is manifest a balance and a harmony between the technology we create and the heart, and this is what the Ancients knew how to do so well.
Theirs was a world that was based on, that grew out of and revolved around the balance and harmony that exist in the universe.In this year’s courses, I will lead you out of the chaos that comes from living in reaction to situations that occur each day into the beauty and peace that comes from living a life of Intention, standing in your own Power as you choose to manifest the life you so richly deserve.

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