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In summary, I have the following factors in my chart: Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Sagittarius Rising. The three factors of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are the three most important factors in any person’s chart. Astrodienst Astrology and Horoscopes — an astrology website by some very well-known and respected astrologers.
The Dane Rudyhar Archival Project — his music, art, literature, and philosophy, including online books!
Rudrakshas are prescribed as a remedy for a planet or for a specific purpose after studying your birth chart.

The Sun represents the person’s core identity, their ego, and the power source of their personality that colours the entire chart (their entire being). However as a general rule, the following chart illustrates the most suitable Rudraksha based on ones Janma nakshatra or birth star. The content is fairly good, and the moderator, Michael Rideout, is very friendly and quite knowledgeable.
Like the physical Moon, these functions are sometimes hidden and often mysterious, always changing. A good part of the money earned by this site goes to support the three charitable causes - Scriptures for the blind , helping the slum children of Delhi and helping a Gurukul Vedasala.

The Sign that was rising over the Eastern Horizon (left-hand point of the chart) at the moment I was born is Sagittarius.
The space occupied by these audio files and their monthly usage bandwidth is in Gigabytes and costs me a pile.

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