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Sun in Aries Astrology Sun sign is Aries The Sun is in this first sign of the zodiac from March 21 to April 20 each year. Therefore, questions that require a psychic or clairvoyant answer generally are not answered with numerology in the Numerology Answers section of this web site. So I just found out that the pythagorean numerology which i relied on is not the most accurate numerology. Lucky Number Calculator – Find your numerology lucky number with numerology calculator. A Numerology readings offer unique insight into your self, your past, present, and your future.
I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading. Numerology is a like a number system that is able to depict characteristics of someone, break down the details of them, to allow for a better connection with others and their surroundings.
It’s a spiritual science that many follow and utilize to help guide them towards the right path for them, relationship wise.
It’s found by adding the birth date all together, then taking that number and adding each digit together.
Each life path number has a description of personality traits that would be associated with a person who has that particular number.
Despite the great diversity among these traits, it’s possible to find life path number compatibility with someone else. Their birth dates may differ, for example, say one was born in January and the other in September. The ultimate life path number which someone calculates is not the complete definition of that person, of course. According to the life path number compatibility charts (click image below), the life path number 6 seems to be the most desirable person for a relationship.
Life path number three seems to be the most undesirable, unfortunately, as they are considered unfocused, flaky and have a lack of discipline.

Seven is more compatible with three and five because of three’s creativity and five’s tendency to be unpredictable.
Five seems to be restless and has a constant need for change, but is still compatible with most other numbers relationship-wise. Those with the life path number nine will find the most difficulty in finding romantic partners, as they are very secretive and kept to themselves. Life path number one is a leader and very competitive, and therefore would not be so compatible with eight as they are both headstrong and would end up competing with each other. Four values a grounded lifestyle without much change – it would be best to avoid 3 and 5 in this case. Number Six are healer and helps to needy like giving comfort with offering a shoulder to the crying people. Number 6 are naturally balanced and well prepared to support and ground others in critical times. Life path Number 6 are believers of significant responsibilities in the community, their life keeps roaming around the home and family, and thus number six could be the most finest household number. Situations like avoiding responsibilities make them to feel guilty and anxious, and may leads to have negative effects on relationships. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, love horoscopes, chinese horoscopes, zodiac sign profiles, tarot readings and more!
The life path number might be the most important one to find a romantic partner, friend, or just a person in general to be able to get along with them on a personal level.
The descriptions greatly differ from one another, from being a leader and having the potential to become an executive to being a nurturing person who always favors truth and justice. Even those who come out to have the same life path number will have different journeys and experiences in their path. The first person would be influenced by life path number 1 and the following person, the number 9, due to the birth months.

It is a broad description of characteristics that person may have to be able to break down specific traits to see what other different traits they may be compatible with in another person.
They are willing to give endless love and care and are compatible with most other life path numbers. However, they are also seen as artistic and creative, and have a life path number compatibility with seven.
Five is definitely a number to avoid, as they can be quite reckless in their actions and may be too demanding for nine’s quiet personality.
Both one and eight will suit four well, as they are both disciplined and organized in their lifestyles. They tend to carry more of the weight in a relationship, and can make up for the lack from three and five. Traditional principles are extremely integral part in Numerology number 6 peoples, and almost that is character of six.
Life path number compatibility is found by first calculating the life path number of a certain individual.
One might get along with nine as they are on opposite ends of the path numbers; they might not work well together, but get along great in a relationship.
Four and seven might bore people who have life path numbers of 2, but they get along well with those who are business-minded like numbers 8 and 9. Humility and humbleness together with may not run easily and can require constant encouragement. People with Life path number six are generally passive, peace makers and caretaker both at home and at workplace as well.

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