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Individuals who have different signs of the same element tend to have the most romantic compatibility.
Romantic Influences on CompatibilityAs a rule, sun signs that share the same element tend to be similar, and this similarity breeds understanding and intuition. Do The Same Signs Match?It's a popular belief that the same horoscope signs equal romance and compatibility. The sweet, sensitive and dreamy personalities of two Pisces can lead to two people who wind up having a negative effect on one another.Hurt feelings can be buried and, when not addressed, can lead to feelings of anger and even betrayal.
Leos are born to lead, and this will probably create intense feelings of competition between two Leos in a romantic relationship. Folks born under the Taurus sign are prized for their stability and ability to get the job done.
Finding the Right SignHaving compatible astrology signs can have a profound influence on how successful and happy a relationship is. This special Scorpio love horoscope for 2014 will answer the most commonly asked questions my Scorpio readers ask me each week. The year ahead is an exciting time for Scorpio, love and romance so read this special Scorpio Love horoscope carefully and think about how it applies to your life. The Scorpio love horoscope for May reveals a major change is coming to those born under the sign of Scorpio. As Mars ascends Scorpio you will begin to feel a new sense of energy and positivity about your life. If you embrace this sense of renewal I believe that you will be in a good position to improve your existing relationship or if you are looking for love, you will enjoy improved chances for finding love during this month. The Scorpio love horoscope for June reveals that someone close to you will betray your confidence. This sense of betrayal will have a negative impact on your love forecast for the remainder of the year unless you take action quickly. Although it is tempting to lash out and be angry with them, my analysis of the June Scorpio love horoscope tells me that the best course of action for you to take is to be calm.
If you are a Scorpio looking for love then my reading of the Scorpio love horoscope for July will come as welcome news to you. This man will immediately be drawn to you and you will also feel a deep connection with this person.
Although this person seems perfect in almost every regard they are holding back a secret from their past that may shock you.
If you rush in I believe there is a great chance that you could end up feeling hurt and rejected. Are you pushing your own goals and ambitions to one side to make sure that everyone around you is happy and fulfilled?
Analysis of the Scorpio love horoscope for September indicates yet more change in your prospects for love and romance.
Your current situation might not be perfect but ask yourself this Scorpio – is the grass always greener on the other side? Throughout the whole month you will feel anxious to press on and take action but I would urge caution Scorpio.

You will be able to spot this person as their arrival will coincide with the arrival of your Scorpio lucky number 8. Lucky number 8 for Scorpio is all about new love and romance so this should come as no great surprise when you learn that this person has secret feelings for you. This boost would most definitely help you in your search for long term love and lasting romance. As a naturally sensitive person you are quick to absorb the feelings and emotions of people around you. If you do this you will find yourself growing closer to this person than anyone you have been close to in a long time. The final month of the year brings a new found sense of excitement for the love life of those born under Scorpio.
If you have read this special Scorpio love horoscope for 2014 carefully you will by now realise that 2014 is a year of major change. If you embrace the winds of change Scorpio you have the chance to seize hold of happiness and romance in a way that you have never experienced before. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. This placement has influence on your mood, behavior, personality and your free romance horoscope readings. Beliefs and attitudes formed while growing up can affect the success rate of any relationship. As an example, an Aquarius will get on well with a Gemini and a Leo, and a Cancer with a Scorpio or a Pisces.Different elements also have compatible astrology signs.
Understanding where a significant other is coming from, and intuitively knowing what they might say or do in a given situation, leads to romantic compatibility.There are four elements that, individually, rule each sign. It's true that two people who have the same sign tend to have a lot in common.They are often able to read their partner intuitively. It just means that a greater awareness is needed so they don't fall into some of the traps that occur with same-sign relationships.
Often two people can meet and find they are attracted to one another and share a lot of the same traits and beliefs, and later find out that their signs are a match.
Ancient civilizations began keeping track of lunar cycles and the patterns of other celestial activity at least 2000 years before Christ. The first months of this year have been fairly uneventful when it comes to Scorpio and love so this will come to you as a welcome change. This will rock you to your core Scorpio so please make sure that you have close friends at hand to guide you through this troubling time. Although it will be tempting to rush into a romantic relationship Scorpio – take my advice and tread carefully. As a typical Scorpio sign you seem to spend every waking minute of your life looking after the needs of other people. Although you do not consider yourself to be a shy person deep down you know that you could do with a little confidence boost.
Take my advice Scorpio and surround yourself with only positive people during the entire month of October.

If you do manage to find someone who seems genuinely happy and content with themselves you should make an effort to develop a relationship with them. Don’t worry though – my analysis of the Scorpio love horoscope tells me that this will not be a major problem, just a little bump in the road. The Scorpio love horoscope for December tells me that this will be a month filled with drama and change.
When this change arrives in December it will have a major impact on the love prospects for all those born under Scorpio so take my advice and be prepared! Individuals who are astrologically compatible with you will have many of the same personality traits that you do. Earth elements get along well with water, and fire elements match up with air.Beyond that, the relationships can get a little rocky. These elements don't completely control a sign, but they add such influence that people who are familiar with horoscope astrology can often guess what element a person is just by speaking to them for a few moments.
They used this knowledge to ascertain when to plant crops, how to align temples and when to go to war.
This is a good and positive trait that you have and it is the reason that people enjoy being your friend.
If you arrange to go out on for a catch up my analysis of the Scorpio love horoscope for September reveals that you will meet an unexpected person. If you choose to ignore and resist the changes predicted in the Scorpio love forecast for 2014 then you will miss out on the chance to add true love to your life.
Having compatible astrology signs can help in all aspects of life.Relationships with siblings, parents, bosses and friends are influenced by how compatible the two signs involved are. It's important to remember, though, that zodiac signs can also have a tremendous effect on how happy and healthy a loving relationship is.
Air signs can be overwhelming for water signs, and fire signs can do the same for earth signs.Take a look at our Today's Love Horoscope page to find and read your free romance horoscope. Some of the less desirable traits of the sign can come to the forefront and affect the love and harmony of the relationship.
This special love forecast will give you my predictions for Scorpio and love in 2014 and beyond. Of course, for many people the most important consideration happens when it comes to finding love and being happy with a significant other. Two people that have compatible signs are more in-sync than their non-compatible peers.Their compatibility leads to less tension and fighting in a relationship. In times of war or siege, it was important that warriors under the same leader worked together and respected authority figures.
Knowing when someone was born was a good way to speculate how he or she would act under different circumstances.

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