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There is many things one will learn over time about wind reading but use any and all resources to gain knowledge . I would ask you why do you think you will start a pissing contest with a thread like this, something all shooters should have idea about ?? The basics are the basics are the basics -wind strength and directions - but as we know there are obstacles that can cause disturbances in the force while the projectile travels to its intended impact point . Get yourself a Kestrel, then start seeing what different wind velocities do to different plant you can use as wind indicators down range.
I personally think meters per second is the best convention to use for quantifying wind values.
So begins the tale of Kvothe-from his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, to years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime-riddled city, to his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a difficult and dangerous school of magic. The Name of the Wind is the first book of The Kingkiller Chronicles and the debut novel of Patrick Rothfuss.
Brandon is a Reporter, Critic, Tornado Alley Correspondent, Technomancer, and Book Department Editor for SciFi Mafia®. Leaving me with far more questions than I began with, I can't wait until the next book in the series downloads. Having re-invented himself as Kote the inn-keeper, Kvothe the nearly-mythical wizard begins to recount his life story to a travelling bard, to set the story straight and explain how he came by his many names.
It's very much told from Kvothe's point of view, and the way that the author has used the foibles of a single person narrator is fascinating (bar a few short snippets).
Long-term expat and explorer, foodie, perma-tourist, photographer, restaurant lover, bookworm, brunch queen, flat white addict, geek and wanderlusting wanderer. Obviously you can't do that in the field, but while practicing it would help to show cause and effect of the wind and terrain, and yeah, practice practice.
Use the calibrated survey tape so you can be quantitative about what the winds doing, and compare it to natural wind indicators down range. In these pages you will come to know Kvothe as a notorious magician, an accomplished thief, a masterful musician, and an infamous assassin. Or as I like to call him Silver Tongue or That-Guy-Who-Is-So-Eloquent-That-He-Makes-Me-Feel-Like-A-Boorish-Fraud. The complex hero is a common archetype in literature; many of the most loved characters in all of the written word fall into this characterization, but Rothfuss takes it to another level.
When he's not writing for SciFi Mafia®, he's busy being a dad, a novelist, and a man with more hobbies and interests than is healthy for any one person to have. Game of Thrones was a little too unfocussed for me, I didn't want to re-read an old series and I'm sick of reading about Faeries and Vampires, (but probably only for now). Whilst we begin to learn about Kvothe the travelling trouper, the beggar and the canny university student, intriguing events are unfolding in the real world. He is a gifted prodigy, and with that comes the arrogance that having a strength can entail.
The flawed and very realistic world that first time (at the point of writing the novel) author Patrick Rothfuss has imbued is startling and very addictive. Army, AMU shooter and coach Staff Sgt Emil Parslick IIITips for Highpower, Service Rifle, and Long Range ShootingInformation provided by U.S.

But The Name Of The Wind is so much more-for the story it tells reveals the truth behind Kvothe’s legend. His storytelling is beautiful without coming off as lofty and insincere, with pacing that engages you from start to finish.
He achieves a balance in his protagonist, Kvothe, that few writers can really measure up to. This article will be divided into twosections: Part One will cover the 200- and 300-yard stages. Your tactical mindset, or philosophy, must be different forthe 200- and 300-yard rapid-fire stages than it would be for the 600-yardslow-fire. This requires a different approach to analyzing the wind condition than slow fire shooting. In the following section I will cover some of the basics, and attempt to describe the approach I use, both as a coach and shooter, to centering a rapid-fire group.Once you have moved your equipment to the ready line, begin to observe the conditions. There are a myriad of wind charts and formulas available to determine the amount of windage required to offset the wind’s effect on the flight of your bullet. Immediately prior to assuming the sitting or prone position (while standing) you will not be able to use your spotting scope to check the mirage; you will, however, be able to see the wind flags. It is important to correlate what you can see in the mirage with the behavior of the flags.
A subtle increase in the speed of the wind will not change the height and angle of the flag, but it will affect action at the tip.1.
Once you have identified a condition, both in the mirage and flags, observe its duration.Because you must fire the majority of your string without making a wind change, you must knowwhat might result from any variance to the predominant condition.
Onetechnique is to stagger the interval of your sighting shots: fire your first shot as you wouldnormally, and then wait until the conditions change-or just prior to the expiration of time to fireyour second sighter.
This will aid you in identifying the condition closest to your actual string offire.If there is the likelihood of a change to the condition, the windage you place on the rifle mightneed to be a compromise between a perfectly centered group and the damage a change mightcause. In the event of a pick up, the wind gust would simply move the group to the center of the target or to the other side of the 10-ring.
Obviously, the effectiveness of this technique is determined by your ability to shoot a small group. This should be an incentive to train!The width of the 10-Ring in highpower rifle is two minutes ofangle and one minute of angle for F-class.
An individual’s ability to maintain sight alignment, sightpicture, and a steady position (along with the accuracy of therifle) will determine the amount of error available to you in yourwind estimate. Once again, this fact alone should be a powerfulincentive to train!The risk of making a windage correction during the magazinechange often outweighs the benefits, especially with beginningshooters. By trusting in your ability, talking to your fellow shooters, and concentrating on your performance, your scores will improve.
In the next installment, we will discuss the different techniques required to read the wind during the slow fire stages of the National Match Course.600-YARD FIRINGIn Part One of this article, we discussed the tactics and strategy needed to negotiate the wind during rapid fire (primarily 300 yards). Your windage setting must therefore be a compromise between what the wind is doing at the beginning of firing time and what you believe it will be at the end of firing time. The 600-yard slow-fire stage needs a slightly different approach and skill set to maximize one’s performance.

Shortly after arriving at the ready line, you should determine the speed, direction and value of the wind.
The first task, determining wind speed, has seen competitors arrive at the firing line toting the latest in meteorological marvels. The following list of the effects of the wind and their corresponding velocity can be found in the 1931 Service Rifle Pamphlet produced by the US Army Infantry Team.
The picture below illustrates the direction of the wind and its Value relative to your direction of fire.The Value of the wind is as important as its speed whendeciding the proper windage to place on the rifle.
If you know thewind’s speed and Value, your initial estimate will be bothquick and accurate.
As you approach the firingline, the flags are blowing from left to right, indicating a leftwind. If the wind were Half Value, our correction would be 2 MOA.An initial wind correction is only that, what the correction is at the start of firing. During the 20 minutes allotted to firing the 600-yard stage of the National Match Course, conditions can vary greatly.
Keep the following factors in mind when analyzing the conditions and formulating your strategy.1.
Determination of the predominant condition: Wind will usually manifest a predominant condition with some variations.
This condition and its strength (remember the 1 MPH Constant) are best observed prior to firing.3.
The value of the strength of the extremes: When wind is switching direction during a string of fire, the strength of the extremes must be known.
Distinguish the indicators available to you: Identify the upwind and downwind side of the range. The upwind flags are more important during firing, especially when attempting to discover an imminent change.5.
Determine the accuracy of the mirage: Mirage is the reflection oflight through layers of air that have different temperatures than theground.
These layers are blown by the wind and can be monitored todetect wind direction and speed.6.
Focus your scope midway between yourself and the target.This will make mirage appear more prominent. I must emphasize theimportance of experience when using mirage as a wind-reading tool.The best way to become proficient in the use of mirage is to correlateits appearance to a known condition.
Using this as a baseline, changesin mirage can be equated to changes in the value of the wind. Critical thinking will result in a rapid improvement in your ability toread the wind.The last piece of advice has more to do with sportsmanship than thetechnical skills of wind reading.
Your attitude on the firing line is directly proportionate to yourability to react positively to adversity.Good luck and good shooting!

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