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Book 1 in the Highland Soldiers series, Scottish historical romances set during the turbulent Covenanter times of 17th century Scotland. Leah Spenser owns a decrepit car, a budget that won’t stretch, and the moxie to make a decent life. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Thing One and Thing Two are two characters from The Cat in the Hat book. In the film, Thing One is played Danielle Chuchran and Taylor Rice, and Thing Two was played by Brittany Oaks and Talia-Lynn Prairie but Dan Castellaneta provided the voices for both of the two Things. In The Cat in the Hat (1971 cartoon), Thing 1 was voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft and Thing 2 was voiced by Lewis Morford.
The Things wear red jumpsuits with the logos 1 and 2, and they have blue afro hair in their other appearances.
The simple fact that most books do not sell in huge numbers is because the writers tend to ignore the importance of the cover and content pages.  We are very proud of the written material inside, having taken a great deal of time, research, and creativity to craft a very entertaining and informative read.

As a professional writer, you might even think, “Who cares what the cover looks like?  The information inside is what is truly valuable and entertaining, not the cover!”  Taking a few extra minutes to contact a professional book designer may be the difference between becoming a Best Selling Author or be relegated to the Amazon Bargain Bin. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! She’s a twenty-six year old, petite brunette with a feisty streak who carries a pair of handcuffs around since they coordinate so nicely with her badge and gun.
She lives in the present until one sun-drenched day, a past she has outrun imperils her future and threatens all she holds dear. They were released from the box that the cat brought in to show to Conrad, Sally, and the fish. In the deleted scenes of this film, the Things stop Joan Walden by three methods of a flood. When her boss announces that someone is embezzling company funds, history begins to repeat itself.

The things caused mischief by flying kites in the house which bumps the wall and also knocking down everything in their path. After he left her, citing her job as the problem, Lexie swore off dating, and working as a decoy for vice only solidified her resolve. Convincing Leah the past can only be escaped by embracing something better seems to fall on deaf ears.

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