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MARRIAGE Things About Men You Must KnowIt is easy to see if a man you are dating is right or wrong. Mom thanks for cleaning up the mess, wiping the dirty hand and loving with your whole heart!
Many simple numerological free "love calculators" created based on unreliable sources and can not be taking seriously. Part 2.When I do a personal reading, I always consider multiple systems to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of relationships.

Not Anymore!Did humankind really change since times of Plato, Copernicus, Cesar and Cleopatra? Every relationship is a mixture of two unique personalities, two inpidual vibrations, and if we don't know how to play this music, any attempt is likely to be disastrous to our ears and nerves.
We are all equally capable of harmonies and discords, but, unlike manufactured instruments, we cannot remain mute and inexpressive. Don't Become a Victim of Seven-Year Itch!One statistical constant in national demographic statistics is the so-called seven-year itch.

While a wonderful wedding day is important, it's the last day of marriage that really counts. Across most of the industrialized world, unmarried cohabitation and nonmarital births have skyrocketed while marriage rates are at record lows.

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