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From the swirling galaxies deep in the furthest regions of space to the atoms we find beneath the lens of a telescope… We find it there and everywhere in between; it’s all around us. If you believe that patterns exist everywhere in nature; that things are not as random as they first appear, then there are one of two likely outcomes of this realisation. I’ve always been somewhere in the latter category, feeling life is too short and filled with enough moments and opportunities without the need to unravel each and every mystery. Yet for others, this is not the case, and in Darren Aronofsky’s directorial debut, Pi, this is all too clear when we meet Max Cohen (Sean Gullette).
While comparisons have been made between Pi and films such as David Lynch’s Eraserhead (1977) and David Cronenberg’s Videodrome (1983), I’ve always felt it had its own distinctive feel and look.
With a brilliant mind when it comes to numbers, Max believes that everything in nature can be understood through them and this is an idea he lays out for us in the first few minutes of the film.
Employing the use of SnorriCam, Aronofsky shoots Gullette walking through the busy streets of New York as his character, Max, restates his assumptions. Max then sits on a bench in the park and as he watches the wind blowing the branches of a tree, he goes on give some examples of where we can find patterns in nature.
My hypothesis: Within the stock market there is a pattern as well… Right in front of me, hiding behind the numbers. When Max begins working on finding stock market patterns, his home-built super-computer, Euclid, crashes after printing out a random 216-digit number.
Eventually he realises he’s stumbled onto something big and it’s not long before a group of Hasidic Jews, along with some guys from a Wall Street firm, want the numbers. Could there be a mathematical equation that simplifies the universe and everything in and outside of it with a sequence of numbers?
And what of the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, what part would they play in all of this? Still, the pursuit to unravel the mysteries of everything through 3.14159 is what drives people like Max, the Hasidic Jews, the guys from the Wall Street firm and so many others. With everyone clamouring to get inside his head, Max seems to have a few bugs crawling around in there as well. Solving the secrets to both Pi and the stock market is like the would-be alchemist trying to turn water into wine or metal into gold.
The founder of Static Mass Emporium and one of its Editors in Chief is a composer and music producer with a philosophy degree. Jesse’s Lost Journal was conceived as my subtext writings while making Nightmare on Elm Street 2.
If you are passionate not only about watching movies but also about writing, we would love to hear from you!
Static Mass Emporium is a UK-based independent film journal which looks at a broad range of work from the industry.

With research grounded in modern cinema, film theory, sociology, history and filmosophy, our approach is to explore the essence of film. We are a nonprofit publication free of advertising — sustained entirely by its readers, fans and supporters. Seeking Libran BalanceLet’s look at a few of the Libra’s traits; one of these traits is balance. A Friend in NeedI had read my tomorrow’s Libra horoscope and the one part that caught my attention was that it said I would meet a new friend.
It was early evening that I was walking home from the library where I work, thinking about tomorrow’s workload, when something unusual caught my eye.
It weaves together a plot which at first seems mighty complicated, gritty and claustrophobic but there are times when it also reminds me of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, but Aronofsky hints at another influence during his writing.
As the camera closes in on the swaying branches with its leaves blowing to and fro, the image begins to dissolve. While one group believes it to be the true name of God, the other believes it to be the key to wealth beyond their wildest dreams and each will do just about anything to get it.
The questions are as endlessly complex as they are fascinating, on one end dipping into the densest areas of physics, numerology and theology and the other end with works of popular fiction and films such as The Da Vinci Code making it all seem to outlandish to even entertain the possibility of such a thing. Like Euclid, both are capable of storing and calculating vast sums but they are also prone to crashing.
We look forward to receiving articles between 700 and 1,500 words, submitted as a Word document.
We want to know how those signs affect our lives and what are astrological signs and meanings. I’m a rather reserved person, typical Libra, and the idea of making a new friend wasn’t something that made me jump for joy.
It was a small dark patch set against the snow that had covered the park I was walking through. It’s inter-cut with a close up of his eyes and gradually a new image appears – a stock exchange ticker.
But that such a complex calculation is even possible is still the subject of enormous controversy. Like Icarus who flew too close to the sun and got his wings burned, Max eventually sees everything but at what cost to himself? Although after decades of technological advancements and centuries of stock trading it should be possible, but what will we do once we know all the answers? A fan of film classics, documentaries and World Cinema, Patrick prefers films with an impeccable way of storytelling that reflect on the human condition.
If you were born between the 22nd of September and the 23rd of October then your horoscope sign is Libra.

When you live in a cold climate, snow becomes just a normal thing that you see during the winter months and your mind dismisses it after a while.
I left her with the vet promising to return tomorrow I called in the next evening to find a beautiful little dog I barely recognized as the misshapen thing I had rescued from the snow. Libras have a tendency to put themselves in “the other guy’s shoes” when it comes to differing opinions. While their imaginations can sometimes get a bit out of control and cause worry or anxiety, they also provide an ability to see things in a new light and figure out problems from new angles. But your mind does notice when that pattern of snow is disrupted, especially if you’ve stubbed your toe a few times on partially hidden obstructions.
It’s symbol is the Scales and like all the different symbols of the Zodiac, it has a deeper meaning when related to people born under this sign. Of all the Zodiac signs, they are the least likely to take a stand and stick to it no matter what.
Libras may not be able to debate problems very well, but they can solve them better than most.The best professions for Libras are those that include close reasoning and compromise.
When I reached the middle of the day, I was beginning to wonder if this alleged new friend would ever appear and whether it would be a man or a woman. You can find out a lot about yourself or that special Libra with a regular reading of your tomorrow’s Libra horoscope. When I come home from work, she greets me with unreserved joy, yapping and spinning with ecstasy. Another common characteristic of the Libra horoscope sign is a mind that concentrates inward. She loves to lick my face when I’m on the couch, or contentedly chew on her toy as she sits on the lap of her very best friend, me.
In this respect, Libras are the exact opposite of the outward facing Taurus and have more in common with the Gemini astrological sign. So, an accurate tomorrow’s Libra horoscope reading can be a great help in determining the best actions to take in your future. Although, Geminis, like Libras, have an active internal life, the Gemini is far more inclined to share that life with others.
Holding her in my arms and doing my best to keep her warm, I carried her to the nearest vet.

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