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The Advanced Version II of NewAge Kabbalah Numerology is extremely powerful and is a fullfledged Personal Energy Correction, on it's own right.
In the Basic Version of NewAge Kabbalah Numerology, we use a Crystal Laser Wand or a Crystal Cluster (depending upon the case) for programming and transmitting the kabbalarean numeric vibrations. However the Advanced Version II of the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology is not only much more intricate but also sophisticated. This is possible because the lifeline of the Advanced Version II of the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology is a fullfledged Crystal Energy Field (CEF) comprising of a Crystal Maha Meru or Crystal Meru Chakra (the three dimensional form of the Sacred Geometry called Shri Yantra), 8 Crystal Cabochons for receiving from and broadcasting to the 8 Directions, a gold plated copper Sacred Geometry Shri Yantra and a flat Crystal Plate at the bottom. Another advantage of the Advanced Version II of the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology (NAKN) is that NAKN can be performed for a maximum of 8 members of the same family using the same CEF, thereby saving money.
Like Advanced Version-II, the new Advanced Version-III also is based on a Crystal Energy Field, but of much larger proportions. We offer Personal Name Correction and Business Name Correction Services based on the ancient and most powerful numerology methods of all : the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology. SPECIAL - I : for harmony between married couples or between business partners, a specialised and permanent correction can be done.
SPECIAL - II : for students (of all ages), correction can be done with a sustained focus on discipline, character moulding, memory power, motivation, marks and ranks. SPECIAL - III : for people with addiction to drugs, alcohol, chain smoking or womenising, a custom correction can be done to fully cure them, without any side reactions. What the Tree attempts to do is to create a story of Creation that illustrates how energy is brought down from the most important general principals in the highest realms to the tiniest detail in the lowest realms. I mention that there can be jumps for good reason though: because we come face to face with it at Seven.
Yetzirah is the World of the emotional attributes that will form the physical Creation and along with Asiyah is known as the Days of the Week.
So, in very simplistic terms, the tenth sephirot of Atzilut chains down to the first sephirot of Briyah etc etc. From our perspective one represents the intellect we cannot even begin to comprehend: akin to our unconscious thoughts, we might say it is our spirit guiding us.
From our perspective two represents the thoughts and concepts of our intellect that we can comprehend (ie we know are there) but cannot yet understand, akin to our subconscious thoughts. From our perspective in a more physical sense we might be aware that something is about to happen, but not what. From our perspective three represents the intellect we can comprehend that has now come to Understanding: we can now fully comprehend that original thought that our spirit brought forth at one and that our subconscious intellect knew was there at two. As three is the vessel of Understanding for the Inspiration of Two, it is considered a feminine principal: the first feminine principal.
Four is the Earth: it is the first tangible shape - a square or cube - that is fixed in time and space. Four is called Kindness and it is a masculine principal of the realm of thought clothed in emotions on the right hand column of the Kabbalist tree beneath the Inspirtaion of two. From our perception five is a number that feels like a judgement: the intellectual notion of Judgement first spoken of at three reflected from above but now felt in an emotional form at five.
From our perception, Mercy brings a close to either the Kindness of four or the Severity of five as both are joined in balance in Six. The triad of Seven, eight and nine therefore speaks not of intrinsic attributes, but of the means to the end required to bring forward Divine Will and Desire.
The seven eight and nine triad on the Tree speaks of our endurance, patience and fotitude to bring the Creation forward. From our perspective seven is the notion of following Creator’s laws that eventually brings about situations in our life that we find pleasant.
Eight sits on the left hand column of the Tree and speaks of the ability take the leadership influence and become the foot-soldier who brings forward the plans that come from seven. Like all the attributes on the left hand column of the Tree, once an influence has been received from the right-hand column, that influence is constricted on the left hand column, otherwise we would be overwhelmed: the closer the energy of one gets to nine, the more constricted it is. Eight can be a turbulent number as we may feel that Creator has forsaken us and cease action or we may seek to controvert Creator’s Will as we do not feel the influence heavily in our lives.
Alternatively, if we have followed the energies from One or have learnt through experience of eight, we will walk with sincerity in bringing forward Creator’s Will knowing the Creator walks with us and is directing us even though we may not feel that presence directly. It is called Foundation because it is from nine that Action actually takes place: when nothing becomes something in actuality at ten, Nine is the foundation from which energy moves from one realm to another.
From our perspective in a nine year everything that has gone before is brought together and reviewed ready to be passed forward to the next phase of our life or a lesson or project. But in reality, ten is intrinsically linked to one: they are opposites in that they are at opposite ends of the tree, but a central tenet of Kabbalah is that the end is always linked to the beginning, and ten is simply one in a different world. There is no universal truth when it comes to figuring out your destiny, at least to the extent that there is one single perspective. Though early divination systems came from the mind of early mathematicians, they are no longer considered mathematically based. Chaldean numerology originated in the ancient civilization of Babylon.
Kabalah numerology draws the tree of life for calculation and analysis. Both the Chaldean and Kabbalah system follow more or less a common numerical classification and interpretation.
Number 1- Individuality, egoistic, self reliance, affirmative (Influenced by Sun).
Number 2- Psychic attraction, emotional, sympathetic, skeptical (Influenced by Moon). Number 3- Intellectual capacity, possibility to become rich and successful (Influenced by Jupiter). Number 4- Possessing property, materialistic, position in the society (Influenced by Earth).
Number 5- Reasonable, logical, of good ethics, fond of traveling, commercial (Influenced by Mercury). Number 6- Co-operation, good in sports, art, play or music (Influenced by Venus).

Number 7- Is good in negotiation in contracts, agreements, and bargains (Influenced by Moon). Number 8- Number of death, decay, loss or extinction (Influenced by Saturn). Dates back to 4,000 years ago and legend suggests it was started by Chinese emperor Wu who saw a tortoise shell with a grid of nine squares. A graphic highlighting specific numbers within the Vedic square, revealing distinct shapes each with some form of reflection symmetry. This is enough for the Primary Objective to be defined and the Secondary Objectives to be outlined. Because it directly acts on the 7 Chakras (the Vital Life Force Centers or Energy Wheels), it is able to give the guidance and strength needed to change the pace, direction and energy required to achieve life's ambitions.
This CEF will be programmed and energised to permanently cleanse, energise and auto-tune all the 7 chakras of the individual involved, each and every second. Many are the ways the word is spelled: kabala, kabbalah, kabbala, kabalah, qabala, qabalah, qabbalah, cabala, cabbala, cabbalah, cabalah.
Thus Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness is not only attained, but also permanently retained.
One can continue to use the name with the old spelling and still enjoy fully all the benefits of the new spelling ! There are various concepts encapsulated within each node, and I have stayed mainly with the principal energies as I perceive them. The jumps occur usually within a particular sefirot: so the energy of two in the second world of Creation might jump to the energy of two in the third world of Formation and then to the fourth world of Asiyah (the four worlds will be explained in a moment). It is the numbers four to nine and represents the six days of Creation when Creator formed the Creation.
In theory, in its most simplistic form, for a thought to come from Creator to the Creation it passes through 40 sefiroth.
This is not something we can even imagine let alone begin to comprehend, because imagining implies somethingness and Zero is nothingness – the absence of somthingness. Of itself two has no feeling: it is beyond the realm of emotions, but it can be a frustrating number as often our conscious mind needs to know.
The numbers four to nine are considered attributes of the Emotions and ten the attribute of Action. It it is not yet a wholesome Earth but merely the Inspiration for such a wholesome physical Earth. In reality what we may feel as Judgement is something more akin to Intent that cannot yet be realised.
It speaks of how the Kindness of four may be used to bring a Severe lesson just as easily as it can to bring an ulimate Kindness, or how the Severity of five may be used to bring ultimate Kindness just as easily as it can to bring Severity itself. Whilst four, five and six are of the Earth, they are reflections (in the form of a downwards pointing triangle) of the energies of one two and three (which form an upward pointing triangle) in Heaven. Essentially Man therefore refers to an intermediary stage of consciousness between Creator and the actual Creation. At a more persoanl level, Man does refer to you and I because we become the agents of Creator’s Will and Desire in the physical.
We will find helpful associates as the Universe is working for us and we receive influence directly from Creator’s Mercy and Kindness. Like all the attributes on the left column of the Tree, eight is the vessel of seven: the means by which the attributes of seven are brought forward.
Therefore, as the energy cascades down the Tree from one, its influence (ie the influence of Creator’s Will and Desire) feels to us like it is being lessened at each constriction. We may feel we know Creators Will and use that to justify actions that we know actually go against Creator’s Will. There are multiple perspectives of numerology and astrology, and they are influenced by history and territory. From these origins evolved several different types of numerology. This is the oldest form of numerology and actually has more in common with Kabbalah than Eastern teachings. This western system is very popular and very easy to get started in. The basic belief is that everything in the world consists of energy, and this energy is the source of all life and power. The tree of life is a graphic portrayal of these universal original forces: Kether, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Taphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Makuth.
To overcome the problem of interpreting Hebrew alphabet they have converted the alphabets into English.
There are three systems to Chinese numerology: Western, Traditional and Ki. This is your decision, and it is not necessarily based on the territory in which you live.
When the chakras are synchronised and act in unison, you get to know what you really need, how to get these needs and also get those needs. The system we follow is the undiluted, original and secretive Hebrew version (based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life), which is being practiced in today’s world only by a handful of professionals. Most simply it is linked via the first and tenth sephiroth: the tenth of one Tree being the first of another, lower, Tree. Someone starting walking a spiritual path might experience aspects (usually the lower-emotional realms) of the third world. How they come forward depends on our previous actions, our actions in the now and how we react to circumstances that come forward. It is called Wisdom and our search for it can indeed be frustrating until we understand that Wisdom is always there and comes to us when we relax, recognise it when it comes and allow it in.
The triangle creates the space into which the Creation can form: it is therefore the first vessel of Creation. Five marks the half-way point between one and ten, so the energy of one, now understood, cannot yet be realised in the World, so the notion of withholding feels like a judgement.

In this respect four five and six are made in the image of Creator (an image in a mirror is always reversed).
Seven is the number of the Messiah: Man embued and aware of all the attributes of the numbers one to three as reflected to him at four, five and six that are then paseed to seven. Partly this is because Kabbalah teaches that the Creation is constantly being destroyed and recreated in every moment: rather like the way we perceive each frame in a movie, which is really a still, as a continuum, so we perceive Creation as a continuum. Man has been furnushed with the reflection of that Will and Desire at four, five and six, so is equiped to bring forward the Creation from seven. As five felt like a withholding of that influence, eight feels like a complete withdrawal of Creator’s inlfuence in our lives. For these reasons and others, we will butt-up aganst that Will as it directs the action and we may experience this as difficulty.
All the lessons of the previous 1-8 years may come forward in a nine year to be reviewed to ensure we have understood the Wisdoms before we start the next set of lessons, though as this is only a review year we should, having been through the lessons before, pass the tests that come forward without the dramas they may have previously brought forth the first time around. At its basest definition, numerology refers to a mystical relationship between numbers and physical beings and objects. Modern numerology today actually incorporates ancient Babylonian teachings, as well as philosophy from Christian mysticism, Gnosticism and Hebrew superstition. It is know as a€?mystic numerologya€?, probably because of its connection to astrology and Kabbalistic interpretation. It is developed from a system based on Pythagorasa€™s teachings, a Greek philosopher. But the entire alphabets do not have the English equivalents and the entire alphabets are arranged in different orders. This type involves a persona€™s birth date and a grid of numbers called the Lo Shu Grid. To fully understand how numerology can guide you, talk to a trusted numerology expert. But the Chaining Down is also accomplished by the inter-inclusion of the sefiroth within each other and by a further means of jumping that I will speak of in a moment.
We also need to remember that sometimes it may no always be about us: that there might be a Higher Purpose serving the whole of Mankind that has brought forward a particular set of circumstances. Put all that together and eventually you get the concept of original sin being instigated by and promulgated through Eve. Our own one made in the image (containing the potential) of Creator’s one as passed down at nine from the third world of Yetzirah.
The purpose of vessels is to contain and the purpose of containment is to allow Creator’s Infinite Light to be brought forth in a manner that will not overawe.
Creator seeks to bring Balance between Kindness and Severity, such that at six, the Severity is tempered by the Kindness or Kindness is tempered by Severity.
It may, at first sight, appear strange that Creator would allow Man to bring forward the Creation: particularly as, according to science, Man has only been on this Earth but a short time.
We feel we must make up our own minds as to how Creator would wish us to act or we try and justify other options.
The summary of this numerology is that single digit numbers represent a persona€™s outer personality.
This discipline is more concerned with names rather than numbers and was compiled using the Hebrew alphabet. So it is very difficult to know or study Hebrew Numerology if you are not familiar with the numerology alphabets.
The numbers in the grid are arranged so that when they are added (diagonally, horizontally or vertically) they will equal 15.
As you can see, this advanced version really goes beyond the numbers - it is Personal Karma Energy Correction itself ! The inter-inclusions get very, very complicated, but it is this aspect that allows the most intricate, differentiated of details to be brought forth and explained.
Elder Shaman, Yogis and the like are believed to reach into the emotional (Earth realms) of the second world and occasionally the intellectual realms of the second world. This is the day Creator rested and Man, made in the image of Creator (see below), takes forth the torch of Creation. In a more physical sense we might be aware that something is about to happen, but not what. It’s a miscomprehension of the true meaning of Genesis in my opinion, but a natural progression from those with a desire to eliminate the Shekinah! Rather in the way the Chinese yin-yang (Taijitu) glyph contains a small dot of both yin and yang within the other, so six speaks of Kindness and Severity being contained within Mercy. Im reality the opposite is the case and relatively speaking, Creator’s influence is growing stronger the closer it approaches completion at nine. Specifically, the most well known disciplines of numerology are Chaldean, Kabbalah, Western, Chinese, and Tamil. Kabbalah analysis involves a birth name, and from that, readings can address a persona€™s future, interactions, and the a€?natural cycle of events.a€? Note that there is also a a€?New Kabbalaha€? system, which was created for use with the Roman alphabet. The number 15 is the range between the new moon day and a full moon day. What I have tried to do here is explain the story in the form of one Tree in the tenth to first Chaining series in relatively simply terms: so naturally, some of the byways of the story have not been included, nor any explanation of the inter-inclusions, though multiple numbers usually refers to inter-inclusions and I am happy to discuss interclusions in a seperate posts in this thread. However, from our limited perception it appears that the containment is a withholding: a judgement or punishment so five is also called Severity. Instead of using your birth name, you go by the name you are most commonly called. The notion of untamed Strength leading to Severity should be understandable and five give clues as to why the Infinite Light must be contained: even if we might experience five energies as difficulties or as painful experiences. Your birth number, that is, the day of the month in which you were born, is considered.

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