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The numerology number 5 is an expression of personal freedom with wit and a sense of adventure. 5 is sensual, sensing life and its various intensities and vibrations as it flows through 5's essence.
A person with a 5 in a prominent position generally is comfortable interacting with others.
Interpretations of the number 5 relate to the number's numerology chart position, or the situation or circumstances where the number occurs. With a life path number 5, the circumstances of the person's life tend to have a preponderance of changing life circumstances — travel, meeting new people, being exposed to new ideas, being enticed by new ways of looking at things. With a destiny number 5, the person is likely to frequently change their goals or the means of obtaining them, often pursuing flights of fancy that, to others, may seem unproductive. All meanings of the number 5 are subordinate to the number 5's expression of personal freedom. The number 5 endeavors to try everything at least once; well, everything that interests the energy the number represents. The focus on the expression of personal freedom to experience anything and everything brings with it a sensuality and curiosity.
The essence of the number is the full expression of personal freedom — whatever adventure that may lead to.
As remuneration for the time and research involved to provide quality links, we generally use affiliate links when we can. Yesterday we saw about the nature of numerology 4 born people, and today the weather of Chennai is so bright and sunny unlike the usual cold weather during the month of December. The ancient scriptures and vedas have mentioned so much about the planets of our solar system, but not so much details have been given or shared about planet mercury, and this planet mercury denotes Number 5 in numerology and astrology. Most of their discoveries or findings can be only decoded or understood after their death as it will take more time to understand their findings for a non 5 born person. Numerology number 5 born people have the burning desire to do things which nobody has done and this very attitude of them makes them successful in all their endeavors.
Unlike 4 born people in numerology, they never wish to earn money by straining so much, They always try to figure out to earn money in as easy manner as possible. Hi, my lifepath number is 5, my name equals 9 (that is first name equals 9 and surname equals 1) When changing my to match lifepath, would I change just first name to equal 5 or would I change first and surname to equal a total of 5 combined.
Your current name as 36 is not unlucky at all, but you can change to 51 or 41 which is more lucky than your current name. In case if you want to be deeply compatible and inseparable with your hubby, then make sure his name comes to 41 which is a must for his birth date as 8.
Hi, i have 3 children & have had so much up and downs with my kids, one in particular and i have daughter too.
Yes, you can sign, More over name number 5 is universal benefactor which can be used by all, but for people born on 8,5,9 and 6 and also their life paths it gives the most auspicious results.
When a overall name is good like 41, the effects of calling name is very minimal, But we can self introspect that, for e.g 18 can bring some troubles in relationship and marital life, one has to see analyze ones marital life, if its good then effects of 18 is very very minimal. The name he goes by is what it counts, the name he signs and uses in real life situation is the name that provides the effects. I have read somewhere that if two persons name is in 5, then chances of having baby would be delayed or in some cases nill. In numerology, usually people say that name number 1 is useful for those born with date or lifepath 1,4,8. But I hardly find anyone mentioning the suitable name number for those born under number 2 and 7. BIRTH NUMBER 6 AND LIFE PATH NUMBER 6 AND NAME NUMBER (FIRST NUMBER 3 AND LAST NUMBER 6) IS 9 .IS MY NAME LUCKY FOR ME. 3)What should be the lucky number when I add up my total of my mobile number, bank account number etc? Hi Sir… I have noticed that the numerology calculator on your website is now missing. Height is something which stops by 21 or 24 (max) for woman, best time to increase ones height is by changing name atleast before age of 14. You are stoic in nature, you can bear any calamity with a smile, and you have the most wonderful elasticity of character.
You are intuitive, strewed, quick and agile, both physically and mentally you understand your advantages and disadvantages and are quick in judging the weakness of your opponents.
To be repeated during meditation, maximum number of times as may be possible during the period of new moon and full moon. You are prone to chronic dysentery, constipation, gastritis, Kidney Problems, restlessness and fear of evil spirits.

People of Number 5 are very interesting, and besides, they are usually friendly to the others and tolerant to different ideas and opinions.
Ready to take the most courageous, even bold ideas, people of Number 5 are more flexible in thinking, than many others. Successful or unsuccessful will be a marriage or intimate relationship between the sexes, depends on the extent, to which the partners understand each other and are ready to fill the spiritual content of their love affair.
As for their health - there are no any congenital illnesses associated with the vibration of Number 5.
If people of Number 5 have a child - they are usually happy to accept the parental responsibilities. Along with the eloquence these people may have the ability for deductive and inductive thinking.
Among the positive qualities of the Number 5 carriers should be noted that they have a very lively mind. As a birth number, 5 represents an enthusiastic, adventurous nature with a flair for the unusual.
Such people do not care for routine duties; and with this vibration, they are apt to do the unexpected on the impulse of the moment.
Their love of change may cause them to overlook real opportunities, not to neglect, but simply because they fail to recognize the media possibilities. By curbing their restless trend in getting down to steady work, such persons can increase their chances of success. However, it is hard to pin them down, or the name number 5 denotes the spectacular as well as the adventurer.
The 5 may be doing something and be intensely interested in it, and the next moment be interested in something else entirely and immediately pursue the new interest.
5 experiences what interests it by observing and feeling and interacting with full focus — while it's still interested. Whenever we link to something not our own, you should assume they are affiliate links or that we benefit in some way.
Person born on 5,14,23 of any month or numerology life path number is 5 then such person comes under number 5 in numerology or mercury ruled person. 5 born people have supreme faith and confidence in their works and even in the no-win situation they wont easily give up and will continue to believe that they can win. Though it was Shivratri’s night which cannot be unlucky but still Do you suggest to correct it by remarrying another lucky date and if yes, what hsould be total of that date. Your first name as 27 and your last name as 24 with total as 51 is the ideal choice for you. You might get inheritance; you may have to face obstacles early in life, but are able to achieve material success rather quickly. Mercury is the smallest planet in solar system, known for its evergreen, versatile, mercurial nature. You are also susceptible to flu, colds, and cough, skin problems, nervous breakdowns, weak memory, blood pressure, and heart problems. However, their showy appearance or sarcastic remarks at times may seem unpleasant for those who like to follow strict rules. They are ready to discuss a topical issue with anyone who is willing to listen and respond to what was said. People with this Number just need to be cautious, because of their very active lifestyle and their restless nature.
Their sexual and emotional relationships are usually quite smooth, so their love for their children, they express exceptionallyA freely and openly.
It reveals a preference of learning from actual experience, rather than from the advice of other people.
Of the previous four posts about numbers 1 to 4 in numerology, this post is going to be very significant in terms of helping so many people across the globe.
Number 5 is the only number in numerology which has the magnetic powers to draw extraordinary mass. A person born on these dates or having their name value as 5 will enjoy the support and liking of masses.
They usually feel that the rest of the people who doesn’t belong to their group as a bunch of lazy bums. Number 5 born people are very spontaneous and expresses their emotions openly, like a baby they will easily mingle with others and they wont keep any secrets with themselves, even their love affairs will be known to public. These people are not person of age old traditions, they like to come out of old traditions and culture and loves to live in modern era. Mercury is a benefic and auspicious planet and is associated with intelligence and quick response.

With their insatiable curiosity, people of Number 5 love to chat, share gossip, news, new trends. Word by their opinion is playing more important role than affection, hugs, kisses, and sometimes the sex itself. They need to have enough rest - just like anyone else, and because people of Number 5 love to read, it will always help them cope with the problems accumulated during the day. The probability that they will spoil their child with love, is very small, Number 5 is rarely oppressive on this issue. Love for reading helps them in school, in the whole process of cognition, although they are not always effectively handling the information. They are versatile and vivacious, with a genuine interest in people that wins them many friends. This may mean setbacks and even misfortune; but persons with this vibration are recuperative and usually make up their losses.
If they can apply that dash to their daily work, so that their jobs and surroundings are dramatic, with promise of the unexpected, they may gain real results.
But it is always unpredictable, so persons with this vibration should not tax their luck too far-too often!
When birth date comes 14,23, or 5 they are popular right from their birth and have a unique qualities and characteristics of number 5, but for people whose life path number is 5 they tend to gain greater popularity than those birth date counterparts, they will be remembered as legendary personalities either for extremely good reason or extremely bad reason. Number 5 people usually talk fast, its not only their talks but their their thoughts too are very fast and quick. They love to buy new gadgets, experiment new trends in fashion, and are very sophisticated. They love change in anything and everything, according to their mood, their occupation, their lifestyle, their place of living, everything changes from time to time. They proceed from the fact that people from an early age should study how to win their place under the sun. As number 5 lies in the middle of nine numbers in the line of numerology, the person who comes under 5 gains popularity and fame than any other number. They possess extraordinary intelligence which makes them to arrive at a solution very faster than anyone, The other people may take many days to arrive at a solution whereas number 5 born people would arrive at it in no time.
They cannot settle in one place for a long time, sooner or later they will want to have a change in that. You take quick decisions, change, and have a keen sense of making money quickly in a novel manner.
If you are a woman, you usually have a good marriage but should be careful about childbirth. Number 5 is not static, it is volatile, it symbolizes the constant search and, therefore, it may create confusion in the life of man. Adolf Hitler is 20th born and numerology life path number 5, and Rasputin was numerology 7 born and lifepath number 5. If you are a woman, you often have all the qualities of a fragile, graceful lady, attractive and soft-spoken .You are career conscious and overly selective and feel difficulty in choosing your mate. Therefore, people born with Number 5 are often avid TV fans, they are very fond of cinemas, books and newspapers. You are intuitive, can accurately understand others intentions and can foresee the maneuvers of your partners and colleagues. In this case this magical number will bring wealth, that was predicted by the Pythagoreans. Being, therefore, accused of insensitivity, coldness, they suffer, feeling insulted, imagining that nobody likes them.
It defines the nature of identity and is strongly effecting relationships with the others - indeed, we often judge a person by hisA speech.
But over the years, they will understand that words alone are not sufficient for the expression of love. This applies to all people, because the language is a true foundation of communication, but for those born under Number 5, the eloquence is their key for the solution of many problems.
You are highly strong, hyperactive and crave excitement, willing to take risks, which makes you good speculators at the stock and commodities exchange. Your ever-youthful outlook makes you like a child with a child, with young persons, progressive and revolutionary and with old persons, wise.
Lively, cheerful, sociable, these people often are able to reach a great heights in their lives - A full of adventures and interesting events.

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