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The country’s famous astrologer visits your city and is expected to camp there for a week. For example, if your Udaya Lagna is Aries and remainder is 5, then your Indu Lagna too is Virgo. Now if your Hora Lagna and Udaya Lagna are in even signs, then count from Pisces or else count from Aries. For example, if your Udaya Lagna is Scorpio astrology sign at zero degree, then add 210 degree to the above product.
As the name stands for, Varnada is a reflection of the term Varna which is your position in society. If there are no bad planets around and only good planets in your Indu Lagna, then you can be millionaire in your life.

For example, Aries was at the horizon, when you were born and hence you are born in (Aries) Mesha Lagna.
But if there are bad planets and no good planets, then you might be poor financially”.
For example, if your Chandra Lagna is Taurus and if the moon was at 20 Degrees 20 minutes in Taurus zodiac, then your Nakshatra would be Rohini. If both Hora and Udaya Lagna are even or odd, then you need to add the two positions and divide it by 12. Now Rohini occupies 13 degrees and 20 minutes of Taurus and so the moon had advanced 7 degrees in Rohini. If Hora is even and Udaya is odd or vice versa, then you need to find the difference between its positions.

Now divide the sum by 12 and determine the house that is at remainder value from the Udaya Lagna.
Find the position of Sun and advance through the signs by the formula (Diff between Birth time and Sunrise * 30).

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