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I can tell if a woman is pregnant, sometimes before she is aware, just by looking at her.I am usually able to tell the gender, though I don't tell unless I'm asked.
If you have a specific question but you are not sure whom to ask, you can use the public board below. Psychic Feelings May 27, 16 07:05 PMEmpaths share stories about coming to terms with their psychic feelings. South African Angel May 26, 16 08:05 PMI am a South African and have lived here in Johannesburg my entire life.
Being Professionally Psychic May 25, 16 10:30 PMI began life with a photographic memory.
Psychically Sensitive May 25, 16 09:14 PMI am 19 years old and I have psychic abilities.
List of Psychic Abilities - The Complete A to Z May 25, 16 08:18 PMI've compiled a full A to Z of extra sensory perceptions in this extensive list of psychic abilities and forms of prophesy.

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These guys all have babies and I felt really left out and I thought I really need to fit in with this bunch. Strangers tend to get upset sometimes when I ask when their baby is due, especially if they're with someone they haven't told yet. I've learned to bite my tongue on that one.I'd like to be able to tell parents exactly when the baby will be born, but that's one thing that is supposed to be a surprise.
I can tell by looking at a woman if her labor is going to start within the next week, but that's just knowing what to look for.If I were to do this online, a photo would be a huge help.

Healthy by: SherrieHey i would really like to know if im going to have a healthy boy or girl and how my delivery will go i keep having doubts in my head that i may lose this baby?------------------Am I or when will I get pregnant? Any insight would be great!------------------help by: AnonymousMy husband & I are trying to conceive.
I can tell gander, but if more than one child is to be had and they are not the same gender, I can't always tell if a boy will come first, or a girl.

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