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In general, compatibility in relationships largely relies upon the degree of overlapping in core beliefs and values that two strangers are apt to share. These categories will be named after the elements of nature (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) because they present the combined qualities of these signs. Every Sun sign is known as a representation of the certain core qualities and values which are surely inherent in the characteristic of an individual born under this sign.
For example, those born under Fire signs are aggressive, enthusiastic, and strong willed extroverts while members born under Earth signs are materialistic, shy, and practical.

Once we travel across the Zodiac signs, the intensity of the quality’s expression will vary. Water sign individuals are sympathetic and emotional towards others whereas Air sign people are analytical, flexible and detached extroverts.
Regardless of whether there is the direct correlation or not, patterns observed in the sky when one is born are likely to foresee her disposition and future with a fair degree of accuracy. What Are The Zodiac Signs?In general, the Zodiac will be divided into 12 equal parts with the particular names and symbols.

Zodiac Sign Dates and MeaningsMany secrets are waiting for you in Zodiac Sign Dates and Meanings!

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