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In Pennsylvania, an antique vehicle is defined as any motor vehicle more than 25 years old.
Pennsylvania Classic Car Registration information at DMV buy a used car by learning about car inspections PennDOT Antique and Classic Fact Sheet. Legislation Discuss Antique car registration in Pennsylvania in the AACA PENNDOT insisted that they would not conform to 2011 standards for inspection purposes.
I am a LEO from New Jersey, and we have a significant population driving around town using absurdly fraudulent PA Temp tags.
I would like to meet with a Garage Inspector to increase my knowledge and bring it back to my Department.

This is the official license plate for the state of Pennsylvania as it has been officially adopted by the state legislature. License plates in the United States require yearly renewal and this renewal date is reflected in the small stickers, or "tabs", that are affixed to the plate each year. So, classic Pennsylvania Classic Vehicle Definitions and Legislation under section 1340 (relating to antique and classic plates the previous 12 months from emissions inspections. At 21000 the plates returned to the antique s, PENNSYLVANIA on top and CLASSIC CAR on bottom. I am on the Rte76 all the time and would love to stop in a barrack and chat with some fellow officers.

Regarding the card ensure: PA is spelled out on it, temp reg permit spelled out,# of temp reg plate and dealer identification # is on it, exp. As stated above, those holographic ribbons they use on the fakes look, from afar, just like the real deal; spotting fakes is usually not easy.
Antique, classic and PennDOT Form MV-11 Created Date: 7 Registered antique, collectible or classic vehicles.

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