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Palm Reading or Palmistry is the art of reading palms to learn more about your life, fate, and character. Each of us has a dominant hand, which is the “active” hand, and a non-dominant hand, which is the “passive” hand. The passive hand reveals your inherited traits and fortune, while your active hand reveals the fortune throughout your life so far. There are four main lines on both of your hands: the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line. The money line does not say how much money you will make, but it reveals how wealthy you can become, and also your ability to accumulate wealth. 1.Inherited money or family allowances will come into your life if there is a line that starts from the base of the thumb.
2.You are lucky in money such as having a profitable partnership or a lottery win if there is a line that starts from the base of the thumb and extends out to your ring finger. 3.You will make a lot of money from business if there is a line that starts from the base of the thumb and extends out to your middle finger. 4.You have a natural talent for moneymaking in various areas if there is a line that starts from the base of the thumb and extends out to your index finger. 5.If your thumb can extend far out from your index finger (you can make a right angle with those two fingers), this means that you spend money very easily. True success and wealth are achieved by belief and action, and we all have the power to take charge of our destinies. Regardless of how much money you are meant to accumulate, you have the power to make whatever money your heart desires. The mate should be forewarned that this short Life Line indicates that the owner does not have a lot of extra energies to devote to love and romance.
Broken Life Line: This does NOT foretell one's death, which was once believed to be true according to some Gypsy fortunetellers. People with a broken life line seldom take a break from problem solving and overcoming endless challenges as if that was their main job in life.

Life Line Double: If you have a secondary line running parallel, and inside or outside of the Life Line, there is significance in this palmistry marking.
When the extra line is inside the life line (as shown at right) it indicates the high confidence is about their family and personal life being special and deserving of high successes. By understanding the meaning of the lines, you will gain a better understanding of your destiny.
A stiff thumb that only extends out a short distance from the index finger shows that you are a thrifty person. If you have a prominent mount under your index finger, you have great leadership abilities.
It’s starts at the luna mount, splits at my heart line, then continues to my jupiter mount (index finger) do you know what that means? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Lack of attention and weak giving of love and romance (and most other activities, too) comes with this package. What has proven to be true for people with a broken Life Line is that they tend to have a unique trait concerning how they do not rest and review what they have completed. They would do well to force themselves to take a rest after each obstacle they overcome and to reflect on what the lessons were in each event. This extra line indicates a feeling of strength and support from family members when growing up. If the extra line is on the opposite side of the Life Line, it indicates their high confidence is about the outside world of job or public connections going especially well with rich rewards. If you have this line, your greatest joy will come from discovering what your true interests are in life and pursuing them. Your financial fortune is revealed by how these lines intersect, or how they connect to your mounts.
If you have a prominent mount and line under your ring finger, you will have great success in financial matters. The Life Line does not reveal when you will die, but it does indicate to some extent how much struggle is in your life process.

This person runs out of energy quickly and doesn't complete all tasks before stopping to rest. That is just the way it is and not to be considered abnormal for people with such a short Life Line.
It seems that these people go from one challenge in life to the next challenge without resting and reviewing what they have learned. These lucky people with an extra line are so confident about their future that they make numerous changes in life, seeking the very best that life has to offer. Often their career becomes their primary purpose in life, with all their energies going to their job.
The better the condition your Life Line is in, the easier you flow through life from day to day. She or he often misses deadlines and needs someone to keep pushing her or him to completion of responsibilities.
People with this extra line take more risks because they have high confidence in themselves.
Self-esteem and sense of purpose depend on what successes are achieved on the job or in their career.
Those with a strong and full Life Line have lots of energies for all kinds of activities that interest them. Those with a short and thin Life Line have less energy for daily routine physical activities.
Rather than expending energy for physical endeavors, they put their available energy into more mental endeavors.
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