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The Rajah loop (or sometimes called as the loop of charisma) is at the top of your palm between the mounts of Saturn and Jupiter.
The loop of seriousness is located at the top of your hand between the mounts of Apollo and Saturn. The loop of humor is situated at the top of your hand between the mounts of Mercury and Apollo. The memory loop is found on about 10% of all hands, this loop is located on, or close to, the end of your head line. The nature loop is found on the percussion of the hand, either near your Luna mount, or underneath your heart line.
Located at the center of the Venus mount, the presence of the Bee indicates a person who has a deep interest in music made by stringed instrument such as violin, cello or a guitar.
Located below the start of the life line, this loop belongs to people who are courageous and fearless. If there is a whorl pattern on your Luna mount (which is rare), then it is a good sign signifying powerful imagination and ability to visualize.

Although it can be very small but it is worth taking a close look at your hand and see whether you can spot them. Although unusual but it is a very positive sign because it represents royal blood, especially if it is found on both hands.
This loop is far more common than the Rajah loop (found on approximately 20% of all hands).
As the name suggests, empathy loop indicates that the owner takes a special interest in others. It is usually owned by those who have a strong love of nature and a special ability to communicate with plants or animals. If your palm displays this marking then you are a very serious, responsible and hardworking individual. If you have this marking on your palm then you tend to value pleasure and comfort over status and financial rewards.
Salespeople who remember people’s name, details of the product they sell, prices etc will have this loop.

If you have music loop on both of your hand, then you may choose to make music as your career. The Raja loop can often be seen on the hands of successful politicians and religious leaders. You take life easy and often prefer to take jobs that you enjoy rather than those which are well paid.
He or she is too sensitive about what other people think or judge about him or his apearance. Like other skin ridge patterns, this loop should be well-defined and large in order to reveal its full meaning.

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