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Man has been very interested in the heavens and the stars from his very beginning as noted on ancient paintings on caves and tablets. It has been long known that the planting of crops and their success has had a link with the stars in regard to when the planting occurs. Notable individuals, for example, have been born at certain key months according to the signs of the Zodiac and its relation to these birth times.
The prevalent thought along these lines is that this relationship with the stars will then be able to help a person plot their lives more in line with the tendencies that one possesses and be able to live out their lives with a minimum of friction. The indications that are derived from astrology show a person what their tendencies and inclinations are and will point a person in the directions that they should take in order to be more useful and successful throughout their lives. By using the principles of astrology, a horoscope can be created that shows the forces of karma that a person carries, and it can be calculated from the time of the birth of that person. Karma is then described as the total of the actions of a person or individual in this state of existence and past stages and has direct consequences as far as a person’s future state of existence in this life and those that are to come. Astrology says that the specific time that a person is born is determined in advance by the karmic and cosmic energy, while Buddhism says the same thing in so many words. Both also would agree that the actions of a person during a lifetime will work for or against that person depending upon how the individual follows that karmic force that prevails upon them. Buddhism points out that a person has a way out of the dilemma of being trapped in these forces, by stating that all karmic forces are stored in the subconscious mind. Both astrology and Buddhism emphasize that the free will of the individual can do much to understand the karmic forces which are influencing them, and they both provide means of coping with them and rising above their influences to the better good. Now, like me, you may say that basing financial investment decisions on astrology would be bonkers!. If you are interested in how astrology works and how you can use it to get a forecast of the future, you should know that there are three techniques that are used most. Astrologers will use techniques to look at the future of an individual or even look at ways that they can plan for the future. An astrologer will believe that studying stars and their relationships along with planetary alignment and various influences can tell them a lot about the future of a person. Most people often get restless and they want to learn all about their future as much as they can. The idea of predictions while using the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies dates way back to the oldest civilizations in recorded history. If you have a chance to peek into your future, even if for a little while, you will have the ability to understand some of the changes that may need to be made for you to be happy moving forward.
Your astrological sign, as well as your astrological chart, can tell you a lot about yourself.
For example, if you have a fire sign, you’ll be more likely to succeed in a job where you have minimal oversight. People with air signs tend to have strong communication skills, and are also able to analyze information at a rapid speed. Those with earth signs tend to be very good with money, and do well in positions that require them to manage money. People who have water signs tend to be very sensitive and have a tremendous amount of empathy. If your want to choose a job using astrology, you should use your chart as a starting point. If you have ever heard of the terms divination, mediumship, clairvoyance, astral projection, psychokinesis, or even precognition, these all fall into a category of something that is referred to as a psychic ability. Even if you do not know a psychic personally, you may have had psychic occurrences in your life. To find out if you have psychic abilities, you simply have to think about things that you have done in your life. Sure, there are plenty of astrology readers and websites that promise to analyze zodiac sign compatibility, but these readings are usually very general, so they are not all that useful. This type of love comparability comparison, that just compares two signs, is too general to be useful, and it might even be damaging. To understand the more complex and helpful aspect of using astrology for help with relationships, it might be helpful to consider an example. While understanding romantic relationships is important, most people with agree that all of these other kinds of relationships are also critical for having a happy and peaceful life. Anyway, the point is that Venus and relationship astrology are often used to help with romantic relationships.
Instead of comparing two basic zodiac signs, it is interesting to compare what are called planet aspects. Again, the point of all of this is not to tell two people that they should never interact with other. The influence of the stars may be strong on people’s basic personality and even their love interests. In addition to the planets, the Sun and the Moon and the cycle of 12 animals, it also incorporates the elements of wood, fire, water, and earth. Chinese medicine harmonizes with Chinese astrology in that it adheres to these same ideas of philosophy.
The more we can understand how these elements influence our lives the better we are able to direct our lives in a positive way.
Using Chinese Astrology to help determine if certain person is compatible as a mate can play a major role in determining if your family life with harmonize with your natural personality. All of these links are important under this natural science to determine what talents you might have, what partner in life and in business is best suited for you.
When you begin to experience stress from failing to harmonize then Chinese medicine tries to correct this.
In conclusion, if you want to discover your true nature then you should strongly consider learning more about Chinese Astrology. Vedic astronomy differs from western astronomy because the latter makes use of the tropical zodiac. Vedic astrology has been in existence for more than 5000 years, and it makes use of the phenomenon known as the precession of equinox.
Vedic astrology has  been going strong for all of its 5000 years regardless of oppression of what are commonly known as the dark arts. In Vedic astrology a birth map (horoscope) is created that symbolically represents the actual placement of the stars, planets and the earth, itself, at the time of the querent’s birth.
Vedic astrology provides the querent with practical, specific information upon which to base pivotal decisions. Hi, my name's Sam Blackburn and I'd like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Astrology.
22-05-2016 to 28-05-2016 Western tropical planetary positionsWealth and property-financeYour calculations will go right on the financial front. Let our expert Astrologers, trained personally by Shri Bejan Daruwalla, guide you towards a better future, filled with happiness and success!
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Also, here's a file that contains some information pages from the Jacob's Wheel section of my old website.
January, be careful of loving the chase more than the object of your affections, but before changing the status quo, consider the consequences.
January, having the final word is not the smartest way to impress a lover, instead, be adored by shifting the focus to them. Early in the year presents an opportunity to understand what real love is by caring for someone when they need you most. In January, insisting on having the last word may rob you of attaining the truth of how someone feels. I first studied modern western astrology in 1989 and fell in love with the self knowledge contained within a natal chart. In 1994 I undertook a Diploma of Medieval Astrology Course because I found some of the older, forgotten techniques gave me a better understanding of people which helped me to see better solutions for people to learn, change and thrive in life. I have been working with clients l since 1990 and my astrological knowledge became very useful when coaching people on how to make their lives better.
Over a period o great time, man has been able to chart the movement of the stars and planets in their relationship to the planet earth and to discern how these movements affect human nature. Astrology is a way to not only be aware of events, but to give light to a person’s character and the meaning of their existence. By knowing the time of birth of an individual, an astrologer that is skillful can chart the destiny of a person that is accurate and tuned to the lifespan of that individual. This belief acknowledges that every living thing has a cosmic energy which will interact with a karma generated by that individual which will determine the course that the individual will take during a lifetime.
In order for a life to exist to its full potential there are specific factors, such as nature, mental energy and seasons have to become fulfilled. So the link between the two could be said to be that life is not merely an accident, but is greatly influenced by the karmic and cosmic energy that interacts. The good karma is then emphasized and the bad karma is destroyed and done away with by the development of the mind which will destroy the bad influences and thus purify the mind.
That would have been my own initial reaction until I started looking into the subject a little more. However, if you come at the issue obliquely you can begin to see where astrology can be helpful. Understand yourself however and you will have an edge that will stand you in good stead.  Learn who you are and what astrology characteristics your personality has and you will be armed with knowledge that can really help you in fiscal matters.
Yes, it does, but you need to steer clear of any astrologer who promises to tell you whether the dollar will rise or fall. With a transit, you are going to be challenged to make changes in your life or the attitude that you have towards your life. These are often looked upon as the basics of the process of astrology and it can influence how the smallest details impact the future. As a matter of fact, these applications have a lot to do with the manner in which therapies, remedies and healing cures have been concocted throughout history.

Whtehr looking at your financial astrology future, love possibilities or health and well-being you will find inspiration in horoscope forecasts. It can tell you what kind of romantic and financial decisions you should make in the future, and it can even help you to find a job.
A lot of people with fire signs wind up having a lot of success with jobs that place them in some kind of leadership position. Many people with earth signs have found success in the accounting field, while people with charts that make them less averse to risk choose to work in the stock market. They do well in fields that take advantage of those skills and allow them to connect with others on an emotional level.
Look at the time of things people with your sign are well suited for, and then see if any of those career paths appeal to you. These abilities are those that are not explainable, not attributed to any type of empirical data. If you have ever written something down without thinking about it, such as a chapter to a book, or a play that you were writing, this seems to originate from somewhere outside of yourself. You have probably seen John Edward on national television, a psychic that has helped thousands of people communicate with loved ones that have passed. If you have ever known something about someone, had precognition about an event that was going to happen, or if you have ever laid hands on someone in order to heal them, feeling your hands get exceptionally hot, this is a psychic ability. Although this study has been used for all sorts of things, from politics to naming babies, lots of people are very interested in relationship astrology. It isn’t simple at all like simply matching up two of the twelve major signs of the zodiac. Two be told that two people cannot get along because one happens to be a Capricorn and the other is an Aquarius is ridiculous and dangerous.
While most people have been drawn to people in mysterious ways at one time or another, it might be because of the influence of Venus because she rules over attractions, and this is true if they are romantic, friendly, or even business relationships.
Good interpreters of the zodiac will, for example, also determine how Venus interacts on the charts of both parties in a relationship, or at east on the chart of the person requesting a reading.
Together with the planets and other celestial bodies it is thought to predict a person’s destiny. Depending on how the planets are aligned, in the year of what animal are you born and what element is present at birth all combine to determine what your personality is, if you have any physical weakness or susceptibility to illness, and even when you will die. This in turn can improve health and when Chinese medicine is needed, can help the doctor understand how best to bring your body into harmony.
Millions and millions see this as a sound science that has thousands of years of practice to back it up. If you are experiencing a lot of stress then you should seek out a practitioner of Chinese medicine to get back into harmony. It is a form of astrology that is considered to be an absolute science by those who practice and adhere to it. The map or horoscope is thought of as a mystic cryptogram representing direct communication from the divine regarding the destiny of the querent.
Your Health: If you are predisposed to certain weaknesses, ailments or conditions it will be evident in your chart.
Build Good Relationships: Comparing your chart with that of a person with whom you hope to form a relationship can be very helpful in attaining success. Make Smart Career Choices: Vedic astrology can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses to make smart education choices in preparation for a new career.
When you have your chart done, you can refer to it frequently throughout your life to keep yourself  on course for success. We would all like to know a little about our future and through astrology we can learn about the major influences in our lives and how we can think about them. The aim is to make a conscious attempt to measure, record and predict objective and subjective events by studying the positions of the heavenly bodies at any given time. But for a personalised love horoscope based on your exact date of birth, why not select the Love & Romance Forecast Horoscope Report. February gives you the confidence to make decisions and follow them through, throwing procrastination out the window.
When meeting someone special, be prepared for deja-vu feelings to tug on the hearts strings. Early February, get ready for love to shine, however, there could be something unconventional about a relationship.
With Venus entering the love zone on April 12th be ready to recognize a perfect love mate, rather than attracting people who don’t come close to fitting the wish-list. I was always fascinated by human nature and found it easy to use astrolical indicators to see the cause and effect of people's lives. I have other tools in my tool box, Transcend In Meditation is a life changing style of meditation and I also use kinesiology and meditative hypnosis to help clear old patterns which hold people back in life. I use email, skype and paypal as well as direct deposits for clients in Australia so distance is no object. While astronomy is the science of studying planets and stars, simply from the standpoint of origin, distance, movement and the destruction of stars, mainly on the physical level. The karmic energy and mental energy are interacting on a constant basis and are also dependent upon each other which brings about change and progress, or disorder in one’s life, depending upon which influences a person subscribes to. Look at zodiac insight that is based on understanding your character and how it could reale to money matters.  The link above is a good example of such a site and there are others. Astrological forecasting can also be done for groups or companies as well as individuals and it can be done in the same manner as it would be for an individual. Sometimes there can be joy and other times there will be sorrow, but the transits will force us to face them head on. Instead, this is just a guide that will help you to set yourself up and prepare for some of the events that are forecasted for you in the future. Today, astrology is well known for horoscope predictions that deal with destiny, career paths, relationships, past lives and more. If you listen and understand your chart and what the forecast is telling you, you will have a better chance at improvement.
The job will come naturally to them, which means that they’ll be able to excel in their field.
Despite the fact that science cannot be used to explain the events that have occurred, ones that have been documented for decades attributed to those that possess psychic powers, they are very real, and for those that have experienced them first-hand, this truth is self-evident. People have sometimes avoided driving to a destination, or boarding a plane, having what is called a death warning. Psychometry is the ability to gain knowledge by touching a person, or an object that was owned by a person, effectively tuning the psychic into their thoughts and memories. By looking at the many that exist, and comparing those attributes to your own life and experiences that you have had, not only will you be able to determine if you have had psychic occurrences in your life, but you will also know if you can build upon these natural abilities that so many people have worldwide.
On the other hand, it does not automatically disqualify two people from being partners on the basis of simple zodiac signs.
If that was the whole premise of relationship astrology, it would not even deserve further study.
Because Venus is considered the goddess of love, she can help us all gain valuable insights into various matters of the heart.
The ancients hadn’t gotten the word from modern scientists about not calling Pluto a planet. The point is to shine a light on strengths and weaknesses, so people who view their love astrology reading know the whole story. Our natural surroundings, the other people that are in our lives, the beliefs we have are all believed to be affected by those things in nature that were present when we were first born.
If you choose the wrong one, you will be out of balance which can lead to stress and illness. But that is only because we do not understand the real meaning of those animals in Chinese Astrology. Vedic astrology uses the same fixed constellations to make predictions as those used by astronomers in calculation. It is based in the assumption that the sun will return to the same position during the annual spring equinox.
Simply put, Vedic astrology takes into account the fact that the planets progressively fall behind the arbitrary placements imposed by the concept of the tropical equinox. IN some instances, you may find that there is no hope for compatibility; however, in most instances you will simply be able to see the steps you will need to take to become in-tune with this person.
If you are dissatisfied with your career, Vedic astrology will help you make wise decisions to remedy the problem. Fiscal strength will increase, either through a pay hike for professionals, or through an increase in orders from a high-worth client for businessmen.
February 21, love planet, Venus, moves into Aries - get ready to reeve up the love-life by being romantic and amorous. With love being high priority mid March, attached Taureans can look forward to hotting up their love-life, while single bulls will be inviting love into their hearts. However, to avoid being taken advantage of, see someone’s real agenda before handing over the key to your heart. Beware of wanting so much freedom that it makes it impossible for someone to get to know you. However, in an attempt to please someone, don’t be infatuated by their positive points - look closer, they have shortcomings too.
On the other hand, astrology deals more with the relationship that man has with the heavens.
Progressions will work on learning more about the cycles in your life when it comes to growth and maturity. If you are a beginner to the world of astrology, you need to know that a large part of what is going on in astrology is the learning about various relationships and influences of both physical life here on Earth as well as the locations of celestial bodies. These predictions have the ability to give a tremendous amount of influence to those who believe in them and understand the guidance that they have to offer. However, you need to remember that this is merely a guide and you should simply be using it as a tool to get you where you need to be in life.

Here is a basic overview of what psychic abilities are, how they may originate, and how to determine which ones you might have yourself. This is a type of precognition, something that is very common with those that have psychic abilities, individuals that seem to be able to not only tap into their own timestream, but may also be able to help others in regard to choices that they need to make.
You are probably had a feeling about someone, or new something about someone, examples of this particular type of psychic power. She is the ruler of romantic love, but she is also important in other kinds of relationships. They may choose to go with their strengths or spend more time working on improving themselves in weaker areas. So Chinese medicine often uses Chinese Astrology to help bring the body and spirit into harmony with ones surroundings and with one’s natural nature. It combines science, mathematics, metaphysics, cosmology and knowledge,skill and ability to help advise individuals in wise life choices.
Actually, because it takes a little over 365 days for the earth to go around the sun, this assumption cannot be true. Your chart will help you identify your Ayurvedic body type (Kapha, Pitta or Vata) so that you can make smart health decisions. Our astrologers are here to help you solve all your wealth and money as well as property-related issues. Love is still in the air February with the full moon radiating love for single Leo’s and a new lease of love for those attached. February 14, avoid being over-sensitive when Mercury, communication planet, goes out of phase . With positive moon energy February 17th, you’ll be twirling on the merry-go-round of love. Essentially, psychic abilities are those abilities which have no explanation, yet they do occur, without understanding why.
Dowsing is something that has been used, even documented, for hundreds of years, used by indigenous people to find water. So Chinese Astrology first tries to establish the foundation of your life and personality in a way that allows it to harmonize with your natural personality and surroundings. They can forecast your future, provide solutions to increase your income and help you become prosperous. For a detailed astrological analysis of your financial prospects, get our customized service Wealth Ask a Question precise.
Be careful not to expect too much, if he or she can’t live up to expectations, disappointment will follow. Pluto and Jupiter bring extra attention to the issue of integrity in relationships at the end of August.
March, a momentary lack of self-confidence leading to self-doubt can cause drama on the home front. Be a savvy communicator, whilst being mischievousness to get the attention of someone special in June. With planet Saturn in the love-zone going direct April 20th, any restrictions or boundaries, self-imposed or otherwise, will loosen up with relationships being more easy-going. Mercury, communication planet goes retrograde (out of phase) February 14th, making misunderstandings possible.
Here are the top five psychic abilities that many people have as documented throughout the ages. It is still practiced today, a method that does seem to have a substantial amount of credence by virtue of the fact that people that developed land will almost always call one of these dowsers to come in to tell them where they need to drill for water. Dreams can come true with new moon energy on May 16, although, the full moon on May 2nd can cause confusion with this being a break-it or make-it period. Early April, expect to be re-assessing an intimate union regarding the issue of loyalty, you’ll be seeking the truth. During June, intense magnetic energy will draw single Sagittarians to someone intriguing with the pull of energy being too strong to resist.
Telepathy is similar to psychometry, with the exception that it is knowledge that you know without having to physically touch a person or an object that they have possessed.
Those already in a relationship can expect to be spoilt as the love-gods shine on Arian partnerships. Warning - Mercury goes retrograde (out of phase) October 12th for 2 weeks in your love zone - postpone heart-to-heart discussions.
Full moon on June 1st could shake things up, but not in a bad way, long over-due changes can be made. Lady of love, Venus, brings love vibes May 8th, to either renew a love or connect with a new love-mate.
Don’t try to change someone, if accepting them as they are is impossible, cut losses and walk away. Mercury, communication planet, goes retrograde (out of phase), mid June for a month making communications difficult.
Finally, hands-on healing, or what is called energy medicine, is slowly becoming accepted as a tangible and real ability that many people have based upon the many miracles that have occurred when modern medicine was not able to save an individual, but a person with these powers was able to help them recover. A new moon in the love zone October 11th brings with it an opportunity to gain clarity on the type of person you want to attract. Early November, love is in the air with Venus sprinkling love dust to increase your magnetic attraction power. Late November highlights a positive time to attract or keep a sweetheart happy and interested, by being creative.
With no shortage of invites crossing the in-box, say yes to the more desirable events and wear your best smile.
Making a rash statement in May wont easily be backtracked – be prepared to apologize. During May, be careful of confusing a need for lust as love – be sure to read the signs correctly to avoid an embarrassing moment.
However, be clear about intentions, being open, honest, sincere and truthful at all times to avoid an emotional show-down. Be accepting of other’s quirky character traits to recognize true love when it appears. New moon November 9th is a positive time to either attract a lover, improve a relationship, or make a commitment. New moon, December 9th brings with it an opportunity to make a wish for your soul-mate to appear.
While Venus mingles with serious minded Saturn, romantic partners need substance and sincerity. June stars indicate that unless a love association is a mind, body, soul affair you could walk away. Physical planet, Mars, Venus’s soul-mate, moves into the love zone at the end of September for the remainder of the year. Let go anything that isn’t working, or make changes for existing relationships to survive. Gemini’s already in a relationship, can take romance to the next level or honey-moon love can be re-introduced. Mercury, the thinking planet, is retrograde (out of phase), June 16, and urges you to be diplomatic till after July 10th. However, Venus goes retrograde again late July, uncovering problems that need to be dealt with. Full moon in September shakes things up, but not necessarily in a bad way, however, be prepared to adopt change. This is a major love wish period, when the energy is right to either meet someone new, or make an existing relationship more permanent. Without them, love wont have much meaning, and once comfortable that a one and only exhibits these qualities, your heart will be theirs.. Positive love energy is present for the remainder of the year, apart for normal emotional ups and downs.
October is a positive time for love whether you are single or attached - have fun and enjoy!
After the electricity bolt between you has calmed down, a soul connection can form during this period. However, with Venus out of phase for a month, from late July, you better translate in plain English. Single Leo’s can look forward to being attached, and those in a permanent relationship will have a smile on their face. Venus re-enters Virgo October 8th for one month, bringing another chance to connect with a soul-mate. October you’ll making firm decisions about what you will and wont accept within a romantic relationship.
Single Aquarians; make intentions understood when meeting potential suitors to avoid an unforgettable hizzy-fit. If you haven’t found a sweetheart by December 2007, cupid hearts once again make you irresistible with the possibility of love moving to the next phase.
June presents a realization that there’s more to love, a sense of responsibility comes with the level of deep love you crave. If compatibility is there, lust will turn to love with an unbreakable soul connection being possible. Even though the later half of the year is frantic with business, love is hard to avoid, especially in December. Compromise and compatibility become more desirable with this being the year you consider settling down – yes the big C word – commitment could be on the horizon for Pisceans!

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