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Ideal for both personal and business use, Advanced Phonebook is a digital-analog alternative to the address book or phone directory. The program allows the creation of numerous databases that can all be quickly opened via the menu. The number of categories and groups is unlimited, while subcategories and subgroups are also possible.
While creating reports, data columns can be arranged in any order with easy omission of columns not required. The search tool allows you to search by all database fields in one go or separately by each field. If you often use the program throughout the day, it may be more convenient to keep the program open but minimized to the system tray. Sim Card Data Recovery Software recovers all deleted text messages from Inbox and Outbox folders, Drafts messages, Send items, lost from your mobile cell phones. Sim card data retrieval software support full data backup from Cellphone sim card and recovers deleted text messages, contact phone book directory.
Sim Card data recovery Software or Mobile Phone Data recovery Software recover and restore deleted inbox outbox or SMS messages. With the help of iStonsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery software, you can easily and quickly find back all your lost or deleted text messages, contacts from your Android phones.
Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia 6310 program allows you to manage your Nokia phone using PC.

Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia GSM phones program allows you to manage your Nokia (models 3***, 51**, 62**, 8***) using PC. SIM card data recovery utility recovers detail information including ICC identification number which printed on simcard and services provider name.
SIM card SMS recovery software recovers deleted or lost phone numbers from the memory of SIM. Cell phone SIM card recovery tool backup data, short text message, phonebook directory etc.
MobiManager is the easy-to-use software for creating phone logos, ringtones, startup images and screensavers.
Oxygen Phone Manager empowers all Nokia owners with a unique combination of features to manage the content and settings of a cellphone from a PC. Enables you to send Picture Message, logos, caller group graphic and ring tones to your Nokia phone. You may notice that, the first column of the above table is the country indication for each number.
Also notice that, it is automatically prepended the country dial code to each number meets the requirements (for Italian numbers, a numbers must start with 3 having 10 or 9 digits).
Unlike many other programs, the flexible customization of Advanced Phonebook allows storage of not only phone numbers, faxes and addresses, but also other types of contact data, such as email addresses, Skype, AOL, MSN, etc. Added: Restoring the previously selected category, group and favorites when adding a new contact.

The Phone Recovery Stick is a forensic data recovery and analysis tool designed to recover deleted text messages (SMS), photos, music, documents, and contacts from Android devices.
Sim card recovery tool examines SIM Card with the help of sim card reader and rescue damaged SMS.
Mobile Phone Data Recovery can easily recover all deleted text messages from your mobile cell phone. Use it to backup and restore your phonebook, edit names, send SMS messages and reveal hidden security features.
You can organize your phonebook, events and tasks, gallery, send or receive SMS and MMS and much more.
An improved procedure where you can easily import all of your contact data, in an advanced way. Always check the phonebook contents (at least, the first time you use the import), to avoid any sms submissions to wrong destinations. Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery is professional in recovering SMS and contacts from Android without quality loss.

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