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Felipe La Rotta from Engallamientos de La Rotta has built a number of cool DIY projects, this DIY Bench Power Supply is one of my favorites.
One major problem I see has to do with airflow, while there is a fan present to pull air into the case with the intent of using it to cool some of the various components, there appears to be a lack of venting to allow the subsequently warmed air to pushed out of the case to make room for more fresh cool air. I did something vaguely similar to this myself but I left everything in the original PC powersupply case, and removed all of the unnecessary wires except for a 12 Volt feed and a 5 Volt feed (and corresponding ground wires), I also only used two jacks (one red and one black) and a toggle switch attached to a couple of 12 Volt Automotive grade relays (30 Amp Rating, salvaged during a walk in a local junk yard) to permit switching the output to the jacks from 12 Volt to 5 Volt (relays are configured to default to 12 volt output to the jacks, switch supplies 12 volts to relays switching them so that they output 5 volts to the jacks when the switch is flipped). This regulated power supply can be adjusted between a few volts and 15V with P1 and with P2 adjust the upper limit ( 15.0V ).
T1 and T2 must have heatsinks because power losses are great at a low output voltage and a Imax equal current but you can connect the lamp L to reduce this losses.
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If you want regulate out voltage from zerou, you have to use lm258, lm358 or lm10… This are Operating amplifiers whose can work with small voltage on their inputs. The power supply unit that I have is a Zurich RPS-1012MB variable 15 volt 10 amp adjustable limit.
I hope you might direct me to a circuit diagram for my unit or a diagram that I can use to build up a new circuit for my unit.

Perhaps this info will help you troubleshoot–the most likely failure points are the TRIAC and series pass transistors (and drivers). Recent Questionshow can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC? Here is the standard symmetric power supply using the Positive and Negative Voltage regulator ICs. 14-0-14 volt 1 Ampere step down transformer is used to drop 230 volt AC to 14 volt DC which is then rectified using the standard full wave bridge rectifier comprising D1 through D4.
This circuit may be used where a high current is required with a low ripple voltage (such as in a high powered class AB amplifier when high quality reproduction is necessary ).
It’s very good to supply an power amplifier, because the capacitor it have high voltage. Everyone who is tinkers with electronics will eventually need to progress from a battery as a power supply to a plug in wall wart then eventually to variable supply. How the soil moisture sensor knows soil is wet or dry Hi orbital introduced in the mobile blockers that only have a chair surrounded. This DIY supply quite a good variable supply since it is based on a computer power supply that can supply tons of current at quite a stable voltage.

This power supply is ideal to power amplifier circuits that require well regulated symmetrical power supply. Regulated outputs from the regulator ICs are available from pin 3 which can be used to power the circuit. Our website contains Free Collection of Electronics Circuits, PIC microcontroller projects, diagrams, tutorials, cad and PCB design software, vintage vacuum tube archives, hobby designs, datasheets and many schematics. In the schematic universal-triac-control-with-optocoupler, the PNP transistor 2SB328 is shown as NPN. Best of all the finished boxed supply looks great which isn’t always the case with all DIY projects. I can look around and see that lots of my projects that were created for some utility perform well but look like they were made in my basement.

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